Chapter 6: How to survive the past

Abi's POV

It has been about two months since I came back from Costa Rica and in that time I've met my half-brother and sister and my long lost dad and my mum now knows everything and she was furious when she found out and I told her about it but apart from that I was raped and came back from Costa Rica and also I found out I was pregnant told the people I loved the most and then realised I was too young to have a baby so I aborted it which made me more upset than anything that I can think of.

I kept having nightmares it was horrible and when I woke up during the night I was so scared that he was going to come back for me the next day Jay just comforted me when I cried into his shoulder not knowing what to do.

That night I trusted him more than I did before I finally felt free and I was ready so we went all the way making sure that he didn't get me pregnant because it was the last thing I wanted I talked to Erin the next day and she smiled knowing what it was like going through something like that she told me that she knew how I felt about Jay and that was the same way she felt about Vlad it was like she never felt that way before when they kissed for the first time and how he found out she was a breather and stuff like that.

But when she told me how he found out she was a slayer and both of them were devastated she was devastated because he wasn't supposed to find out the way he found out and he was devastated because she was lying to him and she had already lied to him once, but then I realised something her and Vlad act so much like Jay and I that we could be related apart from Vlad being my half-brother and all that, like Erin could be my sister and Vlad could be Jay's brother.

Jay and I were talking on the swings with Vlad and Erin and yet again it was a miserable day so we went out because Vlad couldn't go out in the sunlight and also we were really bored so we went out and Jay was finished work so he was out already.

The next day I was in the house on my own so I decided to go to see Vlad and Erin because I had nothing else to do and we talked for hours until my mum came to the door and then I just hugged them goodbye and went home with my mum and had dinner.

Then when I was supposed to be in bed I was texting Jay and I didn't realise he text me back because I fell asleep and really could be bothered to get up the next day until about 12 o'clock in the afternoon.