A/N: Just a bit of fluff and family while I research their next case. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Emily smiles as JJ walks into the hospital room with her go bag.

"Morning, Sweetheart. Did you sleep okay?" JJ asks, scanning her wife's face and body to make sure she was really okay.

Emily shrugs. "As okay as I could be not in your arms."

JJ's heart skips a beat at the honesty of that response. She walks over to the bed and pulls Emily into a hug and kiss. When the kiss ends, JJ stares into brown eyes she could get lost in forever.

"I love you so much, Emily. I don't know what I'd done if…I just love you so much."

Emily strokes a hand down JJ's face, staring deep into her wife's eyes. She wants JJ to feel these words, not just hear them. "I knew you'd come for me. Never doubted it for a minute."

The two are sharing another kiss when the doctor on call enters the room. He chuckles.

"I hope you know this woman, Agent Prentiss. Otherwise I may have to talk to the staff about the training for our volunteers."

Emily and JJ laugh. "You mean this isn't the way the check temperatures here? Then what about those three women overnight?" Emily asks, pretending to be confused.

JJ slaps her arm lightly. Emily still winces as JJ connects with a bruise. JJ's gasps, stricken. "Oh, sweetie! I am so sorry! Wasn't thinking!"

Emily just raises an eyebrow. "Right. I'll remember this, Mrs. Prentiss."

The doctor can't help but smile at the interaction between the two women. He hands JJ some papers. "I should probably give these to you. I know most law enforcement officers are less likely to follow instructions unless their spouse stays on their butts."

"You got that right," JJ agrees. Emily just glares at her.

"On the bright side, she doesn't have many restrictions. She was dehydrated but I think we've got that on track now."

"Will she need any follow ups for the ribs?"

"I don't think so. She should be—"

"Uh, hey, guys? I'm right here. You can talk to me, Doc," Emily gripes.

He chuckles. "My apologies, Agent Prentiss. What you need to do is listen to your wife."

JJ laughs as Emily stares dumbfounded. "I like you, Doc. Can you be our regular physician?" JJ asks.

He winks at JJ. "Her ribs should be fine in a week or so as long as they don't receive any more trauma. No restrictions other than what she's able to do without pain." He finally turns to Emily. "You are going to be fine, Agent Prentiss. I've seen others come in with similar injuries and they are laid up for a while. Your physical and mental fitness level served you well."

"Thank you, Doctor," she says sincerely.

"As soon as you're ready to go, you can leave. Good day, Agents."

As the doctor leaves, JJ turns back to Emily. Emily is looking at her with a raised eyebrow. "Don't think I won't forget this whole conversation, not to mention your assault on me, Mrs. Prentiss."

JJ chuckles. "Assault? I bumped your bruise and you call it assault?"

Emily shrugs a twinkle in her eyes. "Only because it will be easier to make you feel guilty about it."

Emily hops out of bed and starts to get dressed. She then takes a good look at what JJ's wearing: jeans, wool socks, warm boots, three layers of clothes under a Redskins jersey, Redskin's scarf hanging around her neck and her "lucky" Redskins earrings.

"You're in your game outfit. Are you going to the game later today?"

"Yep. In fact, Morgan's picking me up here."

"He is? So you're actually going to let me drive myself home?"

JJ blushes and looks away. "Ummm…not exactly."

Emily looks at her suspiciously. "What does—"

"Right down this way, Ambassador Prentiss," is heard from the hallway.

"Oh, Jen, you didn't…"

JJ shrugs. "She insisted."

"Tell me you drove her here. Please just tell me that."

"Um…not exactly," JJ answers again.

The door to the room is opened and an orderly pushes in a wheelchair. He is followed by Elizabeth, who holds Henry. Emily's face lights up as she sees her son in his Redskins sweat suit.

"Hey, Champ! I see Mommy's got you all decked out for game day!" He giggles and waves both hands towards her. She takes him and gives him bunches of kisses as he laughs. She looks at the orderly. "I don't need the wheelchair, buddy."

"Em, you know it's hospital policy," JJ scolds.

"But, Jen, I'm fine!"

"And you know Henry will love the ride," Elizabeth points out.

"Fine. You get in and ride with him. I'm not going out of here in a wheelchair to a limo. I can only take so much embarrassment in one morning," Emily states emphatically.

JJ walks over to Emily and whispers something in her ear. Emily's face flushes and the orderly and Elizabeth see the brown eyes get darker…with desire.

Emily slowly turns and looks at JJ. "Seriously?" she whispers. JJ just nods, a sly look on her face. Emily walks over and sits down in the wheelchair. "Well, let's get this show on the road."

Elizabeth looks like she's about to ask JJ what was said but the hungry look on the blonde's face tells the ambassador it's probably best not to know. She just laughs and shakes her head. The group heads out to find Morgan waiting by the limo. He smiles at Emily.

"How did I know this was for you, Princess?"

"Morgan, if you don't want me to embarrass you in our next drill you'll stop now," Emily warns.

He just laughs at her. He pats her on the shoulder. "Just glad you're okay, Prentiss."

She smiles up at him. "Me, too. How's Pen doing?"

"She's going to be okay. She kept her head in there and did what she needed to do to survive. And she's got Kevin to remind her of all that when it gets tough."

"Good. Well, you two better get going. Heaven forbid Jen miss several hours of pregame," Emily teases.

Morgan laughs as JJ goes to slap Emily then stops. "What's the matter, Blondie? Scared she'll retaliate?"

"Heck no! She's covered in bruises and I'm scared I'll pop another one again."

Emily smiles proudly. "Hmm…these may be kinda handy to have around. Might need to make them permanent."

"Don't push your luck, Prentiss," JJ warns.

Emily stands, Henry in her arms. "Let's say bye to Mommy, Champ."

JJ gives them both a hug and kiss, then heads off with Morgan. Emily gets Henry settled in his car seat and settles herself in the limo. She looks at her mother.

"Have you ever considered learning to drive?" she asks curiously.

"Oh, Emily, darling I can drive. I just prefer not to."

Emily's jaw drops open. "Oh you little sneak." Elizabeth smiles proudly as the limo heads for the Prentiss condo.

At halftime, JJ decides to call and check on Emily. Morgan stands nearby listening in.

"Hey, baby. Just wanted to se what you're doing. I knowyou're not watching the game," she teases. She listens a minute. "Really? There's a documentary about your parents on TV?"

Morgan raises his eyebrows. Everyone knew the Prentiss' were big in the political world but he hadn't realized how big. He watches as JJ pinches the bridge of her nose in frustration. When she speaks her voice is frustrated.

"Emily, your parents aren't pod people and 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' is not a documentary on their life."

Morgan has to lean against the wall he is laughing so hard. JJ just shakes her head. "Emily, be nice. Otherwise what I promised at the hospital this morning will not be happening. Understand?" She waits. "Good. Give Henry a kiss for me and say hello to Gerald for me. Love you, sweetheart…even when you're being a twit." She listens a second and chuckles. "Right. Bye, sweetheart."

She hangs up and looks at Morgan. "I swear she can be such a pill sometimes."

He nods in agreement. "True. But you love her anyway."

JJ grins, love making her eyes sparkle. "Yes, I do."

"When did her dad get into town?"

They start to make their way back to their seats for the second half. "This morning. Elizabeth called him yesterday so he decided to come into town early to really make sure Emily is okay."

"So she's really getting along with her parents again?"

JJ nods. "Yeah. It's incredible. I think she's still not sure what it all means, hence the 'pod people' insistence. It scares her a bit."

"I bet. It probably makes her a bit unsettled. And if there's one thing I know about Emily Prentiss she does notlike to be unsettled."

JJ laughs. "Wow, you are one hell of a profiler to have picked up on that," she teases.

"Watch it, Blondie," he jokes back.

They get settled in for the second half of the game, their teasing put aside to cheer on the Redskins…in another disappointing loss.