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A Yami's Hikari

Chapter Ten

The end and Forever after

Love: A profoundly passionate affection for another person; The ability to care for something far more than oneself.


The fast falling snow gives me an odd sense of deja vu. I am Yami exactly one year ago, running faster than possible to save my aibou. There's only a few houses between us now. I'm gasping and blinking away black dots from my vision, but I'm far more concerned for my pharaoh. I might not be strong enough to keep the both of us from falling apart.

None of it matters though. What matters is him, and that we stay together for as long as we can.

Not taking the time to knock, I push open the slightly ajar door into our kitchen. Broken glass nearly coats the floor with insects running through it. The stench of our house almost makes me fall unconscious. How long has it been like this?

"/Atem?/' I call through our connection and out loud. Near silence answers me. /ATEM!/ I faintly hear the sound of sloshing water from upstairs. Oh Kami.

I race up the stairs as quick as my shaking legs can carry me.


I know I promised to wait for aibou, but the fake Yugis were the straw that broke the camel's back. Now I'm hearing his voice. After the voice ceases talking, I limp into the unused bathroom and turn on the cold water faucet. I have no regrets about leaving this world behind.

After the tub is filled, I turn the water back off and ease myself into the numbingly cold water. The breath rushes from my lungs, taking the rest of the warmth out of me. My body shakes violently making my teeth slam repeatedly together. I slip down until I am fully submerged and wait for death to take me back.

A minute passes, and I go to my soul room to escape the pure agony from drowning. The beautiful hieroglyphs and portraits are slowly washing away from the water pouring from the ceiling. I wrap my arms around my knees while I wait for the end on my floating bed. Why did I not do this before? The ice water laps over the covers to touch and grab me reminding me of the shadows that used to haunt me.

Frozen in time without your touch

Without your love

Darling, only you are the light among the dead. -Bring Me to Life, Evanescence


I slammed open the door to the restroom and nearly fall over myself in the darkness to get to him. "You promised!" I can't help but scream. The water I plunge my hands into is even colder than the December winds blowing outside. I hug him tightly and drag him out of the water he was drowned in. "Atem?" No answer. How can someone so tan be so blue? I panic and scream again, "Atem, Atem answer me! YAMI!" My mouth meets his and I blow life giving air into his dead lungs. His heart is silent beneath my blows to his chest.


For some reason, the water begins receding. "No!" I shout. Why does everything want us to be apart? No matter, I should be gone in but a few moments. An endless abyss lies in between my soul and heaven, but I will find him anyway.

The blackness releases its hold upon me, despite my protests. Can the shadows not tell I am prepared to join them again? A sharp pain inside my numb chest makes me gasp in breath I don't want to take in. My soul room disappears as I regain consciousness.

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming,

Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights.

Oh, how I long for the deep sleep dreaming. -Imaginary, Evanescence

In the narrator's point of view

Yugi eventually lost the strength to keep his lover's dead heart beating. After so long of running off of nothing, the weariness of life had taken its toll on the hikari. He fell over Atem's silent chest and sobbed. Why? Why did he have to get his memories back just to see his partner die before his eyes? Why could he have not gotten his memories just moments earlier? Why? How could life be so cruel?

Atem was forced back into the dead body. He desperately tried to breathe in, but his lungs were completely filled with water. The only thing not causing him pain was the warmth radiating off of something clutching him.

The hikari felt Yami shudder beneath him. Yugi came to a complete stop, not daring to breathe or think. Those fingers he was holding fiercely were twitching slightly. "Atem," he whispered in shock.

Somehow through the blanket of death surrounding him, the once pharaoh heard his name spoken. There was no denying that voice, fake or no. He tried to answer, but his lips felt frozen together. The shadows started pulling him back, only willing to take the pharaoh if he put up a fight.

Yugi hysterically tried to bring his other half back. He couldn't remember to save his partner's life what to do if CPR wasn't working. The light was terrified of losing his darkness again. Twice was enough. A third time would bring him to utter madness. He let instinct take over and punched Atem in the abdomen with all his might.

Carmine eyes flew open and water poured from the dark's mouth and nose. Oh, it burned! He leaned over the toilet and retched until only bile and tears came out. Yugi was there, holding back his bangs and comforting him as best he could. Atem was in denial; his aibou would fall apart in moments and the thoughts of him in pain would begin again. The other teenager hugged the Egyptian, not caring the condition he was in. After all this time had past, they were finally together again.

Atem couldn't and refused to stop crying. All of the traumatic events of the last three months kept running rampant behind his eyelids. He hated himself so much for letting everything happen. Yugi's tears mingled with his own as the memories played in his own mind. Words of comfort died before leaving his lips. How could he have let this happen to his mou hitori no boku?

Yami stiffened up in his arms and said with sharp seriousness, "Aibou, never blame yourself. Ever." His voice cracked. /I'll try not to./ Yugi promised. He pulled a giant towel out from the cabinet and lovingly wrapped his pharaoh into it.

Love: To see their lightest and darkest hours and still never wanting to let their significant other go.

That night, they curled up together on a pallet on their bedroom floor, far too filthy for the bed. Atem could have sworn Yugi still smiled of lavender beneath everything else. Yugi never let their hands part.

Life swiftly caught back up to the duo. The house was a disaster, bills had gone months without being paid, there was only five hundred dollars left to pay for everything, and Yugi had no idea if Atem had caught any deceases while he was gone.

The first thing to happen was that they cleaned the house and put it back in working order. Neither was out of sight of the other for the first couple of days. Though it nearly killed him, Atem refused to kiss or touch his hikari in fear of spreading sickness he hadn't thought about.

After three days had passed, their home was as clean as it could ever be. That night they finally slept in the same bed together for the first time in what felt like years to them.

Yugi paid the bills in order of importance, leaving the two without heat. The sign on the Turtle game shop was flipped to Open.

The visit to a free health clinic was needed, yet nightmarish. Both had lice, yellowish skin from their poor diet, and a multitude of easily curable symptoms from being out of money. Yugi held Atem's hand when the doctor made certain he was STD free.

Jou stopped by the game shop after being surprised from the small Saturday crowd. He entered and jumped from the small jingle of the bell. Guilt ate at the blonde from every direction. "Just a second!" He heard his once best friend call from the depths of the storage room. Jounouchi chickened out and ran before he thought he was spotted, not knowing Yami had seen everything.

A month after they re-found one another, everything was shakily back into place. They were nearly five thousand dollars in debt, but Grandpa's business had made a comeback like always. Some kids still came in to purchase duel monster cards even after so much time had passed. The younger siblings always listened to the odd couple's stories about the origin of the cards and about a misguided thief by the name of Yami Bakura.

Yugi and Atem were laying on the dew sodden grass in January waiting for a meteor shower. The hikari was much more captivated by his yami's carmine eyes. Yami kissed his love's forehead and whispered, "Yugi, marry me, promise you'll stay with me." marriage was the only thing in the entire world that didn't bind them together. Unable to speak, his aibou nodded his head. Atem slipped the simple golden ring with the hieroglyphs Forever sketched into it on his partner's finger. 1. The sweetest kiss shared between them almost outshone the stars falling like fireworks.

Naturally this happy event led to a few fights.

"This is ridiculous, Atem. We can't afford three meals a day, how are we supposed to have a wedding?"

"Then they can be hungry along with us."

"No one's going to show up!" Yugi crumpled and hid his face. Why was this so difficult? Bringing up his friends reminded him of digging out a splinter. It was needed, but stung all the same.

"They will come," the darker half promised while holding his fretting kòi in his arms.

March the first came far too quickly for Yugi's taste. Earlier the previous day, he and his soon to be husband had spent a good couple of hours hanging lights around the backyard. Yami had baked a surprisingly edible, red velvet cake. Chairs had been dragged out, along with a long hunk of wood covered with a table cloth serving as a platform. Now there was a table added and rice balls in its corners. The small, one layer cake was proudly placed in the center. All there was left to do was wait for the guests to get ready.

Yugi, being the 'bride', was dressed completely in white. He wore a slightly shimmery long sleeved shirt, bleached not drooping sweat pants, and a clean pair of sneakers.

Atem wore a nice jacket, only revealing a hint of his blue shirt underneath, sewn dress pants, and his usual buckled boots.

Though most couples would be devastated by these turns of events, Yugi and Yami just couldn't wait for the vows to have already been said. This extra pile of stress added to their plate was the last thing they needed.

Anzu came into the backyard just before sunset. The brunette was shell shocked by how much she had missed while being in America. Not only had her previous love interest returned from the dead, but he was marrying Yugi. Guilt ensnared her heart for abandoning her short friend. What if they had never seen each other again? The thought made her cyan eyes water in regret. At the sight of Yami, she wiped the tears away and gave him a hug in greeting. "Did you have a safe flight?" He asked in that deep voice she still loved. How do you get over losing your friend to death? And then to your best friend?

"Yes, thankfully."

Oblivious to her inner adolescent emotional feud, Atem gave her a rundown of what was supposed to happen. Neither of the Motous had done much planning. Anzu was surprised yet again when she saw Jou, Ryou, Seto of all people, and Yami Bakura.

"W-where's grandpa?" Everyone had already asked, so the answer felt rehearsed. "His ashes are spread across Egypt, since he loved the land so much." Anzu downcasted her eyes in sadness.


"Yugi's upstairs if you still wish to see him," he said, changing the subject. The young adult nodded and fixed the straining straps to her bulging purse before heading into the house. She took off her pink platforms and tiptoed up the stairs. Only the door to Yugi's room was closed, so Anzu knocked on that one.

"Hey, Yugi. It's Anzu." There was a weak reply of "Come in". All she could see was a slight bulge bundled up under the blue comforter. "What are you doing? You're about to get married!" The brunette ambled over then sat on the edge of the bed.

"This is ridiculous," came the muffled reply.

Confused, she asked, "What is?"

Yugi threw the covers off. "The whole wedding! We couldn't buy anything but the stupid cake mix. I'm wearing sweatpants for Ra's sake." Anzu used all her willpower to not gasp at how skinny the king of games had become. Could it have actually been over a year since they had spoken?

The young adult leaned over and pinched her friend's cheek. "Being a worrier doesn't suit you. Now is a really bad time for you to start that." She cut off his startled reply and dug into her purse. "You of all people should know everything works itself out in the end if you put in a little effort." Anzu handed him a pair of nearly glowing, snow colored skinny jeans and a silver necklace with an infinity symbol for the charm. Yugi seemed to forget how to speak.

"Get changed! And those jeans were expensive, so you'd better wear them more than once," she joked, only half serious about the later part. Yugi nearly tackled her off the bed with his hug.

"Thank you so much."

Anzu smiled and gratefully hugged him back. "I think I owe you an apology."

We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

Love arrives
and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold,
love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity
In the flush of love's light
we dare be brave
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free. -Maya Angelou, Touched by an Angel

Jounouchi stood beside Atem and bit his already short nails to stubs. "Is something wrong?" The groom asked.

The blonde man sighed. "Well honestly, I'm afraid your gonna kill me after I marry you to my best friend." The ex-pharaoh chuckled.

"If I touch any alcohol, you may wish to run for your life." Jou bit his lip and changed the subject.

"Why did you forgive me?" It was Atem's turn to sigh.

"I understood that you were truly guilty for leaving him. He still loves you all, despite no one being there for him. How could I not try to amend our friendship?"

An old fire came into his honey brown eyes. "I won't ever let you two down again."

Atem smiled, "I will hold you to that."

The clear lights in the twilight made the small backyard look enchanting. There were enough to everyone clearly, yet as the night grew closer, the shadows stretched and curved captivatingly around the yard. Ryou pulled out an antique flute and began to play a familiar melody to Seto. The businessman was surprised Yugi had chosen Rohan as his wedding march. The lovely tune did seem to fit the darkening scene.

Everyone stood up when Yugi came out the back door. His pale skin and clothes made him stand out like a star. He didn't hold any flowers, so he didn't seem to know what to do with his hands. As bravely as he could, the ex-barrer to the millennium puzzle walked to the once spirit.

Ryou's flute solo ended and everyone besides Jou, Yami, and Yugi sat down.

The vows were said, each having made up their own, and Jou declared with the power vested in him, thank Kami for the internet, that the grooms were married. The two young adults gave each other a chaste kiss for the audience's sake, and the wedding was over.

All of their friends congratulated the newly weds. Seto didn't say anything, but handed Yugi a closed envelope before taking his coat and leaving. He wasn't the type to uselessly mingle after all.

The thief king either held Ryou's hand or shoulder the entire time the two were there. He explained after the ceremony that his and Atem's souls were connected in an odd way, and he had been released from nothingness when Yami had been allowed back on earth. Ra made the decision to helplessly blind him so he couldn't do as much harm. Why else would he stay with Ryou? Yugi guessed by the way Ryou smacked his shoulder and Bakura did nothing to hurt him back, that maybe there were emotions behind his facade.

Somehow, Atem had confused salt with sugar, so the cake was a complete disaster. Only Jounouchi and Bakura dug in without a second thought.

The chairs were cleared away and the dancing began. Since there were so few people, Anzu was stuck with Jou. Somehow, the brunette didn't find him so bad.

A piano lullaby played, and Yugi sang quietly so only his mou hitori no boku could hear.

"The words have been drained from this pencil

Sweet words that I want to give you

And I can't sleep

I need to tell you goodnight

When we're together I feel perfect

When I'm pulled away from you

I fall apart

All you say is sacred to me

Your eyes so carmine

I can't look away as we lay in the stillness

You whisper to me

Yugi, marry me

Promise you'll stay with me

Oh you don't have to ask me

You know you're all that I live for

You know I'd die just to hold you

Stay with you

Somehow I'll show you

That you are my night sky

I've always been right behind you

Now I'll always be right beside you

So many nights

I've cried myself to sleep

Now that you love me

I love myself

I never thought I would say that

I never thought there'd be

You" (-You, Amy Lee)

The End


Ouch! This actually pains me. I'm sorry for making the ending seem so rushed, but another couple of months in such detail would bore everyone to death. There is a lemon after this author's note, but I think a few members of my audience would prefer the story to end here. Some things I want to clear up.

1. Yugi's grandfather- He died a little after Yami came back in A Hikari's Yami. Remember that I mentioned he was in Egypt when Yugi tried to kill himself? He never came back home.

2. Summer/Rika- She is a Mary Sue, don't kill me. Her story is a long sad one no one wants to hear. She wasn't at the wedding because she ended up pregnant and died from grief when she had a miscarriage.

3. Yami Bakura- How could I leave him out? Him and Yami are pretty connected, despite what they may say. Read Icepool123's story Diary of Bakura if you want to know about him. I kinda stole that. Sorry! She's my beta, so she'll change him if she's ticked. :p

4. Seto's present- He was awesome and gave my favorite duo a loan to get back on their feet.

5. Thanks everyone for sticking around! I have a poll on my profile on what story to write next. Please vote!

So without further ado, here is the lemon I promised. (I never promised I was good at them *sigh*)

Yugi collapsed on the couch after all his friends dispersed back to their own homes. Weddings are exhausting! The newly wed covered his eyes with a pale arm and kicked off his shoes. His husband chuckled as he came out of the kitchen, "Mind if I join you?" The shorter young man shook his head. Since his eyes were covered, he missed the nice view of Atem's hairless chest and softly muscled stomach.

Atem lied behind his aibou. Everything was silent for the longest while. The ex-pharaoh absentmindedly rubbed the sharp line of his reincarnation's pelvic bone. (Many people call that a hip bone.) Yugi's attention was drawn to the innocent touch immediately. All of his nerve endings seemed to be concentrated on Atem's touch, and his stomach grew warm. Had he always been affected like this?

There were clothes in a heap next to the yami and hikari as they kissed and moved their hands fervently up and down the other's body. Sweat rolled down foreheads before mixing between the two chests rubbing together. Twin sets of lips hungrily devoured each other. Things would have progressed further if the phone hadn't of rung. Yugi's slightly pink hand quickly grabbed the annoying object. "Mushi mushi, Motou Yugi," he answered breathlessly.

In present time, nothing stood between them. They could love each other fully and bear no consequence. With that in mind, the hikari flipped around and pressed his lips to his yami's. Appreciating the gesture, Atem returned the favor. A minute later, he broke the soft kiss for air; Yugi simply continued a line of soft pecks along his jaw line. He added a bit of tongue and left a wet trail of saliva to his partner's ear. His warm breath made the other young man shiver.

A cold shot ran down Yami's spine at the thought of someone else touching him, no, violating him. He drove away the memories forcefully. Now was not the time to remember something so horrifying. Nevertheless, his nuasea made him want to puke. "We can stop. I'm sorry," Yugi apologised, moving a slight distance away. Atem shook his head; he was having none of that. The Egyptian pulled his love back against him intimately.

Instead of words, Yugi was given a hot kiss. Their swirling tongues sent electric shivers down both's skin and blood further south. The light's knees gave out, having turned to liquid, causing erections to rub against the other. Atem moaned while his aibou bit his lip at the intense good feeling.

Before the hikari could blink, he found himself in Yami's arms halfway up the stairs. He whined, "Yami!" Yes, he hated being carried like a little kid while his yami believed it to be romantic. Yugi would never admit he sometimes liked the act in fear of Atem carrying him around more often.

Yugi wrapped his arms and legs around his mou hitori no boku after the door clicked shut and forcefully kissed Atem. Both had butterflies about their first time together (Yugi being a virgin and Atem having only unpleasant experiences). Somehow Yami accomplished getting his hikari's shirt off. He might as well have been intoxicated from Yugi's kisses.

They slid down to the floor, but that only encouraged them more. "Aibou, could those pants be ANY tighter?" The other nervously giggled.

"Was more than one belt necessary?" The pharaoh chuckled at that retort.


Pants were discarded after the brief struggle. Then underwear and socks until they were both bare excepting Anzu's necklace. Yugi had to drag Atem to the bed. ("But the floor is fine!")

For the first time, a blush spread over the pale boy's face. 'This' was finally happening after five years of being in love with the spirit. Yami rubbed their noses together, "I love you, aibou."

"Love you too, mou- Atem." Sometimes it was hard to remember the pharaoh was no longer his other half.

Said pharaoh bit and licked his way down Yugi's chest. Yugi gasped and gripped Atem's hair when his nipples were licked by a talented tongue. Atem kept at that until he was rewarded with a low moan of his name and moved to the other. He left his aibou breathless and dug through the bedside drawer. His husband laughed when he dropped the tube.

Yami was back on him in a second. "Not funny." He harshly kissed away a retort. /Yes it was!/ Of course, mind link.

He covered his fingers in the slippery substance. In all seriousness, Atem asked /Are you sure? This may hurt./ His heart nearly melted when Yugi nodded and kissed him again.

Yami circled the tight ring of muscle before pushing his finger slowly inside. His hikari crinkled his eyebrows at the odd feeling. No, it felt invasive and weird. Yugi's displeasure increased when another finger was added. That hurt despite the nice distractions Atem gave him by nibbling on his sensitive collarbone.

A random balloon pop of extreme pleasure took Yugi's breath away. His hips involuntarily bucked and made the good feeling intensify. Atem had to control himself from smirking with the small conquest. Finally, he was doing something right.

Yugi felt as if he were on cloud nine during a lightning storm. The hikari didn't know that his husband had finished stretching him until the fingers left. The (horny) young man groaned from the loss. He wrapped his arms and legs as he had done earlier, but the new intimacy made his heart flutter.

Slowly as possible for the situation, Atem slid into his (much younger) husband. Yugi arched into the movement. He was well taken care of; there was only a very tolerable amount of pain. Yami waited until Yugi impatiently bucked his hips to start slowly thrusting.

The ex-spirit's heart flew up to his throat at the feeling of his hikari. This was better than heaven itself. A similar idea came to Yugi's mind, but he had yet to visit the afterlife.

After a few more loving, romantic moves, both the light and dark grew too hot to keep up the slow pace.

"Gods -pant- if you don't go faster-pant-..." The 'threat' somehow made Atem grow harder.

Yugi had a difficult time matching thrust for thrust afterwards.

Hot. Slick. Beautiful. Regret. Love. Aibou. Yami. Hikari. Gods!

Blinding white lights obscured the young men's eyesight. An explosion of raw, amazing pleasure took what was left of their breath away. They had double the feeling of their orgasms from the mind link between them. Atem slumped onto Yugi's heaving chest and panted from the high.

Both the heroes lied and simply took in oxygen for a minute or two. Yugi was horrified to find his eyes drooping. Sex shouldn't be so tiring. /You would be surprised, aibou/ Mutual insecurity drifted through their shared thoughts.

What now?

Succumbing to physical exhaustion, Atem kissed Yugi's sweaty forehead and pulled them close together. The hikari gripped his yami tightly in return. They fell asleep in each other's arms as they would do for the rest of their days.

As YamiYugiCandy once said, "And if that is not a happy ending, then perhaps it is a happy beginning."

The End