Never Waste Resources

E/O Drabble challenge, word: shelter.

Summary: You never know what might come handy some day. Or who... A tag to 7.23.

A/N: Thanks for the wonderful word, girls – and hey, have fun in the big city. I'm just back from there – what an incredible place!

He joined the ring of wary eyes around the newcomer, most of them gleaming with hate and hunger for blood and vengeance. This was the one who'd killed Mother and many of her beloved children.

He smiled.

This was the one who'd destroyed his hideous siblings, Leviathan – the bane of Purgatory.

A hunter, linked by blood to the very first ones of his kind.

Oh, this one was much too precious to kill and devour. He'd take him and give him shelter and learn his secrets. For there was a job vacancy down here, and he nothing if not ambitious.