The Magikarp smacked his lips onto the fishing pole, waiting for the trainer to bring it up. Maybe today will be the day…the day someone finally catches him!

He was brought out of the water, yes, yes, this was it! The Trainer took one look at it and said "Aww, come on. I'm tired of fighting these stupid, useless Pokemon." And that was the last straw. Magikarp used splash to hop out of the water, and it slapped the Trainer in the face with it's fin.

"Turtwig! Razor leaf!" he yelled, sending something out of the Poke ball. A small, turtle, with a leaf on it's head and a few pudgy legs came out. "Turrrtwwwiggg!" it shouted, as a mediocre battle cry.

Magikarp began to glow, and it's form became bigger. And scales started to appear. The color morphed. The eyes grew more angry, and it stood dozens of feet tall. "GYARRADDOSOSS!" It roared. The Trainer didn't even blink before he ran off like a coward, and the Turtwig stood there, shaking.

"Turtwig." It mumbled. Gyarados squinted at it. So small, innocent. This Pokemon had been abused, forced to do it's master's bidding. Gyarados's giant pale lips smiled. He tore open a nearby box full of Rare Candies, and the Turtwig quickly began to eat all of them in a rush, becoming stronger. A few minutes later, the small Turtwig was now a powerful Torterra.

"And that is the story of how a lowly Magikarp became big and strong, and made lots of friends." A mother Milotic, told the story to her two Feebas babies. It was a good story, but they weren't fully convinced. They were worthless until they became the size of their mother.

So, Team Plasma, Galactic, Magma, Aqua, and Rocket all had a big shouting match. N made a good point, Giovanni proclaimed his love for Delia, and Maxie left on a Kyogre. The end.