Daryl Reflects on Trinity and their developing "relationship". Daryl POV. Please read "Speaking to the Dead" first.

I'm doing some one shots from Trinity and Daryl's points of view to help with my first person prospective. I normally don't write in first person and I'm trying to get better at it. Since I've hit a mind block with "Speaking to the Dead" I thought that this might be a good way to get the creativity flowing again.

Rated M for Daryl like thinking.

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Six Feet Under & Still Breathing

I aint stupid. Know I aint her type. Her type is probably a stuck up yankee with some fancy college education. Clean shaven, great skin, straight nose and no tan. I think he would wear a suit all the time, all clean and shit. He probably treats her right too. Probably brings her jewelry and flowers. Not dead squirrels. Probably don't yell at her neither.

That'd be what I imagine her with. It aint sittin wit me watchin Merle pick up some crazy chick in a bar or playing x-box ta violently. Nah, she's all in fine cloths from those nice stores that women folk shop at up north. She'd be sittin in a fancy restaurant where they talk ta ya for hours about the wine and booze. She'd look mighty out of place on my old couch or in the bed of my truck.

But all the same; it's hard not ta watch her as she moves around camp, hips swaying like they always do. I know it aint right to be watchin' her like this, like some kinda weird stalker in the bushes. But I think she knows that I do it; there aint no other reason fer her ta move that way. It's the way that makes me wanna push her up against a tree and fuck her quick thinkin' brain inta mush. Um hum, that's just what I wanna do.

I lick my lips, watchin her from the corner of my eyes as she bends down ta soak a bucket of mushrooms. The jeans she wearing stretch across that perfect lil' ass of hers as she crouches. What I would give ta sink my teeth inta that ass. I wonder what kinda noises she makes. I bet they're awesome. I bet she shivers too, like she does when I stand ta close ta her and breathe up against her. I love when she shivers like that. Makes me feel powerful. Makes me feel like a man.

She tosses her hair over her shoulder, all curls and shine in the hot sun. I know that I aint being sneaky now. I'm starring straight at her. I can see a single bead of sweat runnin' down her long neck. Oh good lord. I forgot she aint used ta this kinda heat. I know it's weird but I wanna lick her whole body off, from her calloused feet ta her little fingers that like ta tease me when she's playin wit my hair.

I can feel myself gettin hard as I think about it. "Fuck." I mutter ta myself.

It's not as quiet as I think it is and she looks up at me over her shoulder. Damn her green eyes. I fuckin love green eyes in a chick. So fucking hot. Her eyes 'r like the woods after it rains, all deep and dark. Just like the woods, they have a still sense about them that has the promise of springing inta motion.

I mentally scolded myself, trying to think of dead puppies and flies on carcasses to lose my hard on, seeing her walking over ta me. I shifted so that I was hiding it as she comes over, that ever present sway in her hips.

"Hey Daryl."

Yeah, say my name girl, fucking scream it. "Hey darlin." I muttered back, all southern charm wit her. I know that gets ta her. Maybe she just aint used ta southern men no more or maybe it's just me.

Her full pink lips smile at me, all affection. I don't know why she likes me so much, but I aint gunna question when a pretty girl looks at me like that. "Wanna come with me to cool off?" She asks me.

Fuck, her voice is like lace. I see that little bead of sweat sitting in the hallow of her throat. Be cool, Daryl, be cool. I try not ta jump up, giving away just how much I wanna be caught in the lake wit her again.

That first time was so much fun, and a turn on at the same time. She fought with me wit such recklessness and strength, dunkin' me and letting me catch her. Pickin up her body and tossing it over my shoulder just made me wanna carry her out of the lake and onto the shore. I would have mounted her there with everyone watchin. Don't matter ta me if Carol and the kids saw it.

"Sure, wouldn't want ya getting yerself in trouble. Give me a few an' I'll be down." I need a minute to continue thinking about dead puppy's before I can walk.

She's always getting in trouble and I love it. Again, she makes me feel like a man. She don't need protectin but I like doing it. Just hope she don't get any more reckless. She gives me a little nod and than lets me watch her walk away, ll hips and sweet athletic ass. It does nothing for my hard on relief, most of all when she looks over that pretty little shoulder o' hers an' smiles at me.

Fuck her smile, fuck her pretty little mouth…my balls hum at the idea of it. Protectin the girl is one thing. I can protect her from walkers. I can protect her from Ed and Shane. But aint gunna be able to protect her from my dick forever. I been seein how the other men in camp look at her. Like I said, she's hard not ta look at. But I hate them for doin it. She wants me ta look at her. Wouldn't talk ta me so much if she didn't. Gotta get down ta the lake and make sure those perverts aint in the bushs.

I get up and move my hips so that my hard on if fallin down my pant leg. Maybe the cold water'll calm it down but with her in there I doubt it.