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They all looked shocked at the little dragon. Aithusa stared back at them, wearing a confused expression on his face. 'I don't understand, did I do something wrong?' By the last words tears appeared in the dragon's eyes.

'Sshh... Everything will be fine Aithusa... It's more like... ehmm... the lady that you saved was the evil lady that wants to hurt us.'

'Oh... oh! I'm sorry mommy, but I thought I would do good saving that lady's life.'

'It was good... it's always good to save people, just sometimes there are just bad people...'

'Uhmm... why is that dragon calling you mommy?' Morgana asked still a bit stunned at what just happened.

Aithusa jumped happily up and down. 'Because mommy is mommy!'


Merlin gave the little dragon a loving smile, before picking him up. 'It's because I hatched him, besides being Emrys am I also the last dragonlord.' Even more gasps were heard from the crowd and Merlin thought that he saw a woman fainting from all the excitement.

According to Arthur it was now time he stepped in the conversation and walked towards his friend. 'As you all can see do both a warlock and a dragon live inside Camelot's walls, I see them as my friends, my family. As have been said before do not fear, you're all free to live your lives with magic.'

The people all stared at the king, soft whispers filled the clearing and people started to leave, knowing that a fight now was worthless for them, they had already reached their goal. Morgana looked at them with wide open eyes and started to shout. 'Why are you leaving, they are still out enemy, they... they will try to hurt us.'

The remaining people looked at her, but it was the little white dragon that asked. 'But lady, what you wanted was to make sure that people with magic are free, right?'

'Uhmm... yeah that's my goal, but I...' The witch looked stunned at him. 'I'm also the rightful queen of Camelot, I should be on the throne!'

'But daddy is king now and the people are happy, so there doesn't have to be a new king or queen.'

The witch became red in anger. 'That is not fair, I should be queen, even if I have to use force!'

Now Aithusa started to growl. 'I won't allow you to hurt my family.'

Morgana looked shocked at the little dragon and started to laugh. 'And you think you will be able to stop me?'

Merlin felt the little dragon shake in anger in his arms. 'Of course I can stop you... I'm a mighty dragon!' The witch started to laugh even harder at him, something she shouldn't have done, seeing how the dragon jumped out of the warlock's arms and landed in front of Morgana. Aithusa took a deep breath and before even Merlin realised it the little dragon started to breath fire and set Morgana's dress on fire.

The witch yelled in surprise, a small spell extinguished the fire, but her dress was totally destroyed, barely even concealing her body. 'You little brat!' She yelled at him.

She looked around at the king, the warlock, the knights and her army, desperation spread over her face when she understood that she wouldn't be able to defeat them, not without her army. She let out a sigh, before lifting her arms and she disappeared.

The remaining part of Morgana's army looked stunned when she vanished and turned to look at Merlin. An older man walked forward, stopping in front of the warlock. 'Are you really Emrys?' Merlin nodded and the man sank to his knees. 'I speak on behalf of everyone here, we're sorry for following her, we were just desperate for our freedom. I now see how wrong I was to trust her, please forgive us.' The man grabbed Merlin's hand and put his forehead against it.

Merlin blinked in surprise at the man and then turned to Arthur who stared stunned at him. The raven looked with begging eyes at his friend and Arthur let out a sigh before walking to them. The blond placed a hand on the man's shoulder. 'What's your name?'

'Thomas.' He whispered to the king.

Arthur gulped before he began to speak. 'Just like my father I have made many mistakes, but I decided to do the right thing in the end. It's not you who should apologize, but me, I have done so much wrong and I understand why you wanted to see different and followed Morgana... I'm sorry.' Arthur then turned to the people. 'I'm sorry you feared, but now you can live in peace, no one of you will be hurt for who you're... now go back to your homes and live in peace.'

The people nodded, leaving the field, returning to their homes, but still Thomas stayed kneeled down in front of a quite nervous Merlin.

'Ehmm... Thomas, why are you still here?' Merlin asked and Aithusa sat down next to his mommy.

'Because I know about your destiny, I have heard it. I'm sorry that we underestimated you and your greatness.'

'… I'm not really that great.' Merlin mumbled back at him, his face fire red.

Behind him he heard Gwaine's very manly giggle. 'He has an admirer.' Immediately the knight let out a pain noise, seeing how he just got hit by Percival.

The raven too sank through his knees and looked the man in the eyes. 'I will do my best to create a better future for everyone, but I'm not something great, I can't do miracles. Just go back to your home and live your life.'

'But... I understand.' The man finally stood up and gave him one last look, before leaving.

'Mommy, is everything now over?' A small voice asked besides him.

Merlin rubbed the little dragon over the head. 'For awhile, but she will come back.' The raven held his arms protecting around the baby dragon.

Arthur also patted him and smiled at the raven, before looking back at the dragon. 'You did great, but you shouldn't have come here.'

Aithusa pouted. 'But I didn't want you to get hurt.'

Arthur rolled with his eyes and looked at Merlin. 'I guess he's taking after our dear Merlin here, jumping in front of danger within thinking first.' Arthur laughed seeing how the raven glared at him. 'Oh come on, you know that it's true.'

Merlin pouted at him, but didn't reply back and Arthur took that as a yes. They stood up and walked back to the castle, they walked over Camelot's streets, people were gathered around it, looking with wide eyes at their king, court warlock and of course the little dragon in the raven's arms.

Suddenly a little boy ran towards them, giving his mother almost a heart attack and stopped in front of the group. He first looked nervously at the king and his mighty sword, before turning to the court warlock and the dragon. 'Ehmm... is it okay if we play with Aithusa?'

Merlin smiled and looked at Aithusa who asked for permission through his begging eyes and then Merlin looked at the blond who rolled his eyes, but slowly nodded. The raven placed the little dragon on the ground and looked the boy in the eyes. 'Of course you can play, have fun!'

Aithusa smiled and he and the boy ran off, followed by more boys and girls. Gwaine placed his hand on the raven's shoulder and smiled. 'I will make sure they are fine.' Merlin smiled back, it felt good to know someone watched over them, even when it was Gwaine.

They walked further, meeting a worried looking Gwen on the stairs in front of the big doors. 'Where's Aithusa?'

'Playing.' Arthur told her, before kissing her and she clearly relaxed. 'Everything went well, Aithusa chased Morgana away and her army left.'

The queen let out a relieved sigh. 'I'm just happy that you're all save.'


'Arrhhggg!' The queen shouted. 'You're just like your dad, you know that?' The little blond girl in front of Gwen giggled. 'No little lady, throwing water over your father's knights isn't funny!'

'Awhh, but mommy, uncle Leon is really boring and it's just fun to trick uncle Percival!' The little blond said while pouting at her mother.

The queen let out a sigh. 'And how did you even get up there?'

An evil grin spread over the girl's face. 'Gwaine helped me.'

'I should have known...' She slowly rubbed over her growing belly. 'It will be really interesting seeing how I soon while have to of you.'

'Oh, but I would be a great big sister.' Gwen sighed and sat down in a chair. 'Are you okay mommy?' The girl asked then worried.

'I'm fine, just a little tired.' She said, smiling at her daughter.

'Shall I take her off your hands, auntie?'

Both mother and daughter looked startled at the window, before the little girl shouted. 'Aithusa!' The white dragon laughed seeing the little girl and stuck his head through the window.

'She still has to be punished for what she has done,' Aithusa grinned at her and she frowned. 'oh, so you knew about this all... fine, take her with you!' The little girl jumped up and down in excitement and climbed over the dragon's neck to his back. 'Just be careful.'

'I'm always careful.' Aithusa said proudly and Gwen rubbed over the dragon's head. 'Take some time for yourself, okay?' The queen nodded and the dragon pulled his head back and jumped away, soon flying over Camelot.

The little blond climbed towards the dragon's head, which was a bit difficult because of the wind and shouted in his ear. 'Why did you save me?'

Aithusa turned his head back. 'You called that saving you? I didn't do it for you, but for your mother, she needs...' He smiled remembering the past. 'She needed some time for herself.'

'Oh...' Was the girl's only reaction, but then her face darkened again. 'Shall we play a trick on Gwaine.'

The white dragon let out an evil laugh. 'Yeah, that sounds fun.' And they turned back to Camelot.