Gibbs/Ziva fic: One Year Warrenty


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A/N: So, welcome to the remastered version of 1YW :) Sorry it's been so long, I don't know what happened. I could blame my laziness on a number of things like, having to write on a new laptop (that was really weird, my old one was perfect), new grammar skills (there IS a god! At least a grammar one) and my new changed view of characters in NCIS (mainly Eli, as it happens, I have a soft spot for ol' Daddy David) - but as much as these excuses are true to a degree, I really just was lazy...

So, my fic is back with a vengence (and improved grammar and structure) XD

The story plot will basically stay the same, the chapters I'm reposting will just have revised grammar... nothing much will change, so sorry to put you through it again :/ :P And, well, I hope you enjoy reading :)

Summary: Ziva's life in America is threatened when her father is on his way to take her back to Israel and Mossad. Not wanting his team to be split again, Gibbs calls in some favours which allows her to stay in America and protects her from her father. Part of that protection includes her being married to Gibbs for a year.

What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter One; He's Coming

Strolling into the bullpen at quarter to six, Ziva sighed. A beautiful day was just beginning; the sun had just risen, giving the morning sky an orange-pink.

She sat behind her desk and sighed again, she would have an hour, at least, to herself before Tony came in with something to annoy her with. She tucked a curl from her long ebony mane behind her ear and turned her computer on. Whilst waiting for her computer to warm up, she removed the gun from her hip and put it into the drawer.

Ziva typed in her password and began to put the finishing touches to her report.


At six AM sharp, Gibbs walked into the bullpen with a cup of his favourite coffee. He did a double take when he saw Ziva sitting at her desk, he knew she liked early starts but it was six AM, she should be out running or something. This little revelation made his gut squirm a little. Ziva was one for routine, like him, maybe something was wrong?

He walked past her, sat at his desk and turned on his own computer, before letting his mind travel as to why Ziva was in so early. Perhaps she didn't feel like running this morning?

He looked up just as she set a finished report on his desk. Their eyes connected.

'' I did not finish my report yesterday.'' said Ziva, by way of explanation and apology.

Gibbs nodded and picked it up. '' David?''

'' Hmm?'' was Ziva's reply as she sat back down at her desk, her lower lip between her teeth.

'' Why are you in so early?''

Ziva shrugged. '' I could not sleep, so I figured I would do something more productive with my time.'' said Ziva, simply. Gibbs was about to reply when Jenny walked past them.

'' Wow. You two are early.'' observed the red head, holding her bag.

Ziva smiled. '' I am afraid so.''

'' Well, I know caffeine runs through his veins. What's your excuse?'' asked Jenny, looking at her Israeli friend.

'' I could not sleep.''

'' Didn't you do that thing that mad people do first thing in the morning?'' asked Jenny, an eyebrow arched as if the very activity she was speaking about offended her.

Ziva grinned. '' If you mean a run, yes, I doubled it and I thouroughly cleaned my apartment.''

Jenny chuckled. '' You'll sleep tonight sweetie.''

Ziva grinned again. '' I hope so.''

Jenny nodded, content with Ziva's reply and went up the stairs to her office.

Ziva turned back to her computer, but looked up again as Gibbs called her. '' Yes?''

'' Why can't you sleep?''

Ziva frowned, her mind trying to formulate her thoughts into a simple sentence. '' I do not know. I just have a feeling that something is going to happen.''

Gibbs mirrored Ziva's frown. '' Like what?'' he asked. He took Ziva seriously. He and her were a lot alike when it came to their guts and intuitions.

Ziva shrugged. '' I don't know.'' she said, waving his concerns away.

Gibbs huffed. '' Well, if anyone's going to get shot, I'd prefer to know in advance.'' he joked, making Ziva laugh.

'' You will be the first to know.'' promised Ziva, making Gibbs smirk.


Tony strolled into the bullpen at 0702, making him the fourth to arrive and the first to be late. '' Heya Probie, Sweetcheeks, Boss. Howzit going?'' he greeted after seating himself. McGee looked up as he could feel the 'glare' being directed at Tony.

'' You're late DiNozzo.'' said Gibbs.

'' I know Boss, but if I were any earlier, it would upset Ziva. I am only keeping the peace.'' Ziva scoffed.

'' DiNozzo, the only peace around here will be you... several small bits of you.'' growled Gibbs, making McGee and Ziva smile.

'' Won't happen again Boss.'' said Tony, before glaring at the other two for ganging up on him.


At 1330, Abby and Ducky appeared in the squadroom, if only to elevate the mood. They hadn't a single case and TeamGibbs was bored.

'' Ziva could always kill someone.'' suggested Tony, rolling his pen back and forth. Gibbs, Abby, Ducky and McGee looked up, greatly anticipating Ziva's reaction.

Ziva smiled sweetly. '' Please tell me that was an offer Tony.'' said Ziva, making everybody laugh.

'' Not me! I meant someone else!'' huffed Tony.

Ziva rolled her eyes. '' Tony, you need to be more specific, there are at least six and a half billion people in this world. Two of which I refuse to kill.''

Abby looked up. '' Who?''

'' Jenny, of course, and Gibbs.'' Gibbs grinned at Ziva, while Abby 'aww-ed'.

Tony looked appalled. '' What about me? What about Probie?''

Ziva nodded, taking in his argument. '' Okay then, there are six people I refuse to kill.''

The team watched as Tony did a mental count. '' Good.''

'' I never said you were one of the six Tony.''

McGee chuckled and Tony looked at him.

'' Think that's funny McGiggle?''

'' Yeah, actually.'' retorted McGee, making Ziva laugh.

Ducky smiled. '' Don't worry my dear boy, I will treat your body with the upmost care.''

Tony looked at Gibbs before crying in outrage '' Boss!''

Gibbs shrugged. '' DiNozzo, I'll be one holding you down while Ziva does it.''

The team exploded into laughter while Tony let his head fall onto the desk. Abby grinned. '' Poor Tony, we're only kidding.''

'' I wasn't.'' said Gibbs and Ziva in unison, making everybody including Tony laugh. They looked at each other and grinned, their gaze on each other longer than necessary, but their 'gaze' was interrupted as Ducky spoke.

'' My dear, that fellow seems to be in a flap.'' The team looked, only to see a tall man with white hair and tanned skin looking very flustered.

Ziva stood. '' That is Michael Bashan, he works at the Isreali Embassy.'' reported Ziva.

Michael saw her and he practically ran to her to grab her shoulders, which made the team fly to their feet, ready to dampen any hostility.

'' DiNozzo, get Jen.'' ordered Gibbs, his eyes never leaving Ziva and Michael. Tony nodded and went to run up the stairs to Jenny's office.

'' Michael, what is it?'' asked Ziva, she had never seen Michael like this, so whatever was happening to make him upset must be very bad.

'' Zivaleh, he is very angry.'' Ziva held Michael's face.

'' Who?''

'' Your father. He is on his way. Ziva, he is coming.''