Emiko's New Life Chapter 2:

Mew Aqua

Recap: "So it seems our saviour was a traitor," Hiroshi said thoughtfully. "What will we do now?"

"Well, we have a solution to the fact we can't have Earth," Pai said. "Besides, the Earth has been basically wrecked and polluted by the humans."

"What is this solution?" Hiroshi asked.

Pai held up a soft leather bag, and said, "Mew Aqua."

"What is Mew Aqua?" Hiroshi asked.

"It is water in its purest form, with the amazing ability to heal," Pai replied. "And we have enough of it to heal this planet."

"Heal… the PLANET?" Hiroshi said incredulously.

"Yes, and make it better than Earth," Pai replied. "If you all come outside, we will show you what I mean."

Hiroshi and the other Cyniclons looked dubious, but followed Kisshu, Pai, Emiko and Taruto outside. Pai opened the bag of Mew Aqua, and took out the four pieces. He handed one to Kisshu, one to Taruto, one to Emiko, and then kept one. Then he said, "The four of will restore the planet together. Emiko, turn to the south. Kisshu, turn to the north. Taruto, turn to the east, and I will take the west. On my signal, we will each push our piece of Mew Aqua into the ground, and while doing so, wish for the planet to be healed. Understand?"

"Hai," Kisshu, Emiko and Taruto replied seriously. Then they turned their bodies in the direction Pai had indicated. As soon as Pai said, "GO!" they knelt and pushed the Mew Aqua into the ground, all thinking the same thing: "I want this planet to be healed."

A bright light flared, and everyone shielded their eyes. Kisshu was the first to uncover his eyes, and his gasp of pure awe caused everyone else to look up as well.

The sight they saw was amazing. They stood in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers, the two suns shining down warmly. A soft breeze blew the flowers gently. Off to the west, they saw a forest. To the east, there was a large lake. To the north was another forest, and to the south… there was a large village! The buildings were sturdy wood, and there was a large building in the center, presumably for town meetings. There were several houses, and plenty of yard space. The streets in between were dirt and neatly kept.

Knowing that Emiko had been told to turn south, everyone looked at her curiously. "Emiko, what's with the village?" Hiroshi asked.

"Oh, uh…sorry. I guess I was thinking about it, and it just sort of appeared. Kisshu told me everyone here lived underground, and he didn't sound too happy about that. So I guess I thought it might be nice to live above ground, and that village is what came to mind," Emiko said, rubbing the back of her head awkwardly. "I'm sorry."

The others were shocked. Then the crowd began to cheer. Over the noise, Hiroshi said, "Emiko, there's no need to be sorry, we love it! I was just a bit startled, that's why I said what I said. We're all really grateful to you. We can all have new homes now! You must be very powerful."

"I'm not really powerful. The Mew Aqua is what's powerful. It just responded to my thoughts, that's all," Emiko said.

"You're very modest, Emiko," Kisshu said. Emiko blushed, and he continued, "Not many would turn down a compliment like that. You not only turned it down, you were tactful too."

Emiko's face was bright red as she said, "Uh… well, I try. But it's true, I'm not really that powerful. I may have a few extra talents, but I'm no more powerful than you, Kisshu. In fact, you're most likely stronger than me."

"Glad to see someone with a sense of humility," Hiroshi said. He was eyeing Kisshu and Taruto, who were looking uncomfortable.

Emiko was confused by this. Seeing her puzzled expression, Pai said, "My brothers are rather immature when it comes to taking compliments. And in other ways too."

"PAI!" Kisshu and Taruto shouted.

Emiko still looked puzzled, but said, "Well, I can understand if Taruto is somewhat immature; he's still young. But Kisshu seems very mature to me, considering I've lived with human males who act like six-year-olds when they're actually older than me. Besides, if Kisshu was really immature, would he really have been picked for the mission?"

Pai seemed to think about this, then said, "Well, maybe… but I still think he's pretty immature."

Emiko smiled. Taking Kisshu's hand, she said, "I don't."

Kisshu stopped sulking and looked at Emiko in surprise. "You don't? Everyone else does."

"I think you're really brave, too," Emiko said. "You traveled to a different planet without knowing what would happen, to save your race and everyone you cared about. I think you're really amazing, and I'm proud to have met you. Don't let others put you down. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and be proud of who you are. You saved everyone here, just as much as the rest of us."

"Wow, thanks Emiko," Kisshu said.

The crowd had gone silent during Emiko's little speech, but now they were cheering again. Suddenly Kisshu lifted Emiko up in the air by her waist, and the crowd cheered louder. Emiko was laughing.

Then someone in the crowd shouted, "Kiss her, Kisshu!"

Kisshu and Emiko looked at each other, shocked, then smiled. Kisshu put Emiko back on her feet, and then swept his arms around her waist. She put her arms around his neck, and the two of them shared a passionate kiss, in front of everyone.

When they broke apart for air, everyone clapped and cheered. While everyone else continued clapping and cheering, Kisshu said, "Emiko, I love you. Will you marry me?"

Emiko smiled and replied, "I love you too, Kisshu. Of course I will!"

Hiroshi had managed to get everyone quiet, and he came over and said, "Congratulations, you two. When you get everything settled out, I would be happy to perform the ceremony, if you wish."

"Thank you, it would be an honor to have you perform the ceremony, Hiroshi-sama," Kisshu said.

Then he and Emiko kissed again.

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