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Message in the bottle

(featuring young Koko and Valmet)

Koko had always hated cemeteries, it's not because of ghosts or monsters. She had known from an early start that monsters are just figments of imaginations created by adults to scare their children into submission.

'Humans beings are far more terrifying than ghost and monster.' She thought. No, the reason she hated cemeteries is because of the dead and the atmosphere. She knew that not all the bodies buried six feet below the ground died from natural causes. Some of them died before their time.

She hated the feeling of depression and sadness that hung in the air in such places. And yet here she is, standing beside a gaping hole swallowing the body of one of her bodyguards. There was a skirmish in one of her deals and her inability to command had led to the death of one of her team. Granted, that they were taken by surprised by the enemy and she only had three of the team members with her. She had been scared, No, she had been terrified.

For once, Koko Hekmatyar felt fear.

She had cried while Valmet was pulling her to run faster, she even said things that are insulting to Valmet.

"I'm paying you guys, so help me!" She said

But then Echo showed up bleeding saying the words Koko would be carrying for the rest of her life. In the end Lhem came to late with support and Echo died protecting her.

The funeral service had been brief, the team was the only one to attend the funeral and some of the HCLI staff who knew Echo personally. In the end those people left 'for tomorrow is a new day' they said.

Now it was only the four of them left. They formed a straight line in front of the newly sealed ground, from the left Willee, Lehm, Koko and Valmet.

"Well Echo, it's sad you left us far too early. I'm gonna miss you buddy" Lhem said

"Nobody's gonna tease koko-chan anymore for being a cry baby" Willee said, a smile nostalgic smile in his face.

"Thank you Echo, for everything. I'm going to miss you" Koko said tears welling in her eyes

"I'll take care of Koko, Echo. I promise you that" Valmet said softly

With that they left the cemetery, knowing they lost a valuable friend and ally.

They are now on the freight ship sailing back to England. It had been three days since Echo's death and everyone in the crew is still trying to adjust. As for Koko and the team it seems a silent agreement has been made to give one another time to grieve over the lost.

Koko was leaning on the railings looking at the sea when Valmet saw her. She knew Koko was feeling the guilt over Echo's death. Deciding to cheer up the girl, Valmet approached her.

"Hey Koko, mind if I joined you?" Valmet asked

"Oh, hello Valmet. Sure I don't mind" Koko greeted her with a small smile

They stood there in silence for a while, Valmet trying to judge the situation and Koko lost in her thoughts again. Finally Koko broke the silence.

"I miss him. He can get pretty annoying when he teases me about being a cry baby but it was fun. He was good friend to me." Koko said solemnly. "I should always be laughing and smiling" repeating the words Echo said

"He's right you know, Koko should always be smiling. We're here to protect you always. Me, Lhem and Willee and soon more people would follow and protect you" Valmet said reassuringly

This made Koko tearful, she looks at Valmet and embraces her.

"I'm sorry for what I said there Valmet."

"I understand Koko, you were scared back then. Anyone under the same circumstances would be scared" Valmet said soothingly, running her hands on Koko's head

"I wish I could tell him how grateful I am" Koko said calming down a bit

"You know, I heard this from one of my men back then. If you wrote a letter to someone and put it in a bottle it would reach them eventually. It may sound stupid or silly but I think it's worth a try" Valmet said

"But Echo's dead, it wouldn't reach him" Koko reasoned, her face turning thoughtful

"So? I'm sure he can read it in heaven" Valmet reassured. And with that they went inside the ship and into Koko's room. There Koko wrote a short letter, after finding an appropriate bottle the two of them went outside once more.


"Um, ready"

"1,2,3!" and with that Koko threw the bottle as far as she can, the bottle landed into the sea never to be seen again.

Dear Echo,

Thank you for saving my life. I'm sure I'll miss your teasing, but I think I'll live on. Valmet and the others will be here to protect me so you can rest easy.

Also I'll take you on that advise of yours. A boss should always be smiling and laughing. I'll see you someday.


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