'This is it. This is the day,' thought a determined Rodrick Heffley. 'After 9 years, I'm going to ask Cal out, and she's going to say yes.' He stared at the girl a couple lockers down (26 to be exact. He had arranged for his locker to be close enough to hers so that he could easily bump into her in between classes, but not be too close that it would raise any suspicions. Rodrick Heffley had friends in very high places. Meaning, he knew the janitors would help him out when he snuck into the office to change the locker assignments). Everything was perfect, planned and thought through. He was going to walk up to her, confess his love, and she would swoon- maybe even faint like in those old movies.

'This is it. This is it!' He exhaled, cracked his knuckles, and starting making his way to the girl, an unusual hiccup in his step.

"Hey, Cal." He leaned against the locker next to hers, and made sure to speak in his best 'Yeah, I'm sexy' voice. "What's up." The brunette girl exhaled heavily from her nose and pursed her lips before turning to him, giving him a small smile.

"Rodrick, how many times do I have to tell you not call me that?"

"What should I call you then? Emmalee." He sputtered a forced laugh.

"Yeah, I mean, that is my name," She responded. " Even Em or Emma is fine seeing as those are the nicknames people usually gravitate towards."

"Oh come on. We both know that Cal is SO much better."

"No. It's an idiotic nickname you made up when we were kids."

"You love it." He grinned.

"What do you want, Rodrick?" She frustratingly asked, sharply turning away from facing her locker to look at him.

"How was your summer." She stared at him for a moment, studying his face to see if he was really sincere.

"It was fine," She resumed organizing her books- taking some out and placing them in her backpack, taking some out of her back and putting them in their place.. "I worked a lot and then got a kid brother half way through June which I had to watch while my mom went right back to work."

"Your mom was pregnant?"

"Rodrick.. You saw her when she was like, 7 months pregnant." Rodrick gave her a puzzled look. He knew her mom was pregnant, but he liked to play with her. Liked to wind her up.

Cal nodded her, astounded by the boy in front her. "Yes, Roderick. She was pregnant, which explains how I have a little brother now." She spoke to him like he was slow. Really slow.

"Oh, see... I thought she had just gained a TON of weight." Cal frowned.

"You're such an asshole," she said, slamming her locker closed and walking away.

"Hey, hey, hey. Look I was just joking." He said, walking backwards in front of her with his hands up, fingers spread. Cal stopped and just looked at him. "I know she only ate ALL that food because she was preggo."

"Goodbye, Rodrick." She huffed, pressing passed him.

"Okay, I'm sorry. Just... stop for a second." Rodrick grabbed the girls arm.

"What, Rodrick. What do you want." Frustration and annoyance was written all over her face. He shuffled a bit, stuffing his hands in his pockets. His mouth contorted in a few awkward ways, trying to remember the words he so diligently practiced before.

"Willyougotothemovieswithme?" He asked in a rushed, awkward fashion. ".. or something." She chuckled.

"Of course.. first day back and this is already happening..." She said to herself. She sighed again looked at him blankly, eyes scanning his face again for a brief moment.

"No." And she continued walking passed him.

"What? Come on, it's just one movie!" He yelled behind her.

"I have a boyfriend." She said over her shoulder.

"I know you want to!" His voice rang over the chatter in the busy hallway and everything silenced. Cal turned to the boy and looked around awkwardly before stomping back to him.

"Don't you think- You can go on with yours lived now, thanks!" She yelled to the still frozen students in the hall. Life resumed right away. She sighed and continued. "Don't you think if I wanted to I would have said yes?" He shrugged. She didn't know how to reason with him. "Rodrick, doesn't it bug you that you've asked me out almost every week since we've known each other and I have always turn you down?" he shrugged again.

"No. I know you just like a good chase." He grinned.

"For eight years?"

"nine," He corrected.


"Nine years."

"Oh, even better!" She snorted.

"So will you?"

"Will I what."

"Go out with me." Cal stood there, brow furrowed, confused. Frustrated.

"I have to get to homeroom." She started walking off in the now almost-deserted hallway.

"Let me walk you.." Rodrick offered. Cal turned around sharply.

"NO. Rodrick, no. You go to your homeroom and I'll go to mine. Okay? Bye." And she stomped off, leaving Rodrick in the hall way by himself.