A/N: hello people, A story about the meeting between Gwen and Aithusa. He is just so cute (even when we haven't seen him much) and I had to write this when it suddenly popped up in my head. So I hope you enjoy the story.

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'Finally some time for myself.' Gwen thought. Arthur and the knights were training and Merlin was doing some chores for the king. The last few weeks she was greeting people, holding speeches, reading letters, writing letters and so on and she was tired. Okay she used to do a lot of chores when she was a maid, but even when her tasks a a queen were completly different she was still exhausted at the end of each day.

Not that she now got some time for herself, she just sat down on her favorite chair at the table when something big crashed from the window against the bed. The queen jumped up from her spot and stared at the bundle of sheets that now lay in front of the bed. She couldn't help it, but she shouted in surprise when the bundle suddenly moved.

'Calm down Gwen, it's probably just a bird or something like that... a really big bird.' She took a deep breath before slowly walking towards the bed. She wanted to reach for the bundle, but stopped in shock when it sneezed... can birds sneeze? She didn't had to wait for an answer, the bundle moved again and a small white creature crawled out of it.

And it sneezed again, shooting some fire forward. Gwen stared at the little creature with wide eyes. 'What are you?'

The white creature looked up at her and blinked. 'I'm the dragon Aithusa and who are you?'

The queen gasped. 'You can talk!'

Aithusa rolled with his eyes. 'Of course I can talk.' He jumped on the bed and stared at her with his big eyes.

'Ehmm... yeah, yeah you can... I'm sorry, I'm Gwen.' She should be scared of him, but he was just so cute. 'So what are you doing in Camelot?' She sat down on the bed next to the little dragon.

'Oh, I know who you're, you're the mate of king Arthur and I'm here trying to find my mommy?'

'...Your mother is here in Camelot, but how can a dragon be here? Okay you are here, but you're still so little that the guards wouldn't notice you, but a large dragon could impossible hide here!'

He stared confused at her. 'My mommy is not a dragon, my mommy is human.'

'How can she be human?' A now even more confused queen asked.

The little white dragon crawled on the queen's lap. 'Oh that's simple, because uncle Kilgharrah told me that mommy is the last dragonlord. He gave me my name when he hatched me from my egg. He is really incredible, strong and nice. My mommy is the best.' His eyes shined when he told her this and she understood that he loved his mother...

'Wait, did you just say he? Is your mother a man?' She stared confused at the creature on her lap.

The little dragon clearly didn't understood what Gwen meant. 'Of course mommy is a man, why wouldn't he be?'

'A mother is...'She sighed deep understanding that the white dragon wouldn't understand. 'Never mind. So who is your mother?'

The little dragon looked shocked up at Gwen. 'Uncle Kilgharrah said that I can't tell anyone who mommy is, because then they would hurt him and I don't want mommy to be hurt!'

Now Gwen really wanted to know who it was. 'Can you then at least tell me something about your mommy.'

It looked like the little dragon was in deep thought before it jumped up and smiled at her. 'Okay, I will tell you something about mommy. I don't think mommy and uncle Kilgharrah will be angry if I tell you something about mommy, because mommy told me that you were really nice. Mommy is a really powerful warlock and uncle Kilgharrah says that it's his destiny to create Albion, but more I can't tell you.'

'Who is it? Who is it?... Wait if he knows magic then he probably has a grudge against Camelot and Arthur.' She felt her heart fill with concern for the man she loves. 'Does your mommy wants to hurt the people of Camelot?'

Aithusa looked hurt at her. 'He would never hurt anybody from Camelot, he protects them. Uncle Kilgharrah told me that it's his destiny to protect and help king Arthur. So that's why I came here. I haven't seen mommy in so long, so I decided that I should visit him. Mommy also told me that I can't kill humans, not even when I'm really hungry and I hate been hungry!' Aithusa pouted.' I thought that mommy was here, but he isn't' By his last words the little white dragon's eyes grew sad.

'So your mommy doesn't visit you very often?' The queen asked feeling sorry for the little creature next to her.

The dragon lowered itself and his head rested on Gwen's lap. 'Yeah and I don't like it. Uncle Kilgharrah says it's because mommy is to busy with work and saving the king from danger to come visit me.' He lifted his head to look at the queen. 'But I know that he loves me and I...' His eyes started shining. 'Mommy is coming.' He jumped off the bed and walked forward, but he suddenly stopped and turned around to face Gwen again. 'Don't tell mommy I spoke with you, because I'm not allowed to talk to humans... Oh and can you maybe hide, because I'm also not allowed to let myself be seen by people.'

'Okay I will hide.' She said knowing that if she would hide she would be able to see who his mommy is. She quickly crawled under the bed, far enough that nobody in the room could see her, but she would be able to see them.

She heard the sound of footsteps coming closer to the room and eventually two legs came in her sight. She heard a large gasped before he began to speak. 'Aithusa what are you doing here. You can't be here, why aren't you with Kilgharrah?' Both concern and anger could be heard in the voice who she directly recognized.

She stared in disbelieve at the man in the room. 'Merlin, Merlin is the last dragonlord! How can he be... all those times.'

'Oh, Aithusa.' Merlin said with a bit of panic in his voice. 'Now I have to find a way to get you out of the castle without letting anyone see you!'

'I... I'm so sorry mommy... please don't be angry at me.' She heard that the little dragon was on the brink of tears, but she stopped herself from coming out and comfort him.

Merlin quickly walked towards Aithusa and picked him up. 'Of course I'm not angry at you.' He told the little dragon and hugged him. 'I love you. Come we should find a way out of Camelot.'

Aithusa looked with eyes full of joy at his mother. 'Thank you mommy.' Merlin started grinning and together they walked out of the room.

It took Gwen a while before she realised what just had happened. She stood up and sat down on the bed. 'I guess I have to keep this a secret for Arthur then.'

A grin appeared on her face. 'I always thought Merlin would be a great fath... mommy.'