"Wait, Prongs. I can do this."

"I think you should give him to Lily..."

"C'mon Moony, it can't be that difficult, can it?"

"Good luck then, mate."

"Merlin's beard, what the hell happened here? This is disgusting!"

James and Remus laughed as Sirius opened baby Harry's dirty nappy. He had been so determined to change the boy, taunting James for his reluctance to do it. But once he saw the contents of the nappy, he quickly changed his mind. The baby lying on the changer only giggled at Sirius.

"Let me show you how it's done, boys," said Lily, coming to the rescue, much to Sirius' relief. "You lot are a real bunch of chickens, you know that." She changed the dirty nappy in less than a minute. Sirius looked amazed.

Once Harry was changed, Lily put him on the floor. Remus immediately sank to the floor and picked up Harry's plush hippogriff. Harry crawled over to Remus and tried to grab the toy from him. Remus lifted it to just out of his reach, and Harry used him to pull himself up to stand and reach for it.

"That boy is a determined little fella, isn't he?" chuckled Sirius, picking him up. Harry moaned and reached for his plush toy, which Remus handed to him before he started crying. Sirius held him in one arm and tickled him with the other. Harry giggled with absolute glee.

"Hey guys, check this out. I bought Harry a mini broom the other day. He took to it like a duck to water," said James, pulling a tiny broom out of Harry's toy box.

Sirius set Harry down and he waddled over to his father. He dropped his toy as soon as he saw the broom. He grabbed it out of his father's hand. He looked at it for a moment and then up at his mother.

"Go on, Harry. You know how to use it," she said encouragingly.

Harry put his leg over the broom and it lifted a few inches off the floor, enough to lift Harry. The boy started giggling with glee as he leaned forward and broom darted off forwards. The toy didn't move very fast, but for the boy it was fast enough. He leant this way and that and the broom darted around the Marauders' legs. The three of them laughed as the boy flew around.

"He'll be on the Quidditch team without a doubt," said Sirius.

"He is a natural. But it doesn't surprise me, what with his father being one of the best Quidditch players Hogwarts has seen in years," said Remus.

"He better be on the team or the school will be hearing from me," said James jokingly. "He better be on the Gryffindor team though, or I'll be having a word with that Hat," he said, glancing at his wife.

"No pressure hey Harry. You have all of us coming up to the castle if you are sorted into Hufflepuff," teased Sirius.

"Or worse, Slytherin," said Remus with a feigned shocked look on his face.

"I'd take him out of the school if he was sorted into Slytherin. We'll put him in Beauxbatons," said James. "I don't care if it's an all-girls school. We'll dress him up or give him Polyjuice or something. Anything but Slytherin." All of them laughed at the thought.

Baby Harry was oblivious to all of the adults talking about him. He was in his element riding that tiny broom. He was too young to appreciate all of the love he was getting from his parents and their friends, too young to know of the danger he was in, the danger they were all in.

He was just a baby, after all...

A/N: I was looking at some HP Fan art and I saw a picture of the Marauders and Lily with a baby Harry and it inspired me to do this one shot. Hope you like it. Please read and review :)