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Chapter Twenty Two - Summer After Fourth Year

The summer was going good with a few hiccups. Harry pretty well stuck to their quarters. He didn't venture out on his own. He had to have one of his godfathers or one of his grandparents with him. They were trying to help him work through this so that he can explore the castle again on his own. It will take time and patience to get Harry to do things on his own again.

Harry's training is going great. He is learning a lot from his godfathers. It doesn't seem like work to him as he is having fun while learning to defend himself.

He is getting better at duelling and will soon start to beat his godfathers if he keeps going the way he has been.

"I can't believe how fast Harry is learning all these spells and tricks." said Sirius one night.

"I know, he is doing amazing. Soon he will be able to stand on his own against us." stated Remus.

"I am looking forward to that. Then I will know that he can stand on his own against just about anyone. I would feel better about him being out of my sight." replied Severus.

"I know what you mean Severus. It took us quite a bit but he is now going around the castle on his own but will not venture out onto the grounds by himself yet." Remus said with a frown.

"He has come a long way since the beginning of the summer. I am proud of his progress as I am sure you both are as well." stated Sirius with pride.

"Well should we go to the staff meeting. I hear there is a new professor starting this year. Wonder what they are like?" wondered Sirius on the way out the door.

All the staff had gathered in the staff room for the meeting. They all chatted with each other, talking about what they have done so far that summer and wondering about the new professor. No one knew that there would be two new professors this year.

Everyone went quiet as Albus, Minerva and two women walked into the room.

"Welcome everyone I am happy you could take a bit of time out of your busy summer to come for this meeting." Albus said with a smile and a twinkle.

"Lets get on with this meeting Albus I am sure everyone would like to get back to their summer activities." declared Minerva.

"Yes, yes of course. Now the young women that came in with us are our new professors for the Muggle Studies class and Arithmancy. Let me introduce you to Tamara Reese our new Muggle Studies professor and Victoria Binns our new professor for Arithmancy. Yes, she is related to Cuthbert, I believe she is his great great great granddaughter Please make them feel welcome to the Hogwarts family and introduce yourselves to them after the meeting." Albus informed his staff.

Tamara was a woman 5'11" with black hair down to the middle of her back. She was shapely and average weight. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue. Sirius was in lust, as was Remus.

"Oh I have got to meet her!" declared Sirius with a hand on his chest. "I am in love!"

Severus just looked at him and huffed. "You don't even know her so how can you be in love?" asked Severus skeptically.

"I know enough about her. She looks like an angel and she is going to be working here. What more do I need to know?" declared Sirius.

Victoria was 5'7" with blonde hair down to her shoulders. She to was shapely and was a little over average weight. Her eyes were bright brown.

After the meeting was over Sirius quickly made his way up to introduce himself to Tamara. It took him a bit to get up to her because the other professors were introducing themselves to her.

"Hello Tamara, I can call you Tamara can't I? Anyways hello my name is Sirius Black and it's a pleaure to meet you." Sirius gushed as he kissed her hand with a flourish.

"Hello Professor Black and what subject do you teach?" answered Tamara.

"This year I am the DADA professor." replied Sirius with a moony face.

"This year? Did you not teach DADA last year?" enquired Tamara.

"No Remus and I trade off year after year. The DADA position is cursed so to get around that Remus and I take turns teaching it. One year he teaches it then the next its my turn. It so happens to be my year to teach DADA." answered Sirius.

"Oh I see." replied Tamara.

"Professor Reese, I am Remus Lupin. I will be teaching History of Magic this year.' Remus said with a gentle kiss to Tamara's hand.

"Pleasure to meet you Professor Lupin. Professor Black has already explained about your arrangement." replied Tamara.

Tamara looked around and spotted someone who hadn't come over to indroduce themselves to her. Tamara turned to Minerva.

"Professor who is that man over there? The one all in black." asked Tamara

Minerva looked over to where Tamara was looking and saw Severus talking to Filius.

"That is Professor Severus Snape, he is the Potion Master, the Professor of Potions and the Head of Slytherin House." replied Minerva with a secret smile.

There was a look of interest in Tamara's eyes and she made her way over to where Severus was standing leaving both Remus and Sirius standing there stunned.

"Hello Professor Flitwick, how is your day so far?" Tamara asked with her eyes on Severus.

"Oh my dear it has been a good day. I hope your day has been well." commented Filius.

"Well it seems to be getting better and better. Hello we haven't met yet. I am Professor Tamara Reese and you are?" asked Tamara.

Severus inclined his head towards her. "I am Professor Severus Snape. Potion Master for the school and I also teach potions to all the dunderheads that attend this school, well with a few exceptions of course."

"One of the exceptions being Harry of course. How is he doing?" asked Filius curiously.

"Harry is always an exception." laughed Severus. "He is doing better. He still won't go out onto the grounds alone but he is going around the school on his own now. Some days are better than most."

"I hope he keeps improving as he has been. If you need me to help with his extra lessons let me know I will be only too happy to work with him. As you know charms can be used in a duel as well and to toot my own horn I was duelling champion several years in a row." stated Filius.

"That would be great. May I come to your office at around seven tonight to talk it over with you?" asked Severus

"Yes, I will wait for your visit then Severus. Professor Reese it was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to getting to know you better in the year to come.." said Filius with a bow.

"It was a pleasure to meet you Professor but I must get back to Harry to make sure he is alright." With a bow to Tamara, Severus left the room.

'I wonder who Harry is?' thought Tamara as she watched Severus leave the room.

Victoria made her way over to Tamara and nudged her to get her attention.

"What's up with you Tam?" asked Victoria.

"I think I have met my future husband Vic." Tamara gushed with a serene look on her face.

"Which one? I saw you talking to several men." asked Victoria.

"He is tall, dark and handsome." described Tamara with a smile.

"Well that drops it down to two men...Professor Black and Professor Snape. Which one has tickled your fancy?" asked Victoria.

"Professor Black who is he?" asked Tamara with a frown.

"Well now I know that its Professor Snape that has put that dreamy look on your face." replied Victoria.

"He is dreamy." *sighs* "I am definitely going to chase him til he catches me." laughs Tamara.

They both left the staff room to finish setting up their rooms.

"Min I think young Tamara has a thing for Severus. Don't you think?" asked Albus after watching Tamara leave the room.

"I think you are right Albus. We will have to keep an eye on them to see what happens." Minerva answered with a smirk.

Severus made his way to their rooms where Harry was doing his summer assignments.

"Harry I am back from the meeting." declared Severus as he came into the room.

"Ok, Uncle Severus. Could you come help me with my Potions essay please." asked Harry with a sigh.

"Sure scamp be right there." replied Severus.

Severus made his way to Harry's room and helped him understand what was needed for the assignment he gave them to finish.

"How was your meeting?" asked Harry.

"It was good met the two new professors today. They are for the Muggle Studies and Arithmancy. They seem very nice women." answered Severus.

"I look forward to meeting the Arithmancy professor. What's her name?" asked Harry.

"The Arithmancy professor is Victoria Binns and the Muggle Studies professor is Tamara Reese. You will get to know Professor Binns but not Professor Reese as you don't take Muggle Studies." stated Severus.

"Well maybe I can get to know Professor Reese during what is left of the summer." replied Harry.

"Maybe you can talk to her about all those questions that you have about the muggle world that we weren't able to answer for you." stated Severus.

"Ya I can. Thank you Uncle Severus." declared Harry with excitement.

That night Harry and his Godfathers joined the teachers in the Great Hall where Harry met the new professors.

"Its nice to meet you, professors" said Harry with a grin.

"Great meeting you as well Mr Potter." replied Victoria.

"Please Professor Binns, call me Harry in the summer please. I get enough of hearing Mr Potter during the school yer." Harry replied with a grin.

"Thank you Harry. I will certainly do that for the rest of the summer." declared Victoria.

"Professor Reese may I at some time come and talk to you about questions I have about muggles?" asked Harry with a hopeful look on his face.

"You sure can Harry, any time." replied Tamara.

"Great thank you Professor." said Harry with a wide grin.

The next week found Harry at the Muggle Studies class room with Tamara getting to know more about muggles.

As Harry got to know Tamara he liked her, and thought she would be perfect for his uncle, Uncle Severus that is.

She was smart as well as beautiful. She was as knowledgeable about potions as she was about muggles. That is what Uncle Severus needs in a wife and it was time Uncle Severus go married and had children of his own as he is a great father figure so its plain that he would be a great father.

Actually it was time all three of his uncles got married and had a family. Harry knew they put it off til he was almost grown and now that he was Harry was going to look around for potential wives for his uncles.

Everytime that Harry went to talk to Tamara he always mentioned his Uncle Severus and what a great man he was.

Tamara was amused at the obvious matchmaking that Harry was trying to do. It was great hearing about the man she was interested In and she didn't have to go out of her way to get the information either. Harry volunteered it without her having to ask him.

When Harry was with Severus he did the same thing and made it obvious of what he was doing. Severus would shake his head and just let Harry carry on. The more Severus heard about Tamara Reese the more he was interested in her. Maybe he will get to know her better and then maybe ask her out.

Meanwhile Harry looked around for someone for his other two uncles. It was tough since there weren't many women in the castle that were available.

Harry got to know Professor Binns as well and had great talks about Arithmancy. As he got to know her he thought she would make a great wife for Uncle Remus but how was he going to get them together? He would have to think about that. Maybe he will lock them into a room together. He giggled at the image also at the image of him doing the same thing to Professor Reese and Uncle Severus. He would be in so much trouble.

Sirius worked for the Ministry every July so that he can stay up to date with new procedures as an Auror. He does this every summer, he likes to keep his options open in case he wants to stop teaching.

Sirius' work at the Ministry had take the kids to work day once a year and Sirius took Harry every year even though Harry has told his uncle that he didn't want to be an Auror. He wants to be a Healer or a Potion Master but he is leaning more towards being a Healer. Harry went every year so that he could spend time with Sirius, just the two of them.

After Sirius was done work that day they would go out and have dinner together and maybe go to see a movie or do something else fun before going home.

It was great getting alone time with each of his uncles, especially since they are completely different in every way.

Remus likes to take him to museums and documentaries as well as book stores for their time alone. Severus likes to spend time in the lab with Harry and takes him to Potions Conventions with him when he can. Sirius on the other hand always has something fun and exciting to do. Once it was bungy jumping and boy did Sirius hear about it when they got home and Harry told Remus and Severus what they had done. For awhile after that all adventures had to be cleared with the other two uncles. They allowed them to do adventurous things just not as adventurous as bungy jumping. So they went parasailing, parachuting, and hanggliding. Harry had the time of his life. Each uncle was a blast to be with and he had fun no matter what they did because he was spending time with an uncle he truly loved and cared about having fun with.

It was during the kids at work day that Harry found the perfect woman for Sirius. She too was an auror and she looked at Sirius the way that Tamara looked at Severus.

Harry went over to her to get more information from her and to get to know her better.

"Hello, my name is Harry Potter." Harry said to her.

"Hello, Harry my name is Auror Sabrina Young." she replied.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Auror Young. How long have you been an Auror?" asked Harry.

"I was in the same class as your Uncle Sirius." Sabrina informed him.

"Cool. You don't look that old." replied Harry.

"Why thank you Harry. That is so sweet." answered Sabrina with a smile.

Harry blushed at the compliment. After that Harry was even more determined to get Sabrina and Sirius together.

Sirius kept trying to get Tamara's attention and get her interested in him but she was determined to have Severus and no one was going to change her mind.

Sirius finally gave up when he saw Tamara looking at Severus the way he knew meant that she was looking at the only man that she wants. It was then he knew that he didn't have a chance with her.

Harry kept up his commentary of each of the women he thought were perfect for his uncles. He was making progress with Uncle Severus to the point that he is talking to Tamara now about more than school related subjects and they call each other by their first names. Remus and Victoria were still at the stage of talking about school related subjects but he heard them talking about personal things and called each other by their first names just the other day and they have sought out each other to talk. Sirius and Sabrina were a whole different kettle of fish, they are going to be the toughest to get together but Harry was determined and when he had an idea in his mind it was hard if not impossible to deter him from it. He will keep going until they were all married, then his work will be done.