Hello everybody, Shackleford here. I was just sitting around, next to the heat, and drinking some coffee when I thought I might go ahead and add and epilogue to this story. I don't feel like writing a sequel, so I feel I wanted to tie up some loose ends. Also, I will be editing the story some as well. It has been a very long time since I started writing this piece, and I feel it completely burnt out any creativity I will ever have. That said, I feel it deserves a good ending. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail, but rather just give a general outline of what happens to each of the characters.

Edd and Marie of course lived their teenage lives to the fullest. Edd excelled at science and math classes, earning him the title of valedictorian at graduation. Marie flourished in art class, where she promoted her many great talents at sketching and painting. She painted several paintings that won first place at several art galas, including one that sold for over $50,000, entitled Life On the Rocks. It was enough to pay for her art school education. Double D got a full scholarship to MIT, where he majored in physics, and double doctored in astrophysics and organic chemistry. After Marie got her four year art degree, the two got married, with Marie moving to Massachusetts with Double D still in school. She became an art teacher at the local high school. Double D finally graduated with his double doctorate after eight long years. He enlisted in the Navy at age 26 in order to help with the new radar operations that the government was working on for space travel. Double D helped design the first spacecraft that could be fired from the ocean, and developed a non-flammable , non-polluting propellant that was cheap to mass produce and was adopted as the chief fuel of the deep space voyages to Europa and Titan, where animal and floral life was discovered. Double D left the Navy after four years and used his outstanding credentials to his advantage. He landed a job at MIT as a professor of quantum physics and astrophysics, where he worked as an insider on many projects, including the super-large hadron collider that was built in Texas in 2027 and the first space probe capable of interstellar travel, which is set to reach Alpha Centuri in 23 years. He later became the chief presidential advisor on science and technology, and became the chairman of science at MIT. He and Marie had three children together: Eddward Jr, born in 2024, Rodney, born in 2026, and Barbara-Mary, born in 2029. He, Marie, and their children lived great lives. Edd Jr. grew up to become a robotics engineer, working all over the world. Rodney became an officer in the US Air Force, and was in charge of the space program that had been shifted to the Air Force following the termination of NASA in 2030. Barbara-Mary went on the become a great RN nurse, where she worked all over the place, including John Hopkins, UVa, and Duke research hospitals. By the time Double D and Marie were in their 60s, they had seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Double D and Marie both retired by the time they were 70, and they decided to move back to that old cul-de-sac they once called their home. They bought a house that was built in the place of the one Double D had before. They lived there the rest of their lives. Double D died at the ripe old age of 84, and Marie two years later. Double D was buried at the Peach Creek Cemetery. His epitaph reads "A Man of Science and Knowledge. A Brain Among Bodies."

Ed and May also had an interesting life as well. In high school, Ed excelled in drama class, performing in every play he could get his hands on. While his grades weren't so good, he did graduate. He performed in many local plays. A local talent scout spotted him during his performance of a play called "Forbidden Planet." The scout offered him a job as the lead role in a new sci-fi show. When Ed insisted he was more of a writer than an actor, he was given the job as lead script writer for the new show, which was called "No Man's Land." It became a big hit on cable, and earned Ed a lot of money. He also wrote several sci-fi novels, and published over 50. He and May married after living together for several years. May decided to just be a stay-at-home mom, raising two kids: Larry, born 2023, and Robert, born 2025. They moved to California, where the TV show was being produced. When the show ended in 2034 after a wonderful 15 seasons, Ed and his family moved back to Ohio, where he then worked on his novels and became a professional published author. His second book "Tales from A War Ship" stayed on the New York Bestsellers list for four years and won him the Nobel Prize in literature. Several of his books were adopted into movie productions, of which Ed was in charge. Ed and May retired comfortably in their 60s. Ed died at age 75 from stomach cancer. May died several years later at age 82. The Edward L. Laughorne Museum of Science Fiction was founded in Cincinnati in his honor. He was often cited as one of the most influential writers of the 21 century.

Eddy and Lee do not have such a cozy and happy future. While the two dated exclusively in high school, things got shaky after graduation. First off, Eddy was a huge trouble maker in his upper years of high school. Unlike his two friends, he fully embraced the modern culture. He began hanging around the cool kids, and became involved in the drug/drinking/party culture. He often sold Vicodin and marijuana to other kids, and became obsessed with partying and sex. He cheated on Lee many times with one night stands, and engaged in other relationships on a daily basis, outside of Lee's knowledge. After graduation, Eddy got into big trouble. He was caught selling Oxycotin out of a van to middle school kids, and was arrested. Lee immediately broke up with him. She had been accepted to the Brown University Law School, where she wanted to study to become a lawyer. After she left, Eddy had his trial. He was given two options: to go to jail for up to 25 years, or to join the military for four. Eddy chose to join the Army. This was right after the US had declared war on Egypt in 2016. Eddy went to fight in Egypt and was almost killed twice: once when the guy walking in front of him stepped on a land mine, and a second time when his helicopter was shot down over enemy territory. After four years, Eddy got out of the military very torn and alone. Lee had gotten her law degree and was working at a very good law firm in Cleveland. Eddy, having nothing, went to live with his brother back in Peach Creek. The two shared the apartment at the Bridgeview apartment complex. There Eddy got hooked on heroine and painkillers as he and his brother slouched around all day and did nothing. Eddy tried to cover up his problems by binge drinking all day and shooting up all night. One day several months later, Eddy woke up to find his brother dead due to an overdose, needle hanging out of his arm. Eddy decided then on that he would straighten his life out. After a four month stint in rehab, he emerged a better man. He went to the Peach Creek Community College, where he studied behavior psychology. He looked up Lee on Facebook, only to discover that she had gotten married to some other guy, and had a new baby. His heart was broken, but he figured it was all in the past. After he got his degree, Eddy became a behavior councilor for underprivileged and substance abusing teens. Then one day he got a message from Lee on Facebook, explaining how her and her husband had just finalized their divorce. She commended Eddy for completely changing his life around, and apologized for how things got so screwed up. She and her daughter moved back to Peach Creek, and her and Eddy started dating again. They eventually got married two years later, and had one daughter together, Anne. They both finally enjoyed their life together. Lee later became the federal judge for their district, and was very successful. Eddy became a guidance counselor at the local middle school and retired from that position. He died of a heart attack at age 71. Lee died later at the age of 76.

Father Espicce led a good rest of his life. He married Marie and Double D, as well as May and Ed. He was offered the job as Cardinal of his diocese, but turned it down, however happy he was to even be considered for the appointment. He did show the Pope around Ohio when he came to visit, and became a close associate. He decided to retire from the priesthood at the ripe old age of 77. He bought a nice ranch home outside Peach Creek, where he grew roses and other flowers in his garden. He ran several charities out of Peach Creek, and worked closely with the Salvation Army. He kept in close contact with all the kids until his death at age 88. He was given the chance of being buried in Italy, in the cemetery where his family had come from. He instead chose to be buried at the Holy Cross Cathedral right in Peach Creek. His epitaph reads "A Man of the Word and By the Word. The Soul of a Saint, the Mind of a Disciple."

The legacy of these people and their touch on everyone around them will never be forgotten.

Well, that wraps it all up. I think I have given some great time up for this story. I think I did pretty good on this story, considering I've had zero romantic experience in my life and am a very awkward and weird person. I gave it my best, and that it is all I can do. I would just like to note that I am going back and editing all the chapters. I have done the first 15, and have a ways to go. I am basically correcting all the spelling/grammar, and taking out stuff as well as adding new stuff. Essentially, I'm taking out a lot of the silly romance stuff and adding in real character progression stuff. I took out a lot of the lovey-dovey stuff. I feel I want the story to be taken a little more seriously. Also, I could be moving some of the backstory a little earlier in the story, I don't know. Also, I will be taking my talents else where. I will be moving to Fictionpress, where I hope to finish my Holocaust story as well as do a story about industrial era Britain. I enjoyed doing the whole fanfiction thing, but I have always been an original story writer. I hope to maybe even one day publish.

Anyway, I would just like to thank all my readers and followers that have made my writing career here great. Just to name a few: KiltedEngineer, Mr. Ford, marcus nightfire, maddy the grrr8, cartoonnetworknerdchick, sadmaninhell, and TheWeepingDove, and many, many more. Thank you for all your reviews, PMs, and good times. I have inspired some to write, and some to imagine. All I can say is I am glad I could touch all of you through my story. I never would have considered myself a fanfiction writer before, muchless a romance story writer. And while I have changed some since the beginning (became agnostic, grew long hair and a mustache, etc), I still feel as if writing the story has made me a better person in the long run.

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen.