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Even though they both agree they aren't on speaking terms due to a worthless argument earlier in the day, Shusei and Hotsuma both sat in the same room, keeping to themselves.

Shusei, as usual, had a book in his hand, while Hotsuma decided to sit on the couch not doing anything in particular except make the tension in the room worse. Every so often, one of the two will steal glances at each other.

Shusei hides behind his reading glasses trying to ignore Hotsuma's pouting, although the blond's constant sighing made that task almost impossible.

Shusei lets out his own sigh, catching Hotsuma's attention.

Lowering his book, Shusei looks at the couch and meets Hotsuma's gaze. Most people would be scared stiff with Hotsuma looking at them like so. Shusei on the other hand, isn't fazed by it.

"Can I help you, Hotsuma?" He asks in such a calm voice, it irritates Hotsuma even more.

"Hmph." The blond grunts looking at the ground. He notices out of the corner of his eye Shusei's attention is back to his book.

Shusei adjusts his glasses and turns the page.

Hotsuma, with his gaze still on the floor mumbles, "Funny how God's Eyes needs glasses…"

The remark doesn't offend Shusei, but he grows tired of the atmosphere they've created.

Shusei slams the book closed, "Funny how God's Voice lacks tact." He sets his book down on the table.

The tension in the room grows as they both remain silent, staring at each other, waiting for the other to back down.

Shusei sighs again and sets his glasses on the table next to his book. He gets up and walks towards the door leaving Hotsuma on the couch.

"Hey, where are you going?" Hotsuma asks, surprised that Shusei would leave, and angry he would think to leave him behind.

"For a walk."


"A walk." Shusei says again, "As in, I'm leaving."

Not wanting to be left behind, Hotsuma jumps from the couch and throws on a jacket that was lying over a chair, "Hey! Wait for me!" He yells at Shusei, whose waiting by the door.

Still feeling rushed, he hurries over, worried Shusei will leave without him. In his haste his foot catches the table Shusei's book and glasses are on. He cathches himself before he falls over completely.

"Shit." He mumbles, "Don't leave without me!"

"I haven't moved!"

"Quit rushing me!" Hotsuma yells, ignoring the fact that Shusei, in fact, hasn't moved at all.

Shusei laughs quietly not wanting Hotsuma to notice, that he no longer holds a grudge against the blond. He is always amused by Hotsuma when his partner is flustered, "Let's go, you klutz." He grabs his jacket and puts it on.

"Yeah, yeah…" Hotsuma follows Shusei out the door. Hotsuma himself has yet to realize he too, is no longer angry.

The two of them walk out of the mansion, side by side, as though nothing had happened today to make them angry at one another.

Hotsuma and Shusei fight a lot. Neither of them realizes how bad they are at it.

I'm not overly impressed by this story. I'm using it as a way to get back into writing, considering I've been on hiatus for quite some time! Actually, going through my half finished stories, I am rather sad because I feel like my writing skills have deteriorated. Guess I have a lot of work to do... ^^" Hope I can find the motivation to write again!

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