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Chapter 1- Stuck-up, Conceited, Rude

She was woke up by Ron yelling for her to come down to the common room so that they could go to breakfast. She looked up wearily in time to see Hermione coming through her dorm room door wearing an apologetic look on her face.

"I'm coming I'm coming. Tell Ron to hold his hippogriffs" Ginny said as she waved her wand to put on some fresh clothes. She then put on a glamour on her face to hide the dark circles under her eyes. She knew Hermione disapproved but also wouldn't say anything because she was her friend.

"It's about time! I'm hungry, let's go!" said Ron when he saw them come down the stairs and they all left the common room to head down to the Great Hall. Harry caught up to them a few minutes later and complained of being left behind.

"I can't believe you left me! I was almost ready!" he said as he ran a hair through his still damp hair. "Oh, hi Ginny didn't see you there", he said as he noticed her with his two best friends. It caused the butterflies in her stomach to jump like they always did when she was near him, leftovers of her giant crush she had had on him. She quickly said hi back right before they entered the dining hall having run down to get there in time.

As they entered the Great Hall they were met by a malicious glare from none other than the Slytherin Prince himself, Draco Malfoy. He sat presiding at the top of the Slytherin table. Ginny giggled as she heard Ron and Harry were mumbling under their breath about dirty Slytherins and baby Death Eaters.

"You know he's not just a baby Death Eater anymore. He's as real a deal as his father" whispered Harry as he sat down at the Gryffindor table. Ginny gasped as she said "he's a Death Eater?" Harry began to nod until Hermione interrupted him.

"Harry you can't just go around accusing him of that! You have no proof that Malfoy has become one! He's still in school. You have never even seen a Dark Mark on him at all. Just because you hate him doesn't make him a Death Eater", said Hermione as she lectured him quietly from across the table.

"Come on 'Mione! You know he's evil. He's a right bloody prick", said Ron as he looked up from his half eaten plate of eggs and bacon.

"But that doesn't make him a Death Eater Ronald. He's just a childish boy.

"that likes to see other people in pain", muttered Harry as he looked at the Slytherin they were speaking of darkly. Ginny was shocked as she was listening to the Golden Trio's argument having never thought of it herself. She thought of all of it as she got up to head to her Charms class that she had with the Ravenclaws.

Malfoy cant be a Death Eater can he? He's so young and hasn't even left Hogwarts yet! How would his father have allowed him to be marked already? She wasn't dumb, she knew he would probably become a Death Eater eventually but did not expect it so soon. For some reason she actually found that she was sorry for him.She was so distracted by her thoughts of Draco Malfoy that Luna elbowed her several times during class to get her attention as she zoned out. But the class ended without her getting in trouble with Professor Flitwick. As she was leaving Luna got her attention.

"Ginevra are you ok? You seemed overwhelmed by Wrackspurts during class." Ginny started to reassure her because she looked worried, "I'm fine there's just alot on my mind. If you don't mind I'm just going to head back to my dorm for a while." Ginny left as Luna called out for her to feel better. Ginny became lost in thought again as she wandered towards Gryffindor Tower. She was walking past Moaning Myrtle's empty bathroom when she was broken out of thought by the sound of someone crying. Her curiosity driving her as she pulled out her wand and entered to see someone slumped on the sink crying with their head buried in their arms.

She couldn't tell who it was as she walked towards them asking if they were alright but they seemed not to hear so she reached out to comfort them. As she pulled them towards her and stroked the boy's hair she realized who it was. Draco Malfoy was in her arms crying! She stopped in shock as she realized but then kept comforting him as she realized he didn't recognize her. So she, Ginny Weasley, held the person who had made her life hell for years as he cried.

When he finally regained control over his emotions he finally realized someone was holding him. She saw the look of shock flit across his face as he saw it was her and then it was replaced by the cold look usually on his face.

"Get away from me Weaselette! Don't touch me. You haven't seen anything here so run off to Potty like always" he sneered at her. Ginny know it shouldn't bother her but she felt a little bit of pain at his words as she snapped back, "At least I'm not the one blubbering like a baby on the ground, Ferret!" and with that she left and stormed back to the Tower. She flung herself on her bed and ignored the other fifth years as she laid there and got mad at Draco. Stuck-up, conceited, rude, unthankful...

Draco Malfoy glared at Harry Potter and his friends as they entered the Great Hall for breakfast. He enjoyed the looks on their faces as they glared back and could tell so did his best friend, Blaise Zabini, by the sniggering coming from beside him.

"Draco, Potter looks like he's going to get whiplash trying to make sure you don't come after him!" said Blaise as he was chuckling.

"Like I would try it here in the Great Hall. You would think he would be smarter and sit on the other side where he can keep an eye on me. The Weaselette has the right idea", he said as he tried to keep the glare on his face and not laugh with his best friend. He could tell the trio plus the short redhead were talking about him but didn't really mind because he knew their honor wouldn't let them attack him by surprise. He continued to glare as he saw the redheaded girl get up and leave and then he was interrupted by the arrival of his father's owl. He took the letter and fed the owl some bacon before telling it he would respond later.

He then stood up and headed to his Defense against Dark Arts lesson with the Gryffindors. As he was waiting for the professor to come in he pulled out his father's letter and began to read.


I hope you are working towards the task that the Dark Lord has appointed you. Failure is not allowed as it would disgrace the family horribly. You must take it very seriously and not ignore it to just fool around with the Parkinson girl. I know you are to be married when you graduate but it is not an excuse. You would not want me to get angry especially with you not here. If you complete this mission, it would mean great honor and glory for our family. I expect you to do well. If not, there is no reason for you to come back at the end of your school year.

Lucius Malfoy

How can he do this? Why did he have to send me this letter? Why cant he support me instead of threatening me! or mother!

"Draco, are you ok?" asked Blaise tentatively. Draco had unknowingly ripped the letter in half and was sitting there turning red from anger. Draco looked at his best friend slowly calming down and said "Yes. Just a horrible letter from my father telling me to do well." Blaise nodded understanding what he meant and sent him a reassuring smile. Draco was glad that he wasn't in this world alone and at least someone would care if he died.

Draco could hardly pay attention during class, the spell being taught he had learned already and couldn't care less the Potter and Granger had done it correctly on their first try. He left as soon as the bell ended the class and rushed to the nearest place where he could be alone.

Why did this task have to be given to him? He couldn't do this! He was only a sixth year not even done with school! His father expected him to do it anyways! and would not take failure as an option! He was even willing to torture his mother because he was away at school! Where he could not protect her from his father. The only reason she stayed with him was to protect her son. If he didn't succeed he wasn't even allowed home at the end of the year! How did he get this life? He had a father who hated him, a mother who was tortured for protecting him, he was being pressured by the Dark Lord, and only one real friend. He hated his life.

He didn't even realize he was crying until now and just let the tears come. He was sure no one would come in here to find him. Let alone stay once they realized it was him.

I hate my life. I hate my father.

Blaise was the only one, besides his mother, that would miss me if I died on this mission for the Dark Lord. Nobody else cared if I lived or died. Even the other Slytherins are just scared of me; they don't really want to be around me. I don't want to marry Pansy either; she just liked him for his fame and power. Father expects me to marry her anyways because she was from a pureblood family, I don't even have a say in the matter.

He didn't realize someone was holding him and stroking his hair He just let them because he felt comforted and safe and whoever it was smelled delicious. Strawberries. As he got control of his emotions he saw it was the smallest Weasley. He was shocked, she came to comfort me? why would she do that? she'll tell Potter.

"Get away from me Weaselette! Don't touch me. You haven't seen anything here so run off to Potty like always" he sneered at her. He thought he saw hurt on her face and decided it was just the anger mounting. He almost flinched as she bit back at him. "At least I'm not the one blubbering like a baby on the ground, Ferret!" She then let her anger carry her out of the room and away from him. He was slightly sad as he saw her leave but then stamped it out. He had to figure out how to defend himself when she told everyone. He headed back to the Slytherin dorm with thoughts racing through his head.

How could I have been so stupid? She came from nowhere! Stupid Weaselette.