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Warning: Character death!


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Xx A Pained Farewell Xx

Pain. That was all she felt- an unbelievable and unbearable great pain. She lost her footing and felt backwards, hitting her back on the hard and cold ground with her eyes widening from the impact. She took one ragged breath- a breath which was never to escape her sweet lips; she closed her eyes, accepting her fate.

Her time had frozen.

Rinne ran as never before- while he had been busy fighting an evil spirit, a damashigami had followed Sakura and later returned alone. Distracted by the lone damashigami the evil spirit had escaped Rinne as he, without hesitation, ran towards the path the damashigami had returned he saw her.

"Mamiya Sakura!" He screamed her name as he ran to her. When he approached her he knelt down next to her body- he did not even need to touch her to know. Mamiya Sakura was no longer alive. How could this have happen? For all this time she had been okay- even saved HIM. He picked up her hand, just to hold it in his own, as his head lowered.

"Rokudo-kun." He heard his name being gently called- that voice- he knew it!

Rinne lifted his heard and turned around only to see the ghost of Sakura standing behind him, hovering a little above the ground. Rinne slowly stood up; looking at the ghost of Sakura's smiling face. Never once did it occur to Rinne to give Sakura the Haori of the Underworld, to give her physical form.

"Mamiya Sakura… wha… why are you still lingering in this world?" the last thing Rinne wanted, was to see and catch the evil spirit of Sakura.

Sakura just looked down at him, still smiling.

"Yeah, I wonder why." Sakura answered. She knew why she had not crossed yet and she knew what to do so she would.

With her feet still not touching the ground, of which she had fallen upon, she 'walked' the few steps to where Rinne stood, next to her body. Sakura bowed down to lay a hand upon Rinne's cheek and brought her head close. Sakura closed her eyes as she planted a ghostly kiss on his lips.

Pulling away she whispered: "Sayonara Rinne"

And with those words she disappeared- leaving behind a warm just stood there in his loneliness, feeling the warm glow of Sakura surrounding his body, as tears began to fall from his eyes.

"Why?" Was all he could ask.

"Sayonara Ma…. Sakura"

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