So I had a fan of Speaking to the Dead ask me to write a little something about Trinity and Daryl meeting before the outbreak. It really has nothing to do with the actual story but its cute and I think you all will like it!

Sliding Doors:

Daryl whipped his hands grease covered hands on a dusty old rag. It was a hot day, far too hot for anyone in their right minds to be driving down the old country road where the shitty garage he worked at was. He was aching to finish his shift and get to the bar to meet his brother for an ice cold beer.

He looked up into the sun as he heard the sound of a engine humming down the road, sounding like it was constantly about to stall out. The old Chevy pick up shook as it came into the dusty parking lot, spraying up the gravel as it stopped. It had chipping paint and a number of dents in it. He sighed and looked around to find that the one other mechanic had taken off for a smoke break. Knowing Jab it would last for a few hours.

"Son of a bitch." He mumbled to himself, leaving the shade of the garage to go meet the customer. With his luck it would probably be some inbreed backwater piece of shit like him. At least that looked like who the truck belonged to.

He smirked when he saw the door to the truck shaking as someone kicked it mercilessly. He glanced in the front windshield to see a head of long brown curly hair flailing. He resisted a chuckle when he saw that she was angled across the seat so she was facing the door, kicking it with both her legs. It was jammed.

He tapped on the windshield with his knuckles and she looked up at him with bright green eyes. "Hold up." He called into the car.

The girl shook her head. "It's a billion degrees in here!"

He could see the slight layer of sweat covering her pretty tanned face. Not a inbreed piece of shit apparently. She gave the door one final kick as he went for a crowbar to pry the door open. As he walked back he saw her roll the window fully down and start to pull herself threw it. Her hands gripped the top of the truck and she pulled the rest of her body out.

He stood wide eyes as he watched, glad that Merle wasn't here. He would be trying to get into this girls pants before she had even pulled her body half way from the window. Slim, tiny, sweet looking. She had a head of brown curls that went on for days and caught every little breeze. Her core muscles moved where her blue tank top was coming up from her jeans, trying to maneuver herself from the window. She dropped to the ground with a little feminine grunt.

"Thank god." She muttered as a breeze brew through. She closed her eyes and turned her face into the breeze before opening them, looking right over at him. "You guys open?" She asked.

"Yep." He told her, putting the crow bar back down. "Wouldn't have tried ta help ya out if we weren't." He nodded over to her truck. "Door yer only problem?"

She scroffed. "I wish. It's been making this really weird sound."

Daryl nodded. "Yeah heard ya comin a mile away. Sounded like ya were gunna break to 88 mile per hour moment."

She laughed and he couldn't help but smile to himself. "That was good." She told him. "Back to the Future reference; I like it."

Pretty girl liked his jokes. Good. "I'll git it inside and take a look. Gunna have to bust yer door open though. I aint climbing through there like a monkey."

She smiled at him. "Be my guest. You can beat it to death with that crow bar for all I care." She paused as she looked over his rough face. "I'm Trinity." She told him extending her hand.

He looked at it for a long moment, wishing that he'd washed his hands off better. "Daryl." He finally said, shaking it. He watched for a moment to see if she'd rub it on her jeans to get the grease of him off but she didn't. Probably just don't wanna dirty up her designer jeans, he thought to himself bitterly.

He popped the door open with the crow bar. She'd left the keys in the ignition and listened as it sputtered to something that resembled life. "Yer starters fucked up." He told her.

"Figured." She muttered as he propped the door open with his work boot so that it wouldn't close on him and drove it into the gradge.

"Might take a while." He told her, climbing out of the cab. "Ya got someone ya can call? Boyfriend? Husband? Daddy?"

Trinity shook her head. "No, it's just me out here." She told him and he grunted.

It wasn't safe for a pretty little thing like that to be driving down these back roads by herself. She'd be liable to get jump…probably by his own brother. He distracted himself by popping the hood and looking down. Fuck it was a mess in there. This didn't look like the kind of car a girl like that would be driving.

She looked down at her pocket where he could hear a slight heavy metal ring tone playing, yet another thing he didn't expect. "Sorry," She said pulling it out and looking at the caller id. "I have to take this. It'll only take a second."

"I'll get goin' on this." He muttered watching her walk a few steps away.

"Hey Jake…Yeah I'm fine." She glanced back over at him as he popped open the hood of the car. "No, my car broke down but I'm at a shop right now. There's a gentlemen helping me out already." She must have heard his snort because her pretty pink lips twitched up and she glanced back over at him. "Don't worry about it. I'm really okay." She paused. "No. I wont be back in the city anytime soon. That's kind of the point of a sabbatical. I'll call you when I get to the cabin but seriously. I need some time to myself."

'Jake' must have been the boyfriend that wasn't out here, Daryl thought, starting to work on the car, Glancing at her every few seconds as she talked, her arms wrapped around herself.

"Okay. I love you too." She hung up the phone with a sigh, looking like she was trying to compose herself for a moment before turning back to walk over to him. "Sorry; people that care about you. They'll love you to death if you let them."

"Wouldn't know nothing about that." He found himself grunting as he started to pull tools from the bench. When he glanced up she was looking at him curiously with her big green eyes. He cleared his throat at the way she studied him. "Office is over there. Air conditionings busted but fans blowin'. Got a water cooler in there. Just keep yer hands off the beers in the fridge."

"Perfect." She told him with a smile. "Just let me know if there's anything I can do….Daryl right?" He nodded and she gave him a little smile before walking over to the office through the sliding door.

His eyes kept drifting up to her in the two hours that he was working one the car. She was reading most of the time but looked up when she felt him looking. Sometimes when he would glance up she would already be looking at him and would cock her head to the side in question…as if she had been the one to catch him starring. He shook his head and focused back down.

He probably could have gotten it done in half the time if he hadn't kept looking at her pretty face. Girls like that weren't from around here. They weren't interested in pieces of backwoods trash like him. 'Jake' was probably more her speed; a Ferrari not a Ford.

He looked up when he heard the voice of his coworker in the office. Jab was talking to the girl and she was standing, nodding politely as he talked. She glanced back around the man to where he stood and Daryl straightened up, starting to put the tools away, signaling that he was done.

Jab walked over to the counter, biceps tensed and chest puffed out like he was trying to show off. The women didn't seem to notice at all and just handed him her credit card to swipe. She thanked him politely and took the card back before walking back out into the humid garage.

"Thanks." She told him.

Daryl nodded. "Get in there and check it out first." He told her gruffly, whipping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his arm.

She nodded and pulled herself into the cab, giving him a great view off her ass without realizing it. He bit his thumb as he watched, unable to stop himself. She turned the key and smiled at the sound the truck made. "So much better." She told him.

"Yer gunna have ta get a locksmith fer the door." He told her leaning up against the open front door through the window.

She nodded. "I'm pretty good at climbing. I think I'll be fine." She joked.

"Yeah," He muttered. "Ya really are."

She let out a little laugh. "Shit I don't have cash for a tip…hang on." She reached into the center console and he raised an eyebrow at the sight of a pretty lethal looking hand gun peeking out. Instead she pulled out a pen and an old receipt, leaning the paper against the steering wheel and pulling the cap off the pen with her teeth. She jotted something down on it while he looked at her strangely. "Here." She handed it to him and he took it curiously, looking at the number and name written on it.

"Ya want me ta call ya…Trinity Wallas?" He asked dumb founded.

Trinity bit her lip before giving him a little smile. "Only if you want a tip…or to look at each other for a few hours again." She told him with a little laugh. "Thanks Daryl…"

"Dixon." He muttered, not sure what else to say. "Daryl Dixon." He closed the door as he looked at her.

She nodded. "While hopefully I'll see you around Daryl Dixon." She told him before giving him a parting smile, putting her slender arm around the other seat to look behind her and pulling out of the garage.

"Damn." Jab said as he came out of the office. "Need to take less smoke breaks. What I would do to that pussy!" He laughed, making a vulgar gesture with his entire lower body. "Hitting on her the whole time we was in there and couldn't even get her name."

Daryl looked down at the paper in his hand. "Trinity." Jab looked at him oddly as he continued to look at the paper. "Her name was Trinity."

Crumpling up the number he tossed it in the waste basket and went to wash his hands.