Rumpel heard the sound of something breaking. He looked up. The ceiling was disappearing in cold. "No! Not again!"

Villainous whipped around. "Not what again?"

Suddenly he realized that had been a mistake. He couldn't tell her that he'd helped make this reality. She's kill him because it was partly his fault she was cut in half. "Uh. . ."

She managed to slam into the wall with her normal hand. "What. Did. You. Do!"

He was saved from having to answer. At that moment Villainous poofed away. Back to reality. And Rumpel was forced to watch this reality disappear in front of him.


Shrek shook his head. One second he's been standing next to Anakin, the next he was back in the swamp. "Ya know, I've never poofed out of a reality before. It was . . . interesting." Shrek said to Fiona.

Fiona nodded. "Doesn't get any more normal."

Brogan groaned. Shrek turned around. "Oh no."

Brogan still was missing a hand. He looked at her arm, now cut off at this wrist. "That is a problem." He sighed. "I think I can get used to it though."

Shrek smiled in relief. Puss still looked worried though. "Does this mean Luke is okay?"

"I'd assume so. Anakin wouldn't have set it back if Luke was dead in this reality too." Fiona said.

They heard Rumpel screaming back in the cage, which was luckily out of sight. "Ignore him." Shrek told them. He wasn't in the mood to deal with Rumpel. Especially after all that had just happened.

"Gladly." Brogan said.

Anakin looked around. He was transparent and on Endor. He let out a sigh of relief. He'd never thought he'd be so happy to see this reality again. But do the others remember the other one? He wondered. He sighed. He supposed he better go find out.

He went through the wall into one of the huts. Luke and Leia were there. He was about to make himself known when someone walked in. It was a young woman with orange hair and blue eyes. At first he didn't think anything of it. Then he did a double take. She was Villainous!

She bowed. "Leia your majesty, the ewoks want to talk to you. I'm not sure exactly what they want, and face it, only 3PO knows that," she joked. Leia and Luke smiled at the joke. "But I think they want to give you a gift."

Wow she's different. Anakin thought. Then again, he'd been extremely different when he was a Sith too.

"Thank you Primrose. I'll be out soon." Leia replied. So that's her name here.

Primrose bowed then walked. Anakin sighed silently. They clearly didn't remember or they would've noticed she was Villainous, despite the differences. "If you remind them they'll remember it." Obi Wan said.

Anakin's eyes widened. He hadn't even noticed Obi Wan had showed up. Anakin gave a small smile. "Thanks." He walked out into sight. "Hello."

"Father!" Luke said with a smile.

Leia was far less pleased. She looked at him so hard it looked like lasers would come out of her eyes. "Why are you here?"

Anakin did his best to ignore her hatred. "I came to tell you about the other reality."

Luke looked confused. "Other reality?"

"Yes. Uh . . . remember, we had a mission to Naboo. But then you two, and Padme, got captured. And I was going to surrender but then ogres dropped from the ceiling." He stopped because he could tell from their faces they remembered now.

Leia looked at him. For a second he saw she was looking at him in a new way. Then it was over. "Luke died there." She said. Anakin nodded. "It was about as bad as this reality. And you created it." She was getting angry. "So you ruined our lives not once, but twice!"

"Leia. . ." Luke seemed hesitant to say anything, but he forced himself to. "I think it's good. It proves he wants to take back what he did. And I'm the one who died."

Leia threw up her hand. "Fine! Think what you like!" Then she stormed out.

Anakin sighed. "Thanks son."

Luke smiled, "Anytime." Anakin had a feeling he was intentionally making this conversation like it had been in the alternate reality. "I only wish Leia would realize you were trying to take it back."

Anakin sat down. "Well, that's not why I told you two. I just wanted you to remember."

"Well then father, I think you succeeded." He sat down and they stayed there in silence for a while. "Do you think we'll see the ogres again? Or Puss?"


Luke got up. "Well then, I better tell the others about the other reality." And he left the room.

Anakin got up and walked back through the wall.

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