Chapter 1: On The Road

"Ray! Get your white-trash ass in the car already!" Brad yelled, leaning against the door of the jeep. Ray, Brad's college roommate and partner in crime, strutted out of their college house, his rucksack in one hand and his gold-rimmed sunglasses in the other. As Ray appeared, Brad shook his head. "I was going to leave without you."

"Well I imagine that that would have been difficult, considering I had the infinite wisdom to place the keys safely in my pocket." Ray patted his shirt pocket and frowned when he found it empty. Brad let him pat his other pockets. Ray looked up at the unmistakeable jingle of his keys, and saw that Brad was holding them in his hand.

"You left them on the table," he said with a grin, throwing them to Ray. Ray caught them and moved towards the driver's door, making a face at Brad. They both got in the jeep.

"We got everything stowed?" Brad asked, throwing Ray's rucksack into the back seat when Ray dropped it into his lap.

"Don't worry, Brad, it's all good," Ray told his friend, winding down the window. Brad did the same, leaning his elbow on the sill.

"So we're on the move, then?" Brad asked. In reply Ray started the engine with a cheesy grin at Brad.

"We are gonna fuck shit up!" Ray yelled out the window to other college students on the street, who cheered in reply.

As they drove down the street and out of campus grounds, Brad sighed. "Two days, minimum, of being stuck in this jeep with you, one of the most insane mother fuckers I have ever known, to return you back to your Californian trailer park where you'll no doubt impregnate another one of your neighbours' uglier daughters."

Ray's only reply was to start singing. Brad sighed. It was going to be a long drive.