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I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Siegfried Sassoon

Suicide in the Trenches

Keeping low to the ground, I walked quietly behind the others members of my unit as we quickly traveled across the rather soggy English countryside. We were looking for the 'enemy', who were Easy Company, 101st U.S Airborne. My unit was Baker Company, 6th British Airborne.

My name is Aria Greene, better known to some as Doc Greene. I am a 19 year-old field medic and surgeon, who was transferred to the British Airborne from my home-town of Christchurch, New Zealand. I joined the NZ Army with my two best friends, Sophie 'Squid' Heenan and Lauren 'Golden Wizard' Duke and two, three days into basic training, we were selected to 'boost relations with the British' and were shipped off to join the Airborne. Luckily for me, I was British: born in Plymouth, Devon (my family emigrated to New Zealand shortly after my younger sister Rose was born when I was 6), so I had family here, one of my childhood friends was in my unit, and I fitted in better than my two Kiwi friends.

Oh, did I mention the three of us were women?

Yeah, that expression of shock was the one I got when I marched myself down to the sign up office the minute I graduated Med School to sign up for the Army. After several arguments, I was told that as long as I didn't cause trouble, then I would be allowed to join the Army as a Field-Medic. Of course, once Lauren found out, she literally dragged Squid down to the sign up office and told the officials there that the pair of them were going with me whether they liked it or not and that they'd have to "tie us up and send us home in a sack to stop us!" So they were allowed to accompany me.

Lauren proved to be a brilliant sniper, while Sophie was appointed radioman. We barely had any time for our feet to touch the ground in basic before we were herded onto a troop carrying ship heading out of Lyttleton Harbour in Christchurch, bound for Plymouth. Once there, we joined Baker Company in their paratroop training, and I was very pleased to find Ron Thorne, an old friend of mine from my short childhood in England, was a rifleman in Baker. Long story short, we qualified as paratroops, and then Colonel Cumberland organised a training mission with the American Colonel Sink, setting us against Easy Company. Lauren thinks they're betting on their respective companies.

So, here we are. I stepped over a branch on the ground, being careful not to make a single sound that could alert Easy to our position. I had heard stories about their Captain Sobel, and he made our lovely Captain Warwick seem like the Easter Bunny in comparison. At least we could trust Warwick not to get Baker slaughtered in combat, didn't seem like Easy could trust Sobel the same way though.

Suddenly, Warwick held up a hand and dropped into a crouch, the rest of the soldiers behind him dropping down on instinct. Staring over at him, I watched as he signaled to Lieutenant Fox, who then turned and whispered, "Right, Thorne, Mac, Lynn, you follow me with Doc Greene. Heenan, go left with Duke and Vermeren. Duke, you take any chance you've got to be the best sniper in the regiment!"

Lauren nodded.

"Right, then give them your best shot. Easy knows the rules, anyone 'hit' just yell out and Doc will come get you. Let's go!"

Quickly, I darted to the right after Lt. Fox and the others. Ron turned to me and hissed "You stay close on my tail Doc!" Nodding grimly, I followed him across the fields. Darting down and across the road, we took cover behind a low wall.

Fox peered over the top of our wall, then crouched down again. "Right, here they come, get ready!"

Ron mimicked the Lt. and peered over the wall himself. "Lord, they're right out in the open!" He hissed to me and the tough blonde known as Mac, who was next to me. "Sobel's leading them right into our trap, they don't stand a chance in combat with him."

The men next to me turned as one and rested their rifles on the top of the wall, each one zeroing in on an unsuspecting American. Then all hell broke loose. My boys opened fire on the Americans, who were very quick to retaliate. Lynn, a bespectacled kind-faced man from Exeter went down, mud spread across the front of his helmet. I bent and pulled his helmet off, giving him a quick once-over then decided that he 'died' and sent him back to the starting point where Colonel Cumberland was waiting.

Suddenly, a voice from the left flank screamed "MEDIC!" and I was off, paintballs splattering the ground around me as I ran, one hand on the top of my helmet to keep it on, the other grasping the strap of my medical bag. Reaching the left flank I ducked behind a hedge where Lauren and Squid were crouched, the former lining up her next target through the sight on her sniper's rifle.

"Who's hit?"

Squid pointed out into the road, where Vermeren lay. "He took a shot to the gut."


I lunged over the hedge and darted to my feet, sprinting to Vermeren's side. He looked up at me and smiled weakly. "Hey Doc, how are you this afternoon?"

"Doing good, Vermeren. Squid said you took a shot to the stomach?"

He rolled over so that I could see the mud spread across his jacket. I though quickly, comparing this to combat wounds, then tore open his jacket and shirt. Delving into my bag, I pulled out the packet of sand I had been given to represent sulfa, poured it over his mud-stained stomach then pressed a padded bandage to the mud stain, binding it there with another long bandage.

"Alright Vermeren, looks like you're gonna be okay! Let's get you out of here."

I moved to his head and grabbed a handful of his uniform, bracing myself to drag him to cover, when I heard the click of a pistol near my forehead and looked up into the paint streaked face of Captain Herbert Sobel.

"Dead," he said dismissively, then bent and dragged me to my feet. By now, the gun shots had stopped and both companies were staring at us, interested what Sobel would say to the Limey medic he had just 'killed'.

His hand still tightly gripping my arm, Sobel barked, "How the hell do you think you're gonna save the lives of your company if you're dead, Private?"

I stared, open-mouthed, at the American Captain. What could I say? I couldn't save the lives of my men if I was dead. But should I even be dead? Wasn't it against the Geneva Convention to shoot medical personnel, especially if they were in the middle of treating a patient?

Sobel grip on my arm tighten. "I asked you a question Private!" He barked, "What's your excuse for being killed in combat and leaving your company with limited medical staff?"

"Uh...No excuse sir!"

Sobel's eyes widened as he took in my rather too feminine voice and figure. Looking over his shoulder, I could see the shocked faces of Easy Company, my eyes drawn to the kind face of their medic.

"Greene! What's going on here?" I sent a silent prayer to the heavens as I heard Lt. Fox's voice behind me.


"She was in the middle of trying to get me back to the hedge, sir," Vermeren cut in from the ground where he still lay. "When she tripped and fell over. Captain Sobel was nice enough to stop and help her to her feet!"

I blinked. Vermeren was lying through his teeth to Lt. Fox. I just hoped Fox hadn't seen what happened for himself.

Sobel seemed to then get over his shock and released his tight grip on my arm, moving over to Lt. Fox.

"Lieutenant, you are aware that you have a woman masquerading as a field-medic in your company!"

"Yes sir, I am aware of the fact that Doc Greene is a woman, and she happens to be one of the best surgeons I have ever met. Further more, Captain Sobel, as it so happens, Doc isn't the only woman in our company!"

As if on cue, Lauren and Squid chose that moment to pop up from behind the hedge. The pair of them had their helmets off, revealing their ponytails. Squid raised a hand in a cross between a sarcastic wave and a salute, while Lauren chose to shoulder her sniper's rifle and call out in her best Irish accent, "Top 'o the mornin' to ye Cap'n Sobel!"

By now, the whole of Easy Company were staring at us with either open mouths or raised eyebrows. I chanced a glance at the kind looking American medic and sent him a small smile when I caught his eye, giving a small mental shriek of glee when he smiled back.

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