"Want to make a stop in Massachusetts first? Before we head to Maine?" Lily asks Zack.

"Well ok then, think we have room for Sarah right?" Zack replies.

"Yeah probably, You wolves wouldn't mind a little extra company right?" Lily questions.

"No not at all, Sarah a girlfriend of yours Zack?" I ask Zack.

"Yeah, she is and you and Kate together remind me of me and Sarah." Zack says remembering his last date with Sarah before going to Maine.

"Zack, why don't you go start the van while I get the wolves situated." Lily suggests so she can get the wolves into the van.

"Oh fine do I have to!" Zack complains.

"Yes you do, your being retarded right now and I'll send you home." Lily commands.

"Ok, I get it Lily!" Zack says as he walks towards the van.

"Hey Jacob, Why don't you start the van instead." Zack asks Jacob.

"Eh." is Jacob's short and lazy reply. As zack threw the keys to Jacob, he misses the keys and began fumbling with the keys when he picked them up. Jacob wondered with curiosity what these little buttons on the keys would do. The car alarm began to go off.

"Zack what did you do!" Lily shouts towards the direction of the van.

"Hm a lot of things." is Zack's reply.

"Jacob!" Zack yells at Jacob.

"But woah, woah woah! You threw the keys at me what did you expect me to do?" Jacob asks.

"You had to do that!" Zack says.

"But look at this little button." Jacob answers.

"Jacob don't you to-" Lily was about to say before the alarm went off all over again.

"But, but it's so much fun! Watch." Jacob answers trying to persuade Zack and Lily that he didn't set off the car alarm.

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