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The room was filled with soft, golden light washing in from the open window. A breath of summer wind blew a few papers around on the white washed desk, and the gull cries out the window became more apparent with the breeze.

Soft, mellow footsteps became louder as someone outside the door came closer. The door creaked open a little, and the hardwood floor glistened under the light seeping in from the skylight just outside the room.

"Angela," a soothing voice broke the peaceful, half-light. "Sweetie, it's your first day of work. Time to wake up…"

William Megel walked into his daughter's room, and perched himself on the bed where she was lying asleep. His footsteps were as light as feathers. He reached out and brushed her shoulder with his first three fingers, shaking her gently.

"Angela Marie," he spoke, a smile fleeting over his lips. "Wake up…"

She stirred underneath the light, sky-colored sheets. Her long brown hair fanned over the pillow, the contrast astounding. Her eyelids fluttered, and then opened. She sat up and looked at her dad her eyes wide with innocence like a newborn.

He thought again about his choice to let her go off alone this summer…His baby bird was leaving the nest for a whole summer at only fourteen.

Oblivious to her father's muddled thoughts, Angela stretched and rubbed her eyes.

"Morning," her father said, smiling. His teeth were pearly white, and looked even whiter contrasted against his dark hair and California tan.

"Hey dad," Angela threw her long legs over the edge of her mattress and yawned again. "What time is it?"

"Almost five," he said apologetically. "We need to leave soon so the tour bus can leave on time. I gave all your suitcases to Lenny…"

Angela nodded, satisfied that all her clothes and other personal stuff was ready for her.

"Okay, get dressed…We'll stop at Pinkberry on the way to get you a smoothie for breakfast. Your phone is charged, right?"

Angela nodded again and stood up.

"Good," William smiled again. "See you in a few." He stood up off her bed, drinking in his daughter's appearance as if he'd never see her again. This would be hard for him…He crossed the room, closed the door, and left her to dress.

Angela shrugged out of her shorts and tank top, and pulled on a light pink short sundress with wedge sandals and brushed out her long brown hair. She powdered her pale face, and put on a little bit of mascara, eyeliner, and some blush. She grabbed the bag containing her laptop, credit cards, money, phone, ipod, and other important stuff.

Today was her first day of work. Summer vacation in LA had brought Angela her first real job. Being only fourteen, it was more than luck. Her father happened to be the owner of Atlantic Records.

Today, she'd start her first real tour. She was acting as a tour manager/public relations expert/teen consultant. Which basically meant that she updated websites, blogs, and YouTube sites with information that would get the two stars she was in charge of the most fans they could have. Also, she had to make sure they were ready for concerts, and that they were happy…

She didn't mind. It gave her something to do. Cody xxx and Greyson xxx were around her age, and she was glad to finally be around potential friends. Angela had started to be homeschooled once she hit the sixth grade, and since then she was more than a little lonely.

Too many attention hungry kids had befriended Angela under the only pretense to get close to her millions of dollars and famous father. It had gotten to the point where she could no longer trust anyone, and then she was pulled out of school.

She knew tons of celebrities, though, and hardly ever got star-struck. Her dad had dated Katy xxx and Jennifer xxx, Adam xxx was a close family friend, and Miley xxx had babysat her until she'd turned ten.

So she'd be perfectly fine around Cody and Greyson. They were going on their second tour together, all summer. She hadn't met either of them, but how bad could they be? And it would be nice to be with somebody who she knew wouldn't use her for her dad or her money. Her dad already sponsored both of them, and had even signed Cody to the label, and they had their own cash.

Angela took one last look around her beautiful, airy room. Her brown eyes drank in the fluffy white curtains framing a perfect view of the ocean outside her window, the queen size bed softer than anything, the many signed posters of her favorite people: Bruno Mars (she'd met him at an awards show), Adele (her dad had unsuccessfully tried to sign her to his label), and a couple other people on her dad's label including Trey Songz, the Zac Brown Band, Flo Rida, and Simple Plan.

She touched the Bruno Mars poster with a light blue painted fingernail, and then sighed. She left the room, closing the door silently, and not looking back. Angela stared up at the skylight taking place of the ceiling in the hallway. The sunrise washed the normally white walls into a light pink.

She loved her house…It would be hard to leave. But, she'd be back in the hall. Angela walked downstairs, and her dad ushered her into the car. The ride to Pinkberry was silent, and Mr. Megel only spoke once Angela was slurping a light pink smoothie out of a plastic cup.

"You know, An," he spoke softly. "I'm going to miss you this summer around the office. Who's going to greet all the clients for me?"

Angela laughed.

"I'll miss you too, dad," she said. She stared out the window at the palm trees, flashing because of the speed of the car. She drank in the look of them, tall and sturdy, but still beautiful and gentle.

"Dad," she spoke suddenly. "What are Cody and Greyson like?"

"Well," her dad considered her question carefully, like he always did. It was one of the things Angela liked best about him. He treated her like an adult most of the time. "Cody is from Australia. He's very polite, and he's always moving. He works very hard for someone so young. Have you even seen a picture?"

"No," Angela said.

"Oh…Well, he's tall for his age. Blonde. He has an accent. And Greyson's got a huge personality. That kid makes me laugh." He paused for a moment to chuckle at some remembered story, and then continued to speak. "He likes to have fun, but he's a little sensitive and he doesn't think twice about letting people know how he feels. He's got an amazing voice, but you've heard him before, right?"

"Right," I said. "You made me test the album before it got released, remember?"

"Right," William grinned. "So you know about him."

"Yeah," I said, smiling. His album was beautiful…His voice was so good for somebody his age, and I really liked the sound of it all.

"But we need to talk before we get there," William said, his face turning serious.

"Oh god," Angela muttered. "Dad, is this the "when a girl and boy love each other" speech? Because I've got it, okay? I really don't need another diagram or-"

"No, no," William waved it off, a ghost of a smile on his face. "Angela, I wanted to remind you that I'm trusting you big time with this job…You're only fourteen, and I'm getting a lot of crap back at the office for trusting you with this. You're still a minor and everything, and people think is should hire a full team of professionals."

"Okay," she said, staring out the window again. The palm trees were progressively turning into redwoods.

"So I need you to act like an adult…That means being professional around these boys. Make them comfortable with you, but I don't need you making best friends. Remain aloof, do only your job. No more, no less, okay?"

Angela wilted a little. There went her chances of finally having friends.

"Okay," she said, knowing that she'd follow her dad's orders.

"I mean it, sweetie, I could lose my job if this gets out of control."
"Okay," she said her voice stronger this time. "I can do that, dad."

"I knew you'd be able to," Mr. Megel reached over and ruffled his little girl's hair. Angela smiled, and they drove the rest of the way in silence. Soon enough, they were parked outside of a campground in Sacramento. Three or four gigantic buses were parked, and Mr. Megel parked also.

"Ready Tiger?" he asked Angela in a whisper. It was a little game they played. Before every dance recital, school play, soccer game, and whatever else Angela had done as a child her father would say the same words, and she'd reply the same way.

"Grr," she said, following the same script as she always had with a giggle. A stupid game, but it somehow always seemed to ease the butterflies in her stomach.

William opened his door, and then crossed the door to his daughter's. Angela hopped out, straightening her dress, and then looked around. Many people were mulling around, and her dad instantly went off to talk to the tour director. Angela stared up at the still semi-dark sky, and thought.

She had promised not to become friends with anyone on this tour…Another lonely summer.

"This is Angela," Mr. Megel spoke, striding towards his daughter and pulling her over to the tour director.

"Ah," she said, noting something on paper. She was a tall, all business women with dark skin and eyes, and hair pulled on top of her head. "I'm Delilah. I'm in charge here, Angela, so speak to me before making any major decisions."

"Okay," she replied, trying to remain calm. Delilah smiled a little.

"She's a pretty one," she spoke to William.

He nodded in agreement, and they both studied Angela, who looked to the ground uncomfortably.

"Make sure there's no romance interfering with my stars, alright?" Delilah grinned at Angela. "I don't need any love-struck boys trying to do a concert because you're around."

Angela's cheeks burned, and she tried to imagine being back home. This was a mistake, she knew it…Maybe it wasn't too late to bail. She could fake an aneurism or something. Apparently not though, because a second later her dad was kissing her goodbye.

"I'll see you in the fall, baby," he called as he hopped into the car. "Remember what I said, and don't let me down!"

Angela nodded, and watched her father drive away. Everybody went back to their business, leaving Angela to wonder what she should do with herself. Thankfully, a second later, a brown haired boy stuck his head out of the bus…It was Greyson Xxx.

"Oh," he said, spotting Angela. "There you are…"

She watched as he made his way towards her, and pulled something out of his pocket. She watched some more as he signed it and handed it to her. It was a picture of him sitting on a piano covered in words.

"Do you want a picture?" Greyson asked, with a bright grin.

"Um," Angela shifted on her heel. It was evident by the look on her face that she thought this kid had some screws loose. "I'm…good."

"No picture?" Greyson asked, surprised. "You guys always want pictures! Are you sure?"

Angela looked around to be sure he was talking to her.

"I'm sure," she said slowly.

Greyson studied her face with curiosity, until he was distracted by hooting laughter coming from the bus.

"Ahaha!" a blonde girl hopped off the steps, in a short skirt and a tank top with lots of necklaces. "I can't believe you actually thought there were fans here, Greyson!"

The girl walked over to his side, and Greyson looked from her perfectly made up face to Angela's. A look of comprehension struck him, and his eyes widened.

"Ohh," he said softly. "Then who are you?"

"I'm Angela," she said. "Uh, my dad owns Atlantic Records? I'm here as a tour manager…"

"Oh! Wow, sorry…" his cheeks were pink. "I'm Greyson…Alli told me there were fans here, so I thought you were one…Wow, this is so awkward."

Angela started to laugh, and was joined by the blonde girl who was Alli.

"Greyson," Alli said through her giggles. "You actually thought she was a fan?"

"Yeah, I gave her my autograph," Greyson said, smiling also. "I'm really sorry, Angela."

"It's cool," she laughed, handing him back the signed picture of him.

"I'm Cody's sister Alli," Alli said, extending her hand to Angela. "It's nice to meet you."

"Same," Angela said shaking her hand.

"Okay!" A booming voice came from the middle of the parking lot, and Delilah became apparent, silencing the crowd of people.

"So we've got four buses," she spoke clearly. "I want sound and lighting guys on the one on the far left with all the equipment."

Less than ten people walked towards the biggest bus.

"This one will be for the opening acts," Delilah gestured at the smallest bus. "When we pick them up, they'll perform at two or three cites and then we'll pick up the next performer…"

She walked to the next bus and tapped it on the side.

"This is for Cody and Greyson's mom, and me," Delilah flashed two women a smile, and they walked onto the bus. There was a tall, pretty younger woman with a ponytail and diamond earrings, and another woman with short brown curls and red lipstick.

"And this last one is for my two stars, Alli, and the tour manager," Delilah said. "So go up onto that bus, kids, because we're leaving soon."

Alli climbed up onto the bus, followed by Angela and then Greyson. As Angela walked up the huge, steep steps, staring at Alli's heels in front of her, she thought.

She had promised her father she wouldn't make friends with anyone, the first promise she'd made in a long time. She could do it easily, but I would be a waste of good people. Both Greyson and Alli were really nice…But, Angela could do it. She could, and she would.

She made it to the top of the bus, and was met suddenly by a pair of beautiful aqua-hazel eyes and a smile.

"Hi," the tall boy said his hands in his pockets as he rocked back and forth on his heels. "I'm Cody. It's nice to meet you."

"I'm Angela," she said faintly.

This was going to be the hardest promise she'd ever have to keep.

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