Saturday morning the women decide to take a jog through a nearby park. The weather was unseasonably warm but still cold enough to keep them from overheating. As they pass a field full of kids playing a pick-up soccer game, JJ comes to stop. Emily jogs a few steps before realizing her wife is no longer with her. She stops and turns to JJ.

"I know it's been a while, Jen, but to benefit from the jog you have to keep jogging," she teases.

JJ slides a look at her wife. "I was just watching these kids and thinking about Henry someday playing. I really hope he loves it as much as I do."

Emily smiles. "Jen, he's going to be brainwashed into loving it. How many soccer decorated items are in his room, not to mention in his dresser? If he doesn't like it I'll be surprised."

JJ sighs in happiness. "Yeah, true."

Just then a ball gets away from the kids. JJ takes a couple quick side-steps and traps it with her foot. She flicks up with her toe, juggling it between her knees and ankles a few times, then up to her head, which she uses to bump it up high in the air. As it comes back down she executes a perfect defensive sidekick, sending it back to the group of kids. They gape at JJ a moment then erupt into cheers. JJ takes a bow.

Emily chuckles as they start to jog again. "Show off."

"Yep. But damn that was fun," JJ says with a beautiful, elated smile.

They run about 10 more minutes when JJ's phone rings. Unfortunately, it's the ring tone she uses for calls coming from Quantico. She steps off the jogging trail to answer.

"Jareau." She listens a second. "Okay, put him through." She waits a second. "This is Agent Jareau. How can I help you, sir?" She listens, every once in a while making a sound of agreement. She pinches the bridge of her nose. "Yes, sir, it does sound like something that our unit will need to look into. Can you fax me the information you have? Good. As it's the holiday, a couple members of our unit are visiting family. We may not be able to get everyone out there until Monday. As soon as I know for sure, I will call you." She listens another second. "Yes, sir, I understand. If he's on a spree we need to get there sooner rather than later. I'll be in touch soon, sir. Thank you."

JJ disconnects and looks at Emily. "Spree killer in Seattle. Captain Max Abry is faxing the information to my office. I'm going to need to go in for a little while."

"Think I should get our go bags ready for a trip to Seattle?"

"If he's right, we'll be leaving Monday morning first thing. It may be easier for Reid to just meet us out there since he's out west already. I need to head into the office to see what we've got and call Hotch." The two start to head back towards the condo.

"Want some help?"

"No need for you to ruin your Saturday, too."

"Jen, any time spent with you is not ruined," Emily answers candidly.

JJ's heart skips a beat. "You are so fucking smooth, Mrs. Prentiss. And without even trying."

Emily blushes. "That did kinda sound like a line, didn't it."

"A little. But since I know that's not your style I know your cheesy lines are all from the heart."

Emily stops walking, thinking about that statement. "You know, I'm not sure if I should be offended by that or not, Mrs. Prentiss."

JJ just grins and winks.

Two hours later, JJ finishes reading the last report she had been sent. She collects the papers together and places them on her fax machine, sending them out to Hotch's home fax. As they are transmitting, she calls Hotch.

"JJ, it's the Saturday of a holiday weekend. Why am I getting a fax from you?" He asks as he answers.

"Spree killer in Seattle. I think we need to plan to leave first thing Monday morning. And, Hotch, it may be better for someone else to be the direct liaison with the lead detectives instead of me or you."


"You'll see."

She waits as Hotch scans the first page. She hears his intake of breath. "I see. Okay, I'll tell Rossi he's the one that gets to make nice with them."

"Good. Based on what Captain Abry told me this morning I don't think he's told them he's called us in. Things cold get ugly, Hotch."

"JJ, we're there to stop a murderer. That's all." He pauses. "Uh, you and she weren't, um…"

"No!" She answers almost too quickly. She blushes even though he can't see her face. "I mean…almost…but not really." She takes a deep breath. "It's…complicated. I told her I didn't date co-workers."

"Ah. Glad to see you're flexible with your own rules," he kids her.

JJ chuckles. "Yeah, to say the least. So, want me to go ahead and order the jet?"

She hears him flipping through the pages she has sent. He finally sighs. "Yes. We'll leave at 7 a.m. Call Reid and tell him to just rebook his flight home and meet us out there."


"And, JJ? Everything will be okay."

She smiles. "I know. It's just going to be a bit awkward at first. But we have a killer to stop and lives to save. That should be all that matters."

"Right. See you Monday."

"Bye, Hotch."

Emily was finishing packing two go bags when there is a knock on the door. Emily turns off the TV and heads to the door. When she looks out the peephole she sees her mother and father standing there. She opens the door, smiling.

"Hi! What brings you two here?"

Gerald smiles. "We have a surprise for you and Jennifer."

"Oh. Well, it's just me right now. Jen had to go into the office but she should be home any minute. We have a case in Seattle on Monday."

"Then this is perfect timing," her mother says.

Emily narrows her eyes as she studies her parents' faces. "Okay. What's going on here? You two look…suspicious."

"Stop profiling us, Emily," her mother tells her. "We brought you two a surprise but I guess you're just going to have to tell Jennifer later if she doesn't show up soon."

"A surprise?" Emily looks and sounds doubtful. "Why do I have an uneasy feeling about this?"

"Because you're an FBI profiler and suspicious by nature. Now close your eyes," her father orders her.

Emily looks from one parent to the other but finally closes her eyes. After a moment she smells a perfume that stirs a memory from her childhood. Suddenly a kiss is placed on her cheek. Her eyes fly open.

"Francesca!" Emily squeals.

Her parents smile as their daughter is engulfed in a hug by the nanny she'd had as a child in Italy. In fact, the same nanny that had sung her the song she now sings to Henry. As the hug ends, Emily studies the woman. Though 30+ years older now, she is still a beautiful woman and her eyes are still kind. Emily looks at her parents and then back to Francesca.

"Come in! Are you here visiting the U.S.?" Emily asks, leading everyone to the sitting area.

"Not exactly, little one," Francesca answers, making Emily blush at the endearment especially considering Emily is at least 6" taller than the caregiver. "My granddaughter is a student at the University of Maryland. Her father, my son, he has passed on. She is all I have now."

"I am so sorry," Emily says sympathetically, squeezing her hand in support.

"So when you mother mentioned you needed a nanny, I thought I should come and, as they say in America, throw my hat into the ring, yes?"

Emily's jaw hits the ground. She slowly turns and glares at Elizabeth. "Mo-ther," she says warningly.

Francesca pats Emily's arm. "Emily, do not use that tone with your mother. She is trying to help us both. But I know the decision is not hers and not yours. You have your Jennifer that must be also confided in. I understand this," the nanny explains.

Emily opens her mouth to speak, very uncomfortable and very unhappy with her parents for putting her in this position. "Francesca, it's not just Jennifer. It's…I mean…we have such a small place here. We aren't really set up just yet for a nanny."

"Well, Emily, the condo next door is available. Francesca could live there until you get a house," Gerald suggests.

"It's not that simple, Dad. It took me 2 applications and 6 months to get approved to live in this place. There's no way I can just get the apartment next door," Emily tells him.

He frowns at her. "Two applications?" He turns to Elizabeth. "Why would she apply to live in her own building?"

Elizabeth shrugs. "I don't know. I—"

"WHOA! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Emily gets up and starts to pace. "What the hell do you mean 'her own building'?"

Elizabeth chuckles. "Really, Emily, do you ever read any of the information your lawyer has you sign?"

"I…I try." Emily knows a lot of time she just signs things that deal with the Prentiss trusts and businesses. "What the hell, Mother?"

"Emily, this building has been in your mother's family for decades. She transferred it to you when you got your master's at Georgetown," her father explains.

Emily just shakes her head. Now she knows how JJ must have felt when they discussed the French villa. She rubs her face…and finally starts to laugh. "So you're saying, they rejected me from living in my own building? And when the management company got on me the one time the rent was late, they were really getting mad that I didn't pay myself? Too fucking incredible."

She is still in a state of shock when JJ arrives home. She smiles at her in-laws. "Elizabeth, Gerald, hello."

"Hi, Jennifer," Elizabeth says, standing to give JJ a hug. "Jennifer, I'd like you to meet Francesca. She was Emily's nanny in Italy."

JJ smiles, not noticing her wife's manic mood. "Italy? It must be your lullaby that Emily sings Henry! It is so good to meet you!"

"It is good to meet you, too, Jennifer."

"Oh, and, Jen," Emily interrupts, "Francesca is going to be our nanny and she'll live in the condo next door until we find a house because it turns out we own this building and can do whatever the heck we want. And now I leave you to deal with the circus. Excuse me."

JJ just stares at Emily as the brunette marches up the stairs. The blonde slowly turns and looks at the others in the room. "Um, what the heck is she talking about?"

Gerald stands. "Allow me to explain, Jennifer." He re-introduces Francesca and explains about her granddaughter. He stresses that they understand JJ must have a say in any nanny hired and they expect Francesca will have to go through the same application process as other prospects. He then tells her about the building and how it was a gift to Emily when she got her master's.

"But at the time," Elizabeth interjects, "we weren't exactly on speaking terms so she may not have noticed when the lawyers had her sign the transfer documents and I certainly didn't tell her. I know it wasn't right for me to handle things the way I did but we were both stubborn women. I'd like to think we're getting better."

JJ lets out a breath. "Wow. What a weekend this has been." She gestures towards the stairs. "I'm going to go check on Emily. Feel free to make yourselves at home. I'll be right back."

She makes her way upstairs. She walks into her bedroom but her wife is not in there. JJ turns and makes her way to the nursery. She finds Emily in the rocking chair hugging one of Henry's stuffed toys. Looking out the window, she appears ashamed and it breaks JJ's heart. She kneels down in front of Emily.

"Honey, I know they have completely freaked you out with everything they just dropped on you. But don't pull away from me. Stop building those walls I see you erecting. Please," she asks softly.

Emily finally turns her head enough to look into JJ's eyes. "I'm sorry, Jen. I didn't mean for them to do this to us."

JJ smiles. "I know that, sweetheart. In their own way, they are trying to help with the nanny situation. As to the building, your mother just admitted to me she never told you about it because you all weren't on speaking terms at the time. Out of curiosity, how did you come to apply to live here?"

Emily smiles slightly, her face becoming distant at the memory. "We lived here for about a year when I was 10. Before Egypt. My mother was between assignments so she was just here to support my father. She and I actually had…had fun together." Emily's smile fades. "And then she was reassigned to Egypt and life went on as it had before. I was back to being an object just paraded out when it suited them." Emily finally focuses again on JJ. "I guess I wanted to live here because it was the only place in my life that ever felt like a real home with real parents." She looks away again. "Dumb, huh?"

JJ smiles and cradles Emily's cheek. "No, Emily. Not dumb. Very sweet. Now, about Francesca…"

Emily crumbles a bit. "Jen, I am so sorry. I swear I—"

"Stop, Em." JJ stares into her wife's eyes, making sure she can see the truth. "Her care helped make you who you are. The lullaby she sang to you has become one of the greatest comforts in my son's life. Something tells me she's at least worth considering."

Emily smiles a little. "Really?"

JJ nods. "Really."

"She was a great nanny, Jen. She taught me so much. I really missed her when we moved here. But I know we have a lot to discuss before we make any decisions."

"True. But at least you now know how you parents are able to get in here when we're not around."

"Right." Emily gets an evil glint in her eyes. "I think it's time to order new locks for the entire building."

JJ laughs, glad to see her wife back on even footing. "Come on, let's go back downstairs. I'm hoping Francesca can tell me many wonderful, funny, embarrassing stories of young Emily Prentiss."

Emily had started to stand, then stops. "Uh…suddenly this is not sounding like a good idea after all."

JJ just chuckles and pulls Emily to her feet. "I love you, Emily."

"I love you, too, Jen. And I am really, really sorry about my parents."

"No need to be."

"Sure there is. I mean, if the pod people hadn't taken them they wouldn't be interfering so much in our lives."

JJ smacks Emily's arm. "They are not pod people!"

"Right…I forgot you were one, too."

Emily ducks away from the next slap, instead grabbing JJ's arm and pulling her close. "I really do love you, Jennifer Prentiss. I know whatever insanity is thrown at us, either on the job or in our personal life, we can get through it together. And nothing has ever made me feel safer."

Emily leans down and gives JJ a deep, heartfelt kiss. JJ returns it with equal emotion. When it ends, JJ entwines her fingers with Emily's. "Come on. Let's go talk to Henry's new nanny."

"Jen, I—"

JJ lays a hand over Emily's mouth. "I know you and I like what I see. I know she helped create the person you are. I can't think of a better resume than you."

Emily's heart swells. She pulls JJ into a hug. "Sometimes you say things that just knock me out."

"You do the same to me. I guess that means we're perfect for each other."

"Brilliant conclusion, Agent Jareau."

"Thank you, Agent Prentiss."

The two head downstairs to speak some more with the Prentiss' and Francesca, putting off for another day the thoughts of murder and mayhem in Seattle.

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