I'm gonna say the bad news first. I'm sorry if you thought that this was another chapter, but this story is officially on hiatus. I don't mean to bore you with reasons why I'm taking a break from this story, but I can promise that I wont forget about this story. This story isn't coming out like I want it to and I'm considering rewriting. Sorry.

The good news is that I am writing another fanfic soon. This is a draft of the beginning, if you're interested.

Clare Edwards impatiently stomped her feet to the sound of the other girls stomping and yelling as she waited for her name to be called. She didn't know exactly how she got in this position, but she knows this- she would kill Adam and Eli. Under ordinary circumstances, she would be at the library during study period wasting idle time doing nothing. But this study hall, she was in the gym doing something she would never do in her life. What was that thing? Give me a C, give me a H, double E, give me a R, I - N - G. What's that spell?

Once again, I am sorry. I don't mean to disappoint any new readers or any of my original reviewers. Hopefully, I will be able to continue this story soon.

Tisha0691-No, she is not his sister. They just met from the Pen Pal site.

Eclarexoxo-Demetrius suffers from PTSD. I was gonna get to explaining that in the next chapter but I feel like I didn't explain Demetrius' character in enough detail beforehand.

AnnabellaXxOo-It'll make sense when I rewrite it.