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The saiyan prince opened his eyes and only saw blackness, with only bits of light showing through. He could hear loud rumbling from beyond wherever he was currently positioned. Shifting, Vegeta felt that there was some sort of rock or cement that was incasing him, and when he felt over the hard surface, he began to feel the telltale signs that this had once been part of a building. How the hell did he get here?

Vegeta had been standing outside his home in the Capsule Corp. building that was in the middle of West City. He constantly fought himself on whether or not he truly liked life on this planet. He was a saiyan, an alien being that had a monkey tail, though his had been forcefully removed long ago. It wasn't too important, it only allowed him to transform into a giant monkey, known as the oozaru, and he could only transform during a full moon. He didn't need the transformation anymore, since he was far more powerful than he once was, and the ape form would only hinder him. Even without the transformations, saiyans were deadly, and were used to conquer planets to sell to other races. So, Vegeta, knowing his past reputation, came to fight with himself constantly over his "betrayal".

Not only did he live on this planet, but he had a family; a wife named Bulma and a son named Trunks. He loved them both, yet didn't show it as much as he probably should have, but he was a stubborn, angry saiyan. And as a saiyan prince, such feelings were below him! He was once a ruthless killer, a true member of his race!

He had come to earth after one of the only saiyans left, named Raditz, was killed on the planet by a rogue saiyan traitor, who, ironically enough, was Raditz's younger brother. Vegeta and his partner, Nappa, had heard through the devices they wore on their faces that earth held seven dragon balls, much like the ones they had heard stories about. Yet those "dragon balls" were rumored to be on the planet Namek. They were going to wish for immortality, but they were defeated on earth by the rogue saiyan and his friends. Vegeta was the only of the two saiyans to come to earth to survive, and before he escaped in his space pod, he had sworn to destroy earth one day. Yet now here he was, standing in the yard of an earthly home, many years after that oath.

He smirked, staring into the clouds as he thought about all of this, but then to the east he sensed something. It was a source of an unknown energy, and then to his dismay, the energy multiplied. What the hell was it? He focused in on it and felt another explosion of energy, and soon a familiar energy source joined it, combating the other. It was Piccolo.

Vegeta had to see what this was about, that energy was larger than his own, and Piccolo wouldn't stand a chance. The saiyan's body began to emit a golden glow, his fists clenched at his sides as his pitch black hair began to turn a golden yellow. His energy exploded around him as his normally black eyes were now a brilliant green. He'd transformed into a super saiyan, once a legend on his planet. He blasted into the sky without a word to his family, he'd rather they not get involved.

Vegeta flew for a long time, realizing he was heading toward the Guardian's Lookout. He was more intent upon reaching his destination now that Piccolo's energy had decreased, meaning he had most likely been defeated. Luckily the namekian was not dead. The saiyan prince let out a surge of energy that sent him faster toward his destination.

He arrived to see that the lookout was gone, save for the floating debris. He powered down, his hair returning to its normal, black colored state. He floated in midair, his features tense.

"What the hell happened here?" he muttered aloud to himself, and after just a moment, he spun around, sensing a presence behind him.

A burly, pale figure in brilliant gold armor floated with a thinner pale figure in silver and white floating at his side. The usually unshakeable Vegeta couldn't help but cringe at the sight of Piccolo being held up by his skull with the strong hand of the larger, burly figure. The namekian was alive, but unconscious, his clothes tattered and beaten. The saiyan prince quickly regained his nonchalant attitude as he looked to the muscle-bound man.

The man spoke, "I seek information."

Vegeta smirked, "Did blowing this place up give you that information?"

The burly man didn't seem to like Vegeta's joke, "No I did not." He lifted Piccolo up more, "I sought out this man, but seeing as how he is no longer guardian of this planet, I am now seeking its true guardian. Where is he?"

Vegeta knew the new guardian was Dende, however, knowing the others on this planet, he wouldn't reveal that. "I don't think I will tell you that… Now, why don't you let the namekian go before I make you?"

"Ha!" The burly man laughed, "Threatening words coming from such a small man. However, the great Kureiji does not need to waste time with you!" He looked to the smaller man, "Shiyo, dispose of him."

Shiyo quickly lunged forward without blinking an eye, he seemed uninterested as he spun around, leg swinging in for a powerful kick, but the saiyan prince was ready as he easily moved backward, the kick missing him. Shiyo didn't seem to mind as he spun once more and this time threw an arm forward, sending a blast of crimson energy toward the saiyan.

Vegeta put on that same, arrogant smirk. His gloved hand went up, catching the crimson ki and then threw his arm out wide, sending the blast into the horizon where it slammed into a mountain, greatly damaging the face of the rocky mount.

Shiyo's nonchalant face remained so as he eyed Vegeta, hoping to find any sort of advantage. Shrugging, he charged toward the saiyan prince, sending a barrage of kicks and punches. Vegeta masterfully dodged Shiyo's oncoming limbs, but then the pale man powered up silently, making not a sound as a crimson aura exploded around him, his punches and kicks coming in faster and more powerfully. Vegeta growled as it became more difficult to dodge his opponent's attacks, unable to dodge, the prince of saiyans accepted his fate and tensed as the quick fists and feet pummeled into his body painfully.

Despite his success, Shiyo's face remained indifferent as he relentlessly beat down on the saiyan. Vegeta felt those blows making contact with his body, but he had felt worse and took the pain without complaint, however he wouldn't be able to shrug off these blows with such ease if this continued a while longer. Acting quickly, the saiyan roared out, an unseen shockwave exploded around him, and Shiyo was caught by surprise, blown back a ways before flipping in midflight, righting himself to look at Vegeta.

Finally the man's nonchalant face disappeared, replaced by a look of slight shock as he now looked to Vegeta, whose black hair had now turned golden yellow. Piercing green eyes stared at Shiyo. Vegeta grinned a cocky grin.

Kureiji's brow rose, head tilting. "What are you?" He asked.

Vegeta's green eyes shifted to look at the burly man, "I am a saiyan, the prince of saiyans. And this," he addressed the yellow hair and his enhanced power, "Is a super saiyan."

Kureiji almost seemed nervous at that, "Saiyan… I've heard tales of the saiyans' power, but a super saiyan, that was a legend, a myth." He eyed Vegeta and then smiled devilishly, "It seems the stories were true then." He laughed, "Well, no matter. Super saiyans don't scare me." He looked to Shiyo, "Cease your attack."

The smaller man obeyed and returned to being indifferent, his eyes on the super saiyan.

Kureiji released his grip on Piccolo's head and the namekian plummeted, his unconscious form careening toward the earth. Vegeta paid the action no heed, Piccolo would survive, he instead watched Kureiji with mild interest, a smirk planted on his features as he watched the burly man.

Vegeta was quickly overwhelmed.

Contradictory to his large size, Kureiji was to the saiyan prince in an instant, his power greatly outmatching even the super saiyan's. Vegeta couldn't keep up with what was happening, his vision blurred, right eye stinging when he tried to open it, and when he did, all he saw was red. His senses were the only thing he could trust at the moment, and he felt a power approaching, it was familiar. It was Son Gohan. Vegeta wanted to call out to the saiyan traitor's son, Kakarrot's son, to tell him to run, that the enemy was far too powerful, but he couldn't. Still he felt stinging blows blasting him from all sides. He felt himself power down against his will, and the pain intensified. Suddenly it stopped, his consciousness wavering. He felt Gohan close, muffled voices were heard, and then he felt a sharp pain on his head. He blacked out for a moment, and when he awoke he heard the rush of wind as he was falling. He felt intense pain throughout his entire body and blacked out once more.

Vegeta couldn't help but laugh as he returned from recalling the events previous. He barely felt the pain from earlier, and his right eye seemed fine, aside from dried blood surrounding it. Gohan had joined the fight, but what happened to him?

The saiyan prince pushed himself from the debris with slight difficulty, but eventually broke free to hear the rumbling of the barren battlefield all too clearly.

"Vegeta." Called the familiar voice of Piccolo.

The saiyan prince turned to regard the namekian with a nod.

Piccolo looked around, "Have you seen Gohan?"

Vegeta shook his head, "No, but he was fighting, could be still." He smirked.

The namekian sighed and tried to sense for Gohan, but the two energies colliding against each other were overpowering his senses. "Damn, I can't even sense him."

Vegeta continued to search with his eyes, "He can't be too far." The saiyan prince motioned for the namekian to follow as he started to walk through the rumbling battlefield.

Minutes went by, Piccolo had begun calling out for Gohan, but his voice was drowned out by the incessant rumbling of the area. Vegeta remained silent, just looking around for any signs of Kakarrot's son. Soon they came across a small crater, and sure enough, Gohan was at the bottom of it, sprawled out.

Without a word Piccolo floated himself easily down to the young man, and reaching down he checked his former student's pulse. There was a heartbeat.

"He's alive." Piccolo informed the saiyan prince.

Vegeta figured he would be, but the prince smirked, hearing the rumbling again, sensing the two powers colliding. The saiyan knew that only one other person could challenge Kureiji, but that didn't matter right now, he would aid Piccolo in waking Gohan.