Hey guys, so just letting you know that this is set in Season Three, after Michael. None of the Warblers graduated, so Wes is still there but Blaine still transferred. Hope you enjoy this. It is my first Kurtbastian story, so I hope you enjoy it.

Kurt POV

I woke up on Saturday morning, sun shining brightly in my eyes. It looked like a beautiful day outside, but I knew that it wouldn't help brighten my mood. I sit in my room, eating ice-cream and watching sad Disney movies. It didn't make me feel as happy as I thought it would. I didn't think I would be happy again. I started watching Bambi, when I heard a knock on the door. Usually I would jump up and not let anyone see me in this state, but today I didn't care.

"Come in" I say, quietly. I hear the door open and turn my head to see my dad walk in.
"Hey Kiddo, how are you?" He asks
"Fine." I simply reply, not really in the mood for a long conversation.
"Kiddo, get out of this room, you need air."

I look at my dad like he was being stupid suggesting this. "Just for half an hour, Kurt, please!" he begs. I cannot say no to my dad, especially since I won't tell him what is going on, so I nod and get up, doing the actions of getting ready, skipping my vigorous skin care routine. I leave the house and hop in my navigator, finally allowing my mind to wander to the previous day.

- Flashback -
I walk into Blaine's house, ready for our monthly movie and pizza date, hoping to surprise him with the gift I brought him. I walk up to his room, expecting to see him dancing around to Katy Perry, getting ready for the night ahead, instead when I walk into his room and see him making out with another guy. I stand there shocked, trying to stop the flow of thoughts through my head. 'You're not good enough, he must have been bored of you' and try to figure out who the other boy is.
"Blaine?" I ask, heartbroken. He suddenly stops and just jumps off the guy, who I now recognise as Thad, from the Warblers.
"Kurt? What are you doing here?" he asks, a little shocked himself. Of course he didn't remember, the one day that was truly special to me he didn't remember. I can see tears starting to blur my eyes, so I turn around and run out of the room. I could hear Blaine running after me and Thad calling after him, however I didn't care, all I wanted was to get out of his house.
-End Flashback -

I still cannot believe that happened. I pull up to the Lima Bean car park, surprised that this is where I ended up, as I wasn't planning on going there, and hop out. Walking into the Lima Bean, I order my usual coffee order and find a secluded table in the back corner. Hoping to be alone for a while, I pull out a book and start on some history homework, but I am not alone for long. Too soon I hear a familiar sneering voice.
"Hey gayface, where's your little prince?" I look up and see none other than the last person I was hoping to see. Sadly I am in the dark and I am not sure how much Sebastian knows, because he could just be trying to rile me up. I hate being in the dark, not knowing how far his knowledge goes.
"Hey meerkat." I reply. Sebastian doesn't take my sweet nickname as a sign of annoyance and sits down opposite me. We sit there in silence for a while sipping our coffees and me working on my history homework, when I can't take it any longer.
"Seriously Sebastian, what do you want?" I ask him. Instead of the sneer I expected, I see a weak, genuine smile on Sebastian's face. This gets me truly worried.
"Honestly," Sebastian replies, looking at me and seeing me nod he continues, "I wanted to see if you were okay. Thad and Blaine came back they told us they were together and what happened. No need to say that most of the Warblers were furious." By this fact alone, I was seriously confused. Why would Sebastian want to see if I was okay, why not just start trying to steal him off Thad instead? I didn't even think Sebastian liked me.
"What? Why would you care how I am? You have been trying to steal Blaine from me from day one and break our relationship, wouldn't you be happy?"
I ask, seriously confused. This time Sebastian smirks at me, but soon it just formes into a full blown grin.
"My, my Kurt. You really do see the worst in me don't you? Well for one, I was just trying to mess with you, honestly I don't really like Blaine, and it was just funny seeing you get all jealous and fired up. Secondly, I would never cheat on anyone, I'm not that low." Sebastian shoulders seem to shrink down a bit, and I realise it is because everyone thinks low of him.
"Sorry Bastian." I reply and what his reaction carefully at the nickname. He seems to like it because he is suddenly full of life and his smirking self again.

Sebastian and I seem to talk for a while, Sebastian explaining how the Warblers reacted, while I talked about how Sebastian could rile Blaine and Thad up more. I soon realised that I was not a good person when someone was on my bad side, especially if I knew their secrets. Sure, it was different with Karofsky, I wouldn't intentionally out someone. That is just plain cruel, but I can give Sebastian some dirt and embarrassing things about Blaine, and in turn Thad. Although I was only at Dalton for a small amount of time, I seem to grasp people easily, and I knew quite a lot about each of the Warbler boys, especially after Blaine talking about them on date nights. To my surprise I was having fun and the next time I looked at the clock, it was nearly 2pm and it had been about 4 hours. For someone who I detested mere hours ago, Sebastian is really good company. I quickly look at my phone and notice multiple calls and texts from Blaine and about four calls from my dad. Crap, he must be worried sick.
"Sorry Bas, have to quickly call my dad, he is freaking." At this I get a chuckle out of Sebastian and a go ahead. I quickly pull out my phone and press the speed dial, calling my dad.
'Hey dad, it's Kurt.' I say as if it isn't obvious.
'Oh my god Kurt, where have you been, I have been trying to call you. You go out for half an hour and stay out for four. Not that I'm complaining kiddo, but could you at least ring me next time?' I hear down my phone. I laugh at my dad's frantics and tell him that I am safe and will be home soon enough. I quickly hang up and jump straight back into a conversation about life. After about another hour, Sebastian and I say goodbye to each other and I head home.

When I walk through my front door, I have totally forgotten about Blaine and am smiling happily, until I hear his voice in the living room. I hadn't yet told anyone what had gotten me upset, so no one, except Sebastian knew that Blaine was the cause of my problems. I quietly close the door, hoping to sneak upstairs to my safe haven without being spotted but knowing me, this never works out.
"Kurt, is that you?" I hear my dad call from the living room. I cannot exactly get out of it now he knows someone is home, so I respond by walking into the living room.
"Yeah, it's me, dad. What's up?" I say, obviously pretending to not notice Blaine sitting on the other couch. My dad looks at me strangely before gesturing over to Blaine.
"Hey Kurt." Blaine says, trying to look me in the eyes, but not succeeding.
"Blaine." I briefly nod in his direction, before turning back to a confused dad.
"Dad, I'm really tired after spending all day hanging out with Bastian at the Lima Bean, so I'm gonna go and read for a while, is that cool?" I ask, knowing that this was going to confuse him more.
"Kurt, no that is not okay! Blaine is here to see you, you know, your best friend, boyfriend. Shouldn't you to be making googly eyes at each other and sneaking off to your room to do things like cuddle and watch Disney, or a musical or something?"
My dad answers, anger and confusion written across his features. I look between my dad and Blaine and decide if I want to see how funny it would be to see Blaine get scared under my father's wrath, if I tell him now. Instead of telling him the full story, I settle with, "Dad, Blaine shouldn't be here. He isn't my best friend and he most definitely is not my boyfriend, so if you excuse me."
I reply before turning around and heading off to my room, smiling a little at the fact that I know that there would be two very shocked faces behind me.

Even from upstairs in my room, I could hear my dad interrogating Blaine, as to why I said that. Of course, Blaine was too scared to say the truth, so I just tuned them out when I heard my phone buzz, signalling a text message.
'Surprisingly had fun today gayface. Wanna catch up soon?' – Bas.
I read the text message, trying to figure out how in hell he got my number before I realise that practically all the Warblers have been given my number. Without thinking I respond, quite quickly.
'Sure meerkat, had fun too. Which warbler gave you my number?' – Kurt. It doesn't take too long for a reply to come through.
'Nick. Kinda had to blackmail him, tomorrow sound good?' – Bas.
'Tomorrow sounds good, Lima Bean or somewhere else?' – Kurt.
'Dalton?' – Bas.
Was the reply I got. Why would Bastian want me to go to Dalton, I didn't know but I couldn't say no, I loved Dalton too much and seeing the boys would be good.
'Sure, be there at 10.' – Kurt. Sebastian texted back the all good and we kept texting until we fell asleep, majorly about how Blaine turned up at my house today and that right now he is probably getting interrogated by my dad.

I woke up the next morning to my alarm blasting 'Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry. Blaine had insisted that I woke up to that song and I hadn't gotten around to changing it. I looked at the clock and saw that it was seven o'clock. Knowing it took about two and a half hours to drive to Dalton; I jumped up and quickly got ready, having already laid out my clothes the night before. I decided on a pair of skinny jeans and a plain red shirt, simple but effective. Twenty minutes later I was in my navigator, driving off towards Dalton. I looked forward to seeing all my friends again, but I was nervous due to how much they knew about Thad and Blaine. I truly hoped that Blaine wasn't at Dalton as well today, but it was highly likely.

The car trip went by quite fast, spending my time singing to countless songs that came on the radio. Soon enough, I was driving into Dalton, through the majestic gates. I quickly find a park and pull out my phone to text Sebastian.
'Hey Bas, out the front. Want me to come over to your dorm?' – Kurt. I send off and I quickly get a reply. 'Nah, in Warbler practice. Come to the Warbler room?' – Bas. I quickly text my all good and jump out of the car and head in the way of the choir room. Surprised I remember the way, I knock lightly on the door and wait for it to open, nerves creeping up on me. Inside I hear some noise, people talking about who it might be. I can practically hear Sebastian's knowing smirk. Finally the door opens and Sebastian is standing opposite me.
"Hey Bas." I say, ignoring the curious stares from quite a few Warblers.
"Hey." I hear in reply, as he grabs my hands and pulls me into the room.
"Kurt! What a surprise. I didn't expect you to be coming to Dalton today." I hear Wes say, getting a few agreeing nods from around the room. I am about to speak when Bas cuts me off.
"I asked Kurt to come and hang out? Is that a problem?" Bas says, concern lacing his tone. I had never seen him look so worried about if something is okay and about people's judgement. It seems everyone else has seen Sebastian's change in posture because soon enough everyone is saying that it is fine and that they are glad to see me. Sebastian soon turns back into his old self, joking around with all of us.

We are in the middle of truth or dare, when it comes to my turn.
"Kurt, truth or dare?" I hear Wes say. I start to think about the bad dares that people have had to do throughout my games of truth or dare with the Warblers and go for the safe option.
"Truth." I can practically hear Wes thinking, before he smiles knowingly, as if he remembers something that he has wanted to know for a while.
"You and Sebastian hated each other's guts only a few weeks ago. What changed? I mean, how did you go from being mortal enemies to being like best friends?" It was a valid question and I was happy to answer it.
"True, Bas and I hated each other only a few days ago, but we ran into each other in the Lima Bean yesterday and we started talking about all the crappy stuff happening in our lives and giving each other advice. I found that I was having fun with Bas, and obviously he thought the same thing. Suddenly, with Blaine out of the picture, Bas and I don't want to rip each other's heads off." I laugh, and look over at Thad who is staring at me angrily.

After answering my question, it was finally my turn to ask someone. I thought about what I knew about each Warbler. I cut it down to Wes and David, or Nick and Jeff. Those two being the two pairs of people who loved each other, but were totally oblivious about it. I decided I could make thing interesting.
"Jeff, truth or dare?" I ask him, knowing he will go with dare. Of course I was right, and soon enough he chooses a dare. I let a grin grow on my face and turn to face Jeff.
"Jeff, I dare you to… make out with David for two minutes." This gets a horrified look off David and Jeff, each respectfully looking at their best friends. Soon enough their lips touch and I start counting, watching Nick and Wes slowly grow jealous.
"STOP!" is yelled across the room, by two very red faced Warbler members, who quickly sit down. All the Warblers look up at the two knowingly and I just continue to smirk, knowing my plan had succeeded. Jeff soon figures out why I chose that dare, and I can see his clogs going a mile a minute, trying to figure out a way for revenge. By this time, I was a little nervous, as he is quite good at getting revenge, and it was his turn now,
"Sebastian, truth or dare?" I hear. Surprised at where this is going I look up to see Sebastian's smirking face again. "Dare" I hear him say. Jeff quickly whispers to Nick, and after a nod, jumps right into the dare. "I dare you to go and make out in the closet for ten minutes with Kurt." At my name I look up and see Sebastian, slowly getting up and approaching me. He grabs my hands and pulls me up, pulling us both over to the closet.
"What?" I ask Sebastian, a little confused, not having heard the whole dare. I expect an answer, but instead I feel his lips on mine. After I get over the initial shock, I start to realise I enjoy it. Kissing back with as much force, I don't want to pull away, but the need for oxygen became too much. We both pull back and look at each other.
"What?" I ask, a little breathless.
"Did you feel that too?" Sebastian says as a reply.
"The spark?" I ask
"The spark." He replies and I nod. I had never felt that when I kissed Blaine. People talked about feeling fireworks but I always thought they were over exaggerating. I finally understand what everyone was talking about and I move forward to kiss Sebastian again, my mind blanking as soon our lips touch.

After a few minutes, Sebastian pulls away and opens the closet, pulling me out with him. At first, confused about where I actually am, but soon realise that we were in the middle of a game of truth or dare. My mind starts going at a mile a minute, confused about whether Sebastian kissed me as a dare, or if he truly wanted to. I decide that Bastian and I would talk about it later and continue on with the game for a few more rounds.

After watching Thad eat an old pizza found from the under the couch, Wes get hit my his own gavel and Trent run down the hallway in only his undies, I look at the time and realise that I have to leave if I want to make it home before dark.
"Sorry guys, I have to go. I had fun, but if I want to get home before dark I have to go." I announce. After a lot of protests I get up to leave and I walk out with Sebastian. When we reach my car, I turn to Sebastian, needing answers to my questions before I leave.
"Sebastian, what happened tonight…"I stop, not sure where I was going with that sentence. Sebastian looks down at me, suddenly opening up and letting me see a part of him not many people get to.
"Uh… I really like you Kurt, and kissing you felt like, I don't know how to explain it but…"
"Fireworks." I cut in and get a surprised look from Sebastian.
"Yeah, fireworks. It just strengthened my feelings for you." He finishes by leaning down to kiss me again, and I feel him relax when I respond willingly. When he slowly pulls away he looks down at me, smiling, "Kurt, will you be my boyfriend?" he asks. When I nod, very enthusiastically, his smile brightens. We say goodbye to each other and I hop my car and drive away.

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