Chapter 10 of Be A Lady My Arse.

It was December 6th and Lily Luna Potter was currently in the library. It was the biggest library she had ever seen. Her Aunt Fleur had been so right, she found herself writing to her Aunt Fleur more and more asking for advice. They wrote to each other almost every day. Turns out Aunt Fleur wasn't all sweetness during her school days as she knows enough secret passageways to give the Marauders a run for their money. Lily definitely had fun discovering new places with Tianna and sometimes Aubree or Clair. Julia was usually off with her boyfriend Alex.

Christmas didn't really show in Beauxbatons as it was still an average temperature, no snow or anything but the palace looked very Christmas-y. The teachers had icicles, Christmas trees and other festive decor around the school, making it look like the North Pole in muggle films. Lily was a bit disappointed as she was looking forward to seeing her family over Christmas but at Beauxbatons there is no Christmas break so Lily wouldn't get to see anybody until summer.

She was daydreaming about the typical Wealey/Potter Christmas when Julia pulled up a chair next to her, interrupting her thoughts.

"'Ave 'ou gotten 'our dress yet?" Julia asked taking a bite out of an apple.

"What for?" Lily asked.

"'zee Winter ball ov course!" Julia laughed.

"There is a Winter Ball?" Lily squeaked.

"Yip on Christmas Eve! Eeveryone goes, it's in the Grand Hall and it's beautiful. I thought you had known, I am zo zo zorry!" she said pulling Lily into a hug.

"It's fine, but does everyone have dresses?" Lily asked wondering how she was going to get a dress so soon, she would have to order one from a magazine and it would never get there on time.

Julia nodded, biting her lip.

"Oh Merlin what am I going to do?" Lily asked throwing her head into her arms on the table. Julia patted her back.

"Why don't 'ou write to 'our famille?" She suggested, lily lifted her head up. It was perfect she could write to Her family they would definitely help her.

She grabbed a roll of parchment and a quill and began writing down a note to her family.

Okay I need to help, there is a Winter ball coming up and I need a dress. I have no time to order one from a magazine and the next trip to the local village isn't till after Christmas. Please send me one of your old dresses. I will love you forever.

All my love



Lily took her wand out and duplicated the paper several times. She then grabbed her things and headed to the Owlery with Julia. To send the letters to all of her female relatives.

It had been two weeks and lily had no replies. She prayed at least one of her Aunts or Cousins would reply soon, even her mother.

She was currently sitting in Potions next to him. He had been trying to talk to her all of the class but she kept ignoring him. He had not stopped trying to flirt with her since they met and he was really getting on lily's nerves.

After about 15 minutes he finally stopped nudging her and began to follow her lead and copy the notes off the board. Lily sighed in relief but then a note landed in front of her


Look I'm sorry for being a bit of an idiot but I really like you and was wondering if you want to come to the winter ball with me. I understand if you don't want to, we can just go as friends if you want. Just give me a chance please.


Lily felt really bad. Had she not given him a chance? Does he deserve one? Maybe they could just go as friends and take things from there. After all he was really hot when he wasn't constantly flirting with her. The girls were going to freak when they heard that he had asked her to the ball. All of them already had dates and Lily had been asked by alot of boys but turned them all down. She didn't really speak to them and felt it would be awkward. She was going to ask Tony but he had came out of the closet last month revealing to everyone that he was gay and had a boyfriend. Nobody really bothered but Lily was really proud of him for being o brave.

The pair had became quite close since Lily's first dance lesson and Lily hung out with him alot. Lily also considered not even going to the dance as she still had no dress. Maybe she could just borrow one of Aubree's dresses they were about the same size and shape. she read the note from Reymund again debating what to do one last time before she scribbled down an answer.

Okay but just as friends


She slid the note across to him. She could have swore that he did a silent fist pump under the table, she giggled then returned to her work.

"And I said yes, but just as friends" Lily said taking a bite of her food. The Beauxbatons food was in alot smaller portions than Hogwarts but just as nice.

Tianna screamed in excitement causing Lily to jump and almost fall of her seat. A few heads turned round.

"sssssh Tee everyones looking at us!" Aubree said trying to pull Tianna back to earth. Lily just laughed it was a better reaction than what she had.

"i'm sorry but i mean come on he has been trying to ask you out for months and you finally say yes! I knew you secretly liked him all along and oh my Merlin you are going to look beautiful and we will do your hair an-" Tianna rambled

"Tianna, stop! I don't secretly likehim we are going to go as friends okay? And settle this feud we have and become friends nothing more! Okay? Besides i don't even have a dress yet!" Lily sighed.

"'ou can borrow one of 'ours" Clair said flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Why don't we finish this then head up to the room and we can pick our dresses out, i have brought 4 and can't decide you can have one of them." Aubree offered.

"Thanks girls, yous are the best!" Lily said flashing them a smile "Oh and you will be glad to know i can know speak proper French, thanks to Clair!" Lily had been practicing French with Clair since they began school in August because everyone else could speak French and it helped her understand a few things more"

"Good that means you and Reymund can whisper French sweet nothings to each other." Aubree said standing up and winking at her.

Lily laughed and made her way out with the others.

Once they got up to their room Lily walked over to the sofa and plopped herself down preparing for the mini fashion show she was about to get from her roommates. Sure enough the four girls ran over to their wardrobes each pulled out a few different dresses. All dresses were totally different there was: long ones, short ones, big princess style ones, tight ones, blue ones,red ones even a dress that changed colour. Lily watched in awe as the girls pulled on different dresses trying to pick out their favourite and which one would suit lily most. She was about to go with Aubrees knee length black one when an owl flew in the window carrying a package. The owl flew over to Lily dropped the package then flew back out.

The girls stopped what they were doing and walked over to Lily. It was a package from her Aunt Hermione, she could tell by her penmanship. There was a note attached to the package which read.

Dearest Lily,

So sorry it took so long to get back to you. You see there was a bit of mayhem here because we all wanted to get you a dress and by that i mean everyone. We all wanted to get you a different dress because we all think we know what you will want. Your cousins have all been to Hogsmeade and were arguing over dresses for you too. We couldn't just give you one of our old dresses dear because they are not special enough so we decided we would all just get you a dress each and let you pick your favourite.

Have fun

Aunt Mione


everyone was going to get her a dress? But she had 7 female cousins and 6 aunts if you include Aunt Hannah and Aunt Luna and her mother! Lily unwrapped the parcel sitting on her lap to reveal a floor length dress. It was a strapless and had a mix of blue colours through it. It also crossed and the chest and was backless. Only her aunt Hermione would choose a dress this beautiful she loved blue dresses.

"oh my Merlin Lily! That dress is beautiful! You have to wear that one!" Aubree squeaked. Lily had totally forgotten they were all there.

"Yeah but every other one of my cousins and Aunts is sending me dresses too!" Lily replied stroking the dress carefully.

"You are so lucky! But seriously that dress is gorgeous get that one!" Tianna said admiring the dress over lily's shoulder. It really was beautiful lily stood up to put it on when another three owls flew in through the window each dropping packages next to Lily.

"Oh Merlin! Open 'em" Tianna said.

Those three were from her cousins in Hogwarts, Rose, Lucy and Dominique. She was about to open them when another4 owls flew i dropped parcels then left. Lily stood there in awe wathing owls fly in and out. By the time they had stopped there was 13 neatley wrapped parcels and a dress sitting next to her.

"open them" lily said. The girls were on it immediately tearing open paper each revealing a dress from a different relative.

"oh Lily wear this one!" Julia said holding up the purple floaty dress from Roxanne.

"No wear this one!" Clair shrieked holding up the princess like one shouldered pink sparkly dress from Aunt Aubrey.

"What will i wear?" Lily asked sinking to the floor of wrapping paper and dresses.

"Lily calm down, now take these and try them on trust me you will know what dress is right for you!" Tianna said handing lily the packages and shoving her towards the bathroom.

"Okay." Lily replied shutting the door and tying her hair up. This is going to be a long night she thought.

She lay the dresses out on the floor and examined them one by one before deciding which to try on first she picked up the one from her mum first.

"Here we go" she whispered to herself before pulling it on. She opened up the bathroom door to find her four roommates had moved the sofa to face the bathroom door and were eating munchies.

"Wow, i love it!" Aubree squealed. Ginny had sent her a floor length white dress which had a thick row of rhinestones embroided onto the material around lily's waist , top of dress and a line joining the two. It had a triangle above the chest which connected the dress to the neck of the dress. Both parts were covered in rhinestones. It was a very floaty dress and lily felt like an angel.

"It'z beautiful but i don' no. Just doesn't seem perfect!"Clair said tilting her head. Lily had to agree with her it just didn't seem right, it was a beautiful dress but just not lily.

The others nodded in agreement. Lily turned and went to try on dress number 2.

This process went on for hours Lily tried on dress the girls gave their opinions then she tried on the next one. She had tried on dresses from her mum, gran, all of her aunts and all of her female cousins.

Lily pulled her pyjamas on and walked back through holding all of her dresses. She hung them up in her wardrobe the walked back over.

She sat on the floor in front of them and let out a sigh.

" what dress then?" She asked.

"I don't know Lily they were all beautiful, just go with whatever one you felt most comfortable with." Aubree said.

"Hey what's that?" Clair said pointing to a pink package on the floor next to the other couch.

"looks like you forgot one." Tianna said.

Lily ran over to it. It was from her Aunt Fleur, she opened it carefully. Untying the string slowly incase she ripped it. She unfolded the paper and lifted out the most gorgeous dress. She held it up and heard gasps from her friends.

"This is the one!" Lily squealed as she spun around clinging to the dress.

It was perfect.


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