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Yukon Corridors

Chief O'Brien continued to wander around the corridors of the Yukon. He looked at some of the more interesting areas of the ship such as several of the gyms, the botanical gardens, and even a special room that could hold plays, dances, and even meetings for several distinguished guests.

As Miles got past one of the transporter rooms which took him back on his days on the Enterprise, he met ways with the other O'Brien.

The chief looked at the captain, gazing at him and wondering what was going on. "Can I help you, sir?"

The captain didn't like the other O'Brien calling him "sir". It felt odd and strange at the same time. If he was the chief petty officer and the other person the captain, he wouldn't be so sure if he would to address the other O'Brien as "sir". However, he did realize all these years of being an actual officer that he was accustomed to that just like how the other O'Brien was accustomed to addressing everyone who was an officer "sir".

The captain shook his head. "You don't have to call me sir. Anyway Miles, come with me."

The chief and the captain walked together through the corridor, passing other officers, crewmen, and some civilians.

"I understand that you ran into my son a little while ago."

"Yes, I did," the chief answered.

"I'm curious, did you find me having a half human and half Cardassian son strange since you're from another universe where Cardassians aren't on friendly terms with you?"

The chief paused and thought about the question, trying to find an appropriate answer. "A little, but in this universe things are different."

"Come with me."

Captain's Quarters

The two men made their way to a pair of doors right outside. Captain O'Brien pushed a button on the panel on the wall and the doors opened.

"Come in please," the captain said of the other O'Brien.

The two men walked into the quarters of the captain.

"These are my quarters," the captain smiled.

Chief O'Brien wasn't sure why he was here, but knew the other O'Brien brought him down here for something.

"Sweetie," the captain called out. Suddenly a Cardassian woman walked in. She looked at the captain and then back at the chief.

The woman was shocked before she started to speak. "I heard about this other O'Brien."

The chief looked at the woman. The woman looked familiar to him but he couldn't put his finger on it. He smiled at the woman and extended his hand to her. "Chief Miles O'Brien. It's nice to meet you Mrs. O'Brien."

The lady shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you too. My name is Gilora." She smiled at him.

Of course! That's it,O'Brien thought to himself. This was the same woman who came aboard the station last year to establish a subspace relay to communicate with the Gamma Quadrant. It was the first joint operation between the Bajorans and the Cardassians.

Gilora still looked the same, even if this was a different counterpart than the other one the chief had met last year in his universe. She still had her hair short like all Cardassian woman. Her eyes were still a light shade of blue, almost silverfish in color, and she still had the same nice smile. Out of all the Cardassians he had ever met, she wasn't half bad O'Brien admitted to himself.

The other Gilora Rejal and he had butted heads when they were working together. The irritation and confrontation led to a misunderstanding where Gilora thought he was trying to attract her to become his mate. It wasn't the case since he was married, but she apologized and later kissed him before she departed.

"Honey, are the kids here?" Miles asked his wife.


"Kids, come here please," Miles said.

Several seconds later, three children, half Cardassian and half human, came walking out.

"Daddy!" Adrexa said as he came over to hug his father. "I missed you!"

The captain gave his son a tight hug. "I missed you too, partner." He let go of his son and saw his other children.

"That's the man I saw earlier," Adrexa said as he pointed to Chief O'Brien.

"What's going on here?" Michelle, the oldest child said.

Captain O'Brien explained the situation to his children. The children did not fully grasp of what their father had said to them, but acknowledged the man nevertheless.

"I would like you to meet my children," the captain said. "This is my oldest, Michelle. She just turned thirteen a few months ago."

Chief O'Brien looked at the girl. She looked like her mom and dad. No doubt she was at the beginning stages of becoming a beautiful woman.

"It's nice to meet you sir," Michelle smiled at the chief.

"Next is Adrexa, who you already met. He's eight years old and loves to get into all kinds of trouble," the captain said, smiling at the boy.

"Dad," Adrexa grumbled.

O'Brien looked at the boy. He actually looked a lot like his father, or even himself.

"And last but not least my other daughter who is six and a half, Shraya, who is named after Gilora's mother.

"Hi," little Shraya said.

The chief kneeled down and shook the little girl's hand. "You know, I got a daughter around your age back where I come from. She kind of looks like you in the face."

The captain looked at his children. "Guys, why don't you all go run along and visit the gardens. I heard they just got some new plants from Vulcan."

The children did as they were told and left.

Gilora looked at the chief. "Please, sit down."

Both men sat down in respective chairs. Gilora offered the chief something to eat or drink, but the chief declined.

Gilora sat rat next to her husband. "So, you said you had a daughter around Shraya's age. What's her name?"

"Molly," O'Brien replied. "My wife had her when I was trapped on the bridge of the previous starship I served on."

O'Brien recalled in his mind about the Enterprise hitting the quantum filament and Keiko giving birth to Molly in Ten-Forward under the care of Mister Worf.

Gilora smiled. "I bet she's a cutie-pie." She paused and continued. "When Miles and I first met and locked eyes on one another, I knew I wanted to have his children. Sorry if that sounds weird to you."

Miles shook his head. "Oh no, not at all. That's the sign you two were meant to be together."

"So Miles, what's your wife's name, if I may ask?" Gilora wanted to know.

"Her name is Keiko. She's a botanist. I first met her in my fourth year of serving on the Enterprise D. We were married and a year later she had our daughter," Miles explained. "She's a great woman, strong minded, smart, and kind. She's been away doing research along with my daughter."

"I bet you miss them," Gilora said.

This Gilora seemed more down to earth than the other Gilora he had met last year, O'Brien thought. "I do, but Keiko wanted to feel needed besides being by my side. She enjoys her time looking at new plants for what she's doing. But she's due back pretty soon. I can't wait to see her and Molly."

The chief decided to start asking the questions. "So, how did you two meet?"

Captain O'Brien tried to recall to himself for a second. "Well, I had graduated Starfleet Academy in 2351, then I was assigned at an outpost for several months near the Ferengi border. I was assigned to work with several people on a project and one of them happened to be Gilora here," he said as smiled at his wife.

He continued. "We worked well together and I asked her out on a date. She naturally said yes because all women can't resist the O'Brien charm!"

Gilora laughed out loud and looked at her husband. "The O'Brien charm? Geez dear, you come up with some corny dialogue."

She playfully threw a pillow at her husband. Chief O'Brien couldn't help but snicker at the two. It was obvious these two were really in love with each other.

Captain O'Brien gave his wife a sly look, quickly moving his eyebrows up and down at her, and then continuing the story. "After several dates, we started to see each other more and more. I realized I loved this woman and wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. Gilora's the best thing that ever happened to me."

Gilora smiled and held her husband's hand, giving her husband affection.

O'Brien continued. "We were married a year later. She followed me as My assignment ended and I was assigned to starship duty. I quickly rose up in the ranks, but I also focused on her. We had Michelle in 2359, then the two others. No matter what kind of a day I've had, I know I can always come home to a great wife and three wonderful children."

Gilora gave her husband a kiss on the cheek. "That's the best story I've ever heard, and it just keeps on getting better and better with age."

Captain O'Brien looked at his counterpart. "So that's basically the story of us, two crazy nuts!"

"It looks like you to have a great relationship going on," the chief said. "Believe or not, I actually ran into a Gilora Rejal from my universe."

"Really?" Gilora was interested. "What was she like? How did you two meet?"

"She and two others came on board last year to send a subspace relay to the Gamma Quadrant. Gilora and I were assigned to work together. We kept on arguing and arguing all the time we worked together. She actually thought I wanted to be with her because of the arguing we were doing together, but I had to explain to her that I was married and had a child. It was awkward, but we got over it."

"Do you know what happed to the Gilora Rejal in your universe?" Gilora wondered.

O'Brien shook his head. "I don't have a clue. But I hope she's doing okay."

The com channel came on.

"Garak to Captain O'Brien."

Captain O'Brien clicked on his communicator. "Go ahead commander."

"We just reached the designated coordinates."

"I'm on my way to the bridge," O'Brien said as he clicked his communicator. He looked at his wife. "We're about to go into a dangerous mission. I should had offloaded you, the kids, and the other civilians."

Gilora stood up with her husband and rubbed his chest. "We've been in rough spots before. You'll get us out. You always do," she smiled. The two of them kissed.

Captain O'Brien looked at his counterpart. "I got to go to the bridge. You can continue to talk to Gilora if you like." He then left their quarters.

Gilora looked at the other O'Brien. "I wonder what sort of mission he was assigned to this time?"

Chief O'Brien did not have the answer. He wanted to do something to keep his mind occupied. He suddenly remembered the runabout he was on. He could go there and help repair it.

He thanked Gilora for her hospitality and left.