A man with almost familiar features walked into the sheriff station and with his cowboy boots and denim jacket,Audrey nearly took him as a was his awkward pause at the doorway which caught her attention.

'hi can I help you…you seem lost?'

'morning ma'am I'M Jeff and you are?'

With a handshake Audrey tried to gauge this man's character as she did with most people,physical contact always helped in empathising with someone in 'trouble'.

'oh Im sorry I'm officer Audrey Parker''so far she didn't find this man a threat so she added 'its nice to meet you,Jeff,its just that we don't get a lot of tourists around here at this time'

'its nice to meet you too ma'am and if it were but for a holiday I would indeed be too early for the fishing but Im afraid it's strictly business as to why I am here'

'oh well then I'd be glad to help you with that'

Before Audrey could inquire any further Nathan blew like a storm into the station.

'hey officer Turner,is that report on last week's landslide ready yet?'

'I'll have it on your desk within the hour Chief' what they didn't voice was the fact that that particular landslide was caused by someone exercising their telekinesis did they know how powerful their 'Trouble' was and how it would cause a three car pile up.

Audrey smiled at Nathan in all his honour and took satisfaction in the fact that he was finally accepting his duty.

He walked toward her eyeing the stranger suspiciously as people in a small town where there are rarely any visitors do.

'hey Audrey what's going on here?'

'Hi,Nathan this is Jeff,he's here on business'

'Im the Chief here Mr…..'

'Hanson the names Jeff Hanson,nice to meet you sir and may I say what a fine pleasure it is to meet you under such circumstances'

'where have I heard that name before…'

Audrey was caught up in how distinctly familiar in physical features both men were.

'well it was the name my daddy gave to me and I had supposed it's the name he gave to you too,brother'

Nathan brought the conversation to a more appropriate location:his office while still reeling from this strange man's statement.

'are you telling me that you are the son of Chief Wuornos?'

'lord no,who's this Chief daddy's name was Max Hanson'

And then the pin dropped to the floor which made a lot more noise than previously believed but then again this was Haven and that wasn't out of the ordinary.