Chapter 3!

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I spent the afternoon, much like I spent my morning. We watched movies, this time more kid friendly movies, and talked about all that we've missed. The boys eventually joined us so it was a lot like old time, but with the kids.

I can remember countless times when we were younger were we'd all get together and have a lazy day with our boyfriends. In fact, I have tons of pictures of them in my bedroom and on my blog.

The only thing that was missing was Rosalie but she'd be here tonight so I'm sure we'd have another lazy couple day.

"We have an hour to get ready," Mom announced. "Your father will be home any second and we need to get on the road not long after that."

"Okay," We all responded.

I handed a sleeping Maci to Jasper before taking Edward's hand and heading up to my bedroom to get changed for dinner.

Edward decided to take a quick shower since he played ball with the boys most of the afternoon so while he did that I changed into a blue and black dress that ended mid thigh. I paired it with a pair of black gladiator wedges.

I didn't do much with my hair besides brush through it. I was lucky because I was blessed with naturally curly hair that looked great just by simply brushing it, or even getting it wet.

When I was done, Edward was just hopping out of the shower so to kill time, I checked on my blog.

It was still insane to me when I logged on and saw that I gained five or six more followers. I started this blog for myself when I was just thirteen years old and I've kept up with it ever since.

I was glad that people found my life cool enough to follow.

I'm Home

I titled my newest entry

It's so good to be back here, to the place that it all started. Just being back in my room brings back a ton of memories. Not to mention seeing my family again is great. My older sister, Angela, just had a baby, McKenna. She's gorgeous, I promise I'll post pictures later.

Trust me, after I get back from my honeymoon, I'll empty my memory card and you'll see a ton of pictures. lol.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to head to dinner with my family and meet up with my oldest sister, Rosalie.



"I got six new followers since last night," I told Edward as he pulled on a pair of white boxer briefs.

"You're just that interesting," Edward said. "I told you that."

"Mmm, it's probably because I posted pictures of you yesterday," I said as he dried his hair with the towel.

Edward was hot. Right now, as he did something as simple as dry his hair, he looked like he could be shooting a commercial. It was amazing that I was able to pass school because I had Edward as a distraction.

"Enjoying the view?"

"Yes, I am," I said as my eyes trailed down his firm chest before finally settling on the bulge in his boxers. "I'm really regretting waiting until our wedding night to have sex."

"You're the one who wanted to do it," Edward said, coming to stand in front of me. "I'm all for breaking that rule."

"Mmm, I'm sure you are," I kissed his stomach and looked up at him. "But we're waiting. Ang says it makes things that much better."

Edward pouted, "If you want to, I guess we'll wait."

"I love you."

"I love you too," he leaned down and gave me a brief kiss.

"Now get your sexy ass dressed," I said, spanking his ass.

"So, bossy," Edward laughed.

"You know you like it," I said, giggling.

"I never said I didn't,"

Once Edward finished getting ready, we met everyone downstairs. Angela, Ben, and McKenna drove with Edward and I to the restaurant while the rest too their own cars.

I was literally bouncing in my seat in anticipation of seeing my big sister.

I know it hasn't been long since I last saw her but I was really missing her. I had really been missing everyone so I was glad we were able to spend the next week together.

And if Angela moves to New York, I'll be able to spend every day with her if I chose too.

Rosalie was already at La Bella Italia when we pulled up. Next to her was her three bouncing kids, Tiffany, Lily, and Ethan. As soon as I stepped out of the car, they ran toward me.


"Tiffany," I grinned as I picked up my eldest niece. "Wow, you've grown a lot since I last saw you."

She beamed at me, "I'm an inch and a half taller."

"You're growing like a weed," I said. "Pretty soon, you'll be taller than me."

"I know," she giggled.

"My turn, my turn," Lily said.

"Hi, lilybug," I said, hugging her and kissing her cheek.

"Did I grow too?" she asked.

"Yep," I said.

She looked happy.

"Good because I don't like being so short,"

"There are many advantages to being short," I said, kissing her nose.

"Nu uh," she disagreed. "I can't reach the cookie jar like Tiffany can." she whispered.

I couldn't help but laugh. Of course, to a kid the worst thing about being short was not being able to sneak treats.

"That's okay."

"Not really," she said. "I need cookies to live. I'm like the cookie monster."

I grinned, "You're a pretty cute cookie monster."

She giggled.

"Hi, Ethan,"

"Hi," he giggled as he peeked out from behind Rosalie's legs.

"Are you going to give me a hug?"

He let go of Rose and ran over to me to give me a big hug. Ethan was Rosalie's youngest, and only, son. He was three years old. He was the spitting image of his father as well. He had curly black hair and dark brown eyes.

The girls took more after Rosalie then they did Emmett. Both Tiffany and Lily had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Thank you," I pulled back and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Welcome." he said before running over to Emmett.

"Hi, baby sister," Rose grinned. "The time has finally come."

"I know," I said.

"You're finally all grown up," Rose said, pulling me into a hug. "Gosh, I can't believe you're getting married."

"That is why Bella's wedding, and bachelorette party, will be insane!" Angela said. "This wedding will go out with a bang."

"I was under the assumption that they all went out like that." Jasper snickered.

I rolled my eyes, "You've got a dirty mind, Mr. Whitlock."

"But I do agree," Jasper said, grinning. "We will make it Epic."

I was very excited for my wedding, and I could see that my siblings were as well. We always bonded during wedding planning so it was sad that this was the last wedding we would be planning together but it wouldn't be the last huge party that we all got together to plan. For that, I was sure of.

"Shall we go eat?" Dad asked as he hugged Rose.

"Yes, let's," I said. "I'm starving."

"Ditto," Tiffany said, holding onto my hand.

We all headed into Bella Italia and were lead to one of their private rooms.

"I wanna sit near Bella," Lily pouted.

"I got here first," Tiffany said.

"How about I sit in the middle?" I suggested.

"Okay," Lily said, happily. "Can I have your seat, Uncle Eddie? Pretty please?" she asked, batting her eyelashes at him.

"How can I say no to you?" Edward moved down a seat and let Lily sit next to me.

"We finally have all our girls together," Mom said, happily. "I missed this. A nice family outing,"

It's rare to see us all together unless it's a holiday. It's sad and very unfortunate but true.

I live in New York, Angela lives in Virginia, Alice in Seattle, and Rosalie lives in California. Though we have the money to make the trips back and forth to visit our parents, and each other, we rarely do because we're all so busy.

However, now that I was out of school, I was determined to change that.

"This is nice," Alice said. "We have to do this more often."

"Agree," Angela said. "How about once a month?"

"I think that's manageable," Rose said.

"I agree," I said.

Mom was beaming with happiness at the thought of her girls coming home more often.

"So, how have you been, Bella?" Emmett asked. "Are you happy that you've finally graduated?"

"In some ways, yes," I said. "In other ways, no. I loved school. It gave me the chance to be half-adult and half kid. Now that I'm out of school, I'm expected to mature," I said, laughing.

"That's going to be a challenge." Alice teased.

"Just because you're out of school, doesn't mean you have to grow up. I mean, Ben's proof of that," Angela said, grinning at her husband.

"So are you," he retorted.

"I'm not afraid to admit it either," Angela said. "I may be a momma but I'm a cool one."

"That is why I'm so happy you'll be in New York. We're going to have girls outings," I said.


"You're moving to New York?" Rose questioned.

"Well, since Betty is better, I thought I'd move closer to Bella. She's the furthest away from everyone."

"I think that's an excellent idea," Dad said.

"That's what I said," Mom told him. "Bella and Edward are all alone out there in the big city."

"We have friends, guys," I laughed. "We aren't completely alone."

I had a ton of friends out in New York, as did Edward. Many of them will be here for the wedding in a couple days and one of them, my absolute best friend who came with Edward and I from Forks, will be in the wedding with my sisters.

"You don't have any family out there," Mom said. "The closest family is the Cullen's and they're in Chicago, that's still pretty far."

"But now she'll have me and Ben and McKenna," Angela said. "I'll keep an eye on them."

"You're going to have to trust us on our own eventually, Dad," I said, laughing. "I'm not a little girl anymore."

"You'll always be my little girl," Dad said.

I smiled at him.

"Hi, I'm Kennedy, and I'll be your server tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?"

"Hot Chocolate!" Tiffany said.

"Do you really want hot Chocolate when it's hot outside?"

"Hot chocolate is the best, Momma," Tiffany said. "Please."


We ordered our drinks and continued with the conversation. Our table was never quiet. Someone always had something to say but that's what I loved about my family.

"How's work going for everyone?" Dad asked as we sipped on our drinks.

"Fantastic," Angela started.

Angela was a professional photographer. She mainly does photography for families and weddings, and stuff like that but she has freelanced for a couple magazine in the past.

Ben is a teacher. He teaches High School Biology. He loved his job and loved that he got a whole summer off, unless he planned to teach summer school.

"Business isn't bad in Virginia but I'm sure it'll boom in New York," she said, her eyes lighting up with anticipation.

"Work is work," Rose went next.

Rosalie was a realtor, now. When she found out, she was pregnant with Tiffany, Rose decided not to go to college because she wanted to be a stay at home momma but after she had Ethan, she was craving to work so she went to school to be a realtor.

As she says, it's not glamorous but she likes it.

Emmett, on the other hand, has a somewhat glamorous job. He's the quarterback for the Chargers. His whole life, Emmett has loved football so it was no surprise to anyone when he was recruited to play professionally.

"Work for me is incredible!" Alice said, bouncing with excitement.

Alice has a great job as well. Alice not only owned her own clothing boutique in Seattle but she also has her very own clothing line coming out in a couple months.

She's always been into fashion. I remember when I was younger, she use to rip up my clothes and sew them together to form a new outfit and then she'd send me to school to model her newest line. She also did the same for herself, and occasionally Rose and Angela but they were more stubborn then I was and told Alice to leave their stuff alone.

Jasper had a more low-key job than Alice did. Jasper worked at Edward's moms architect company. He ran things for Esme out here so that she could focus on her branch in Chicago.

"My new line is coming along fantastically," she said. "I have a few pieces already put together and...This is the biggest news..." she paused. "Scarlet Johansson agreed to wear one of my designs!"

"Wow, that's great, Ali."

"I know," Alice laughed. "I almost passed out when I got the news."

Compared to my siblings, my job was nothing fancy. I was planning to be a teacher, like Ben. But that wasn't always what I intended to be. My whole life, my world has been about writing. I just loved it, which was one of the main reasons I had a blog. I had wanted to be a published author but after many failed attempts at trying to write something, I decided that teaching was the job for me.

After all, I love kids. So in the fall, I would be looking for a job at one of the local elementary schools. I had thought about teaching middle school or high school but decided against it because kids that old aren't as much fun to be around as younger kids.

Dinner turned out to be great. I loved hearing about the things that my siblings, nieces, and nephews had going on in their daily lives.

The one thing I missed most about being so far away was not being there. They had so many great stories and it saddened me that I missed seeing some stuff, or hearing about it the day it happened, but I will admit that it was fun to watch them try and reenact a favorite moment.

After dinner, we grabbed some ice cream and walked down the pier. It was dark so we couldn't see much but it was a nice night out so we wanted to enjoy that.

After we finished our desert, and the kids had worn themselves out, we headed back to my parents house.

Most of the kids were asleep by the time we got home so we decided to call it a night.

"I'm not tired yet, Momma," Tiffany whined.

"I know but it's late," Rose said. "Go brush your teeth and get into bed."

"But I want to spend more time with Aunt Bella."

"We've got time," I said, hugging her. "We have the next six days to spend with each other."


"I promise," I said. "I'll even set up a girls day so that we can get out and do girly stuff. How does that sound?"

Tiffany's eyes lit up, "Amazing! I can't wait. When can we go?"

"We'll figure it out in the morning," I laughed. "I love you, Tif,"

"Love you too, Aunt Bella,"

I gave her a kiss and then went up to my room with Edward.

"Another great day," I said. "I'm really excited about reconnecting with everyone."

"Me too," Edward said as he kicked of his shoes. "We don't see them enough."

"We don't," I agreed. "But that's the price we have to pay to live in the big Apple."

"Who knows, one day we might be back," Edward said.

"Maybe," I said. "But I'm kind of in love with New York right now."

"We don't have to make any decisions until I'm done with school."

"So, we'll talk about this in three years?" I suggested.

"Deal," Edward chuckled. "Now hop into bed with me."

I smiled and climbed into my bed with my gorgeous fiancé.

"I love you," I told him, kissing his chin and then his chest.

"I love you too, babe." Edward brought my lips to his.

So, we met Rosalie and Emmett and their three adorable kids. I have pictures of what they'd look like on my polyvore account so check out my profile for a link to my polyvore profile. :D