Death the Girl

A Soul Eater Fanfiction

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A perfect girl walks through the town. Her clothes consisting of a perfectly symmetrical black skirt, a white dress shirt covered by a black jacket with white stitch stripes, some black knee socks with white stripes and black boots that went to her ankles. Upon her head was a black bow with a white skull in the center of the bow, the said bow was in the very center of her midnight black hair. She was almost perfect, if it was not for the three snow white stripes in her hair that were only on one side.

Accompanying her were two boys wearing red tank tops and ties. One boy was taller and had longer hair, he was wearing sneakers and jeans, and his hair was of tropical California sand. The other had shorter hair and was shorter in height. He was wearing baggy shorts made of the same material as the taller boy. He wore high top sneakers, his hair was pale sand from Greece`s beach. Boy of these boys wore hats on their heads. These boys acted so feminine that you would have thought they were gay.

This group looked very lost.

"Umm… Death-chan… are we lost?" the taller boy asked 'Death-chan' "`Cause if we are we can always go back to Sensei`s… heh."

"We aren't lost, Mick." She said

"Heh, heh! ~ "the other boy laughed "We`re lost! We`re lost! ~" he said it in a kind of sing song fashion.

"We are NOT lost, Pat!" the girl yelled angrily at 'Pat'.

The group turned into an ally and decided to split up and find help. 'Mick' went to the right, 'Pat' went to the left, and 'Death-chan' went straight ahead. This was not the best plan.


Our little perfect girl headed forward into the darkness of this ally and stumbled upon some 'friends'.

"Hey Kid, why are you dressed like that?" asked a boy with blue hair styled in a way that made him look kind of like a unicorn and his clothing looked like something from the anime 'Naruto' .

"Umm… I`m sorry I don't know what you mean." She responded

"Ah, come on. Quit the act, Kid." Said the accomplice with white hair. "We know you are not a girl. But good costume, if I didn't know you I would've thought you were a girl." He reached out laughing and grabbed her breast.

"KYAA!" she screamed a scream that could have been heard outside Death City. "Mick, Pat!" she ran off towards where Mick had headed. Tears welled up in her eyes. She collided with Mick.

-Mick POV-

I had a bad feeling about leaving Death-chan alone in a dark ally, but I went with it. Pat didn't seem to have a bad feeling about it. I went with it because she was my miester.

I wandered around until I heard her scream. "KYAA!" she screeched. "MICK, PAT!"

I ran to her, that feeling returning to my gut. We collided with each other. She had tears in her eyes and she was sobbing.

-End Mick POV-

Mick held her shoulders in his large hands. "Whoa. Death-chan, what happened? What`s wrong?" he asked her, pulling her into his chest.

She just panted and sobbed into his chest. Finally she spoke "A boy… touched my breast…' she sobbed some more.

Mick grabbed her petite shoulders in his hands "Where was he?" he asked protectively

She pointed in the direction of the two boys she met. Mick cradled her frail figure like a baby and he ran towards the boys.


The boys were still standing there.

"HEY!" Mick yelled at them "What did you do to my miester?"

"EH?" they said, gaping at them.

"Liz? Is that you? HAHA!" laughed the blue haired one.

"Black Star, don't be rude." Said the white haired one.

"But it`s so funny, Soul!" said 'Black Star'

Out of the shadows came a boy, who looked just like our 'Death-chan'.

"What is so funny?" he asked

"KID?" the boys said in unison. Our heroine looked up in astonishment.

The boy looked at her in shock. "Who… what are you?" he asked



Umm… hello… This is my first Soul Eater fic so be gentle please. Sorry this chapter is so short, I frown upon them. Here is where I shall clear some things up… so here it is. Anything else will be explained later on in the story. R&R but no flames please! ~ G-chi

My first Soul Eater fic

Mick - male Liz

Pat - male Patty

Death-chan – Female Kid

(;_;) – crying

(*o*)(O_O)(*o*) – Amazed, we are in trouble, amazed

(õ_ó) – What the…!