point of view




"They're so cute." Ikki coos, clasping her hands to her chest.

"Shut up, Ikki." Jinora snaps, peering over the bush they're hiding behind. "They'll hear us." Ikki nods, and crouches down beside her sister. They lift their heads over the top of the bush together, watching Mako and Korra a few feet away.

Mako's hand reaches out, sweeping a few strands of Korra's hair behind her ear. His thumb grazes her cheek before his hand slides down the column of her neck, down her arm, grasping her hand. His other arm snakes around her waist, pulling her body flush against his. Korra squeaks, eyes wide.

"Oh my La." Ikki whispers, eyes wide. Jinora elbows her.

"What are they doing?" Ikki asks.

"If you'd shut up," Jinora hisses, "you'd find out."

Mako and Korra are pressed together now, arms around each other. Mako leans down, nose brushing Korra's lightly. He's waiting, Jinora realizes, waiting for Korra to make the first move. Korra bites her lip, staring up at him. C'mon, Korra, she thinks. Just lean up and

Korra leans up, lips pressing against Mako's.

"Yes!" Jinora cries, jumping up. "Finally!" Mako and Korra spring apart, cheeks blazing.

"And you wanted me to shut up?" Ikki asks, raising an eyebrow as Jinora punches the air, whooping.