The table went silent as Delilah's words sunk in. Canceled. As in, no more.

"But the fans," Greyson spoke up. He was still looking quite sick. "We can't let the whole East Coast down."

"It was just six more stops," Delilah said. "We haven't even printed tickets out yet, we've just announced the stops. We can get out of it, don't you worry. This tour has been going on for two months now, and it's a good time to stop. We're only cutting a month out."

"So I'm not going to see Angela anymore?" Cody asked. He closed his eyes and gripped the table top, taking a deep breath. His whole body hurt, and the world was still spinning. This was all too much.

"Of course you'll get to see her," Angie reached across the tabletop and took her son's hand. She cast a furtive look at David. "I mean, if that's okay with you, David."

"I honestly can't even think about that at this point," David squeezed his startlingly blue eyes shut. "But likely as not, you'll be over the house this summer Cody, don't worry about that."

"Well what about me?" Greyson said, his forehead creasing. "I love Angela just as much as Cody, only as a best friend. Cody lives like, twenty minutes away from you, Mr. Megel. I live in Oklahoma!"

"We'll work something out," Lisa sighed. "I know Angela will want to see you too, Greyson. We can get through this."


An hour later, the hospital waiting room was crowded. Cody sat on the end of the row of blue chairs, with Alli beside him and Greyson beside her. Lisa was next to Greyson, and Angie was next to Lisa. Delilah was on the end.

"How much longer until she gets out?" Cody moaned. "I can't wait much longer."

"She should be getting out of anesthesia any minute," Angie soothed her son. "She'll be out here soon, Cody, don't you worry."

As though on cue, a door opened and Mr. Megel walked out. He looked around to somebody behind him, invisible to the occupants in the chairs, and smiled.

"Come on out," he coaxed.

"No," they heard a familiar voice say. Cody stood up quickly his heart hammering. She sounded angelic, perfect. Her voice hadn't changed a bit!

"Come on, pumpkin," Mr. Megel laughed. "You look fine, everybody'd anxious to see you."

"Okay," she sighed, and then she appeared at the door. Her wavy brown locks floated around her shoulders, and her eyes were bright. She was wearing her own clothes, a pink tank top and yoga pants that Angie had brought from the tour bus.

"Oh my God," Cody felt his heart burst as he found Angela in his arms. He held her as close to him as he could, hugging her around the middle and resting his cheek against the top of her head. Her soft hair tickled his cheek and he breathed in her familiar smell. He started to shake all over again, and Angela hugged him back.

"Hi Cody," she giggled from inside his arms. "Didja miss me or something?"

His throat ached at her familiar laugh, and he clutched her tighter.

"Angela," he breathed, closing his eyes and not letting her go. "I didn't think I'd ever see you again."

"Well I'm fine," she said.

"I can't let go of you," Cody said, still holding her even tighter.

"Ow, Cody, not so hard," she said. "My ribs."

Cody quickly moved his arms to the top of her back.

"I'm sorry…Does it hurt a lot?"

"I'll be fine," Angela assured of him, still letting him hug her. "Cody, what's wrong?"

She finally broke free and looked up into his face. He was pale and his eyes had lost their luminescence. His normal glowing cheeks were dull.

"These last few hours have just been the hardest of my life, that's all," he whispered, and Angela threw her arms around his neck again.

"Have you been crying?" she asked in a gentle whisper.

"If I said no I'd be lying," he admitted, and he brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through this," Angela brushed her lips against his, and he held her close. He kissed her tenderly, and she kissed him back. They were unaware of the waiting room full of people watching, and kissed and kissed for a long time.

"Aww," Alli looked actually happy to see her brother happy. Greyson chuckled nad looked away. Both of the mother's laughed and drew their eyes also.

"Lord, I need to sit down," David said, taking a seat beside the grinning Delilah.

Finally, Angela broke free and winced.

"Um, dad," she said awkwardly, turning to her father. "I should probably tell you…"

"I already know," he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Go ahead."

Angela smiled and turned back to Cody, who gingerly placed his arms around her waist.

"This whole experience made me realize something," he said in a soft breath.

"What was that?" Angela asked, her body caving into his.

"Life's too short to fight, to keep things inside. And Angela? I need to tell you something…I am…Angela, I love you."

"I love you too," she said instantaneously.

Cody reached up and pulled something off his neck. It was the silver anchor he had worn all tour. He reached around and put it on Angela, who pressed her hand to it.

"Cody, you're anchor? Are you sure?"

"Beyond sure," he pressed his lips to hers again, and then pulled away with a smile. He sighed. "I guess I probably should share you."

"It's about time," Greyson grinned. He got up and threw his arms around Angela, and she winced.

"Greyson, I just had surgery," she laughed as he literally lifted her off her feet and swung her in a quick circle.

"I'm sorry," he leaned over and pecked her on the cheek. "I had to do that, I didn't know if I'd ever hug you again."

He held her just as Cody had for a few seconds, and then let go. He left his arm around her shoulders as Alli stood also.

"Angela," she said in a low voice. "I'm so happy to see that you're okay, and I'm really sorry for everything. Seriously, we shouldn't fight anymore."

"I agree," Angela said sort of stiffly.

Alli smiled.


Angela's face broke into a grin too, and she opened her arms.

"Come here."

The girls hugged for a second laughing, and then Cody lifted Alli by her waist and took her spot in Angela's arms.

"Angela, one more thing," Cody said hugging her gently. "The tour's been canceled."

"Good," Angela laughed. "I think I'm done being a tour manager. I think I just want to go back to being a regular teenager."

"I agree," Greyson said. "I'm taking a break from fame for awhile too."

"Same," Cody said, rocking his girlfriend back and forth.

"So I guess there's just one thing left to do," Angel said with a smile. She pulled out of Cody's arms, and turned to her father.

"What's that, hon?" he asked with a beam.

"Once we get back to LA, can Cody, Alli, and Greyson come over?"

He laughed.

"I think that sounds great."

Note: Aww, happy ending! I didn't actually plan for that to be the end, but I guess it is…I'll do a sequel though, soon. Probably next week sometime, so look out for it! Review one last time? 143!