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Chapter 4: New Home for Death-Chan?

"Wait, so you are just going to take my specimens away from me?" Stein screamed at Lord Death

"Hmmm… Yesss… you could put it that way…" Lord Death said with a cock of his head

"WH-why…?" asked Stein

"We know you like to dissect interesting things, Stein-sensei." Said Kid

"Yeah… and I`m too attractive to dissect!" said Pink Star

"And I`m too cool…" said Sarah flipping her hair

"I frankly just don't want to be dissected…" said Masa, sweat dropping as he flipped a page in his book

"Agreed…" said Mick

"Same here…" said Tsubasa

"Me three! ~" cheered Pat

"Wouldn't it be 'me four'?" asked Sarah

"Agreed" said Death "But Mick, Pat and I are really going to live with Kid, Liz and Patty?" she asked

"Yes ~" said Lord Death "and I suggest you collect your things before you go." He added

"Alright…" she sighed

(_ _')

They all packed their belongings in the backpack they had for missions.

Masa packed up all his books and few items of clothing he owned; most of it was books though.

Sarah packed her clothes and shoes into her bag and a small pillow, that's all she had and all she needed.

Pink Star had lots of things she didn't need but she managed to stuff it all into one bag.

Tsubasa pack his bag and then began to help Pink Star.

Mick and Pat finished rather quickly and continued to speak to Liz and Patty.

Death packed her bag symmetrically with skirts on one side, dress shirts in the middle, jackets next to those then dresses, socks and finally shoes. On top were her hair bows and gloves.

"Ready?" Kid asked her.

"Yes…" she then realized they were the only ones left that needed to leave.

"Then let's go..." Kid said


"S-so s-so…" Death muttered

"So what, Death-chan?" asked Mick

"SO SYMMETRICAL! ~" she cheered as they approached Kid`s home. "Just as I expected from you, Death the Kid!" She looked at him with rosy cheeks and gleaming eyes with stars aglow floating around her.

"You are truly my double Death-chan! ~" he replied with the same stars aglow and rosy cheeks. He launched himself into her for a hug "Only my other self could respect such symmetry!"

"Just make out already! ~" said Patty with Pat laughing next to her

"Eh! Patty, do you not know what DNA is?" asked Liz with Mick next to her with wide eyes

"No, what is that?" asked Patty with Pat next to her with wondering eyes just like Patty

"It`s like… what makes us ourselves, us as individuals. But since we were doubled, they are the same people kind of." Explained Liz

"Eww! That would be gross! ~ Ha-ha!" laughed Patty

"Hey… are we going to go in or not?" asked Mick awkwardly

"Oh! Right… let`s go in." said Death

As they went inside the door way Death collapsed as soon as she went in

"Eh!? What`s wrong Death-chan?" asked Mick concerned

"It`s… it`s… so… PERFECT! ~" exclaimed Death-chan

Mick pulled an 'Excalibur Face' as Kid called it later on.

"HAHAHAHA! ~" Pat and Patty laughed in unison

Kid and Death wandered rosy cheeked and bright eyed, stars twinkling around them. They cheered stuff like "SYMMETRY! ~", "YOU ARE TRULY MY DOUBLE! ~"

Their 'smart' partners sighed while the childish partners laughed at their miesters "Is yours always like this?" asked Mick

Liz sighed "Yes… It gets annoying…" she pulled out some nail polish and began to paint her finger nails


-Death the Girl POV-

Kid`s house was absolutely brilliant! Kid`s home consisted of photos of skulls, candles each in line with each other and burned to the same height. Everything was in perfect symmetry until we went into another room.

"Here is the parlor room." Kid said, motion me to enter. It was perfect until I noticed something

"BRILLIANT! ~" I cheered "Wait…" I said with a wondering face "NO! THAT PICTURE FRAME IS LEANING!" I teared up and wailed

"WHAT?!" question Kid. He pulled out measuring tape and measured it "NOOO!" Kid cried

We wailed about it and Kid cried about being useless. Eventually the others came in and Mick got me up, but Liz was still trying to get Kid up.

"You just don't understand Liz. I`m a useless piece of garbage. I`m unfit to miester you two. I`m unfit to be a grim reaper." He cried to Liz

Liz sighed "Patty, a little help?"

"KAYY! ~" she cheered, then she readjusted herself and said "Get up you lazy bum. There are guests in this home. Get up!" she said it in a threatening way that scared me.

"Wah! Patty, you are so cruel!" he cried running out of the room.

Liz sighed again "Come on, I`ll show you to your rooms." She led us to our rooms. "Okay… Death-san your room is the third to the right, Mick`s is right across from yours and Pat`s is next door to Mick`s."

"Okay…" I said. It was awkwardly.

"There is no need to be awkward here! Personally I`m glad to have another girl in the house!" Liz said

"YEAH! ~" Patty said "You are really cool!"

"Thanks you guys…" I said, but I was still uncomfortable

"Well, see you at dinner." Liz said and we all went into our rooms.


I unpacked my stuff and looked around the room. It was extremely symmetrical and perfect. It was a big change from my home at Stein-sama`s lab.

There was a knock on the door and Kid came in.

"Hey." He said

"Umm… hi…" I said

"So… what do you think of the home?" he asked me

"It is perfect." I said

"That's good… well dinner will be ready soon." He said leaving

I could tell my stay was going to be awkward.

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