Regina studied the calendar in her office and felt a brief stab of panic when she realized it was that time of year again: Henry's school's annual 'Track and Field" day. Every year on the second Saturday in May it happened whether Regina like it or not. Parents were expected to not only attend but also participate. Last year, Sidney took and almost published a photo of a furious Regina nearly back-handing a clumsy 2nd grader during Regina's most hated event: the father/son three-legged race. Regina hated that she had to be the 'father' for Henry. They both found it awkward, and this year would be even worse due to Henry's growing resentment of her. Participation was mandatory, even if said participant had to substitute their mom because they didn't have a present father.

Regina rubbed her temple and circled the dreaded day in red on the calendar. Despite all Henry seemed to enjoy the day, so calling him in sick wasn't an option. If only there was someone who could take her place. She considered asking Dr. Hopper, but the kids at Henry's school knew who he was and Henry would just get made fun of more if they knew he was in therapy, those cruel rat bastard children. Regina was fairly certain that the only child she could stand was Henry, and she'd destroy anyone who even sneered in Henry's direction if she could.

Regina lost herself in contemplation, only refocusing when Sheriff Swan let herself, uninvited into Regina's office. Regina snapped her head up schooling her features into her practiced mask of disdain.

"Regina, my budget is completely unworkable…I don't think I can afford gas for the squad car with this," Emma tossed the crumpled budget proposal onto Regina's desk and crossed her arms to wait for Regina's rebuttal.

Regina surprised Emma, and even herself when she quietly conceded, "You're right, Sheriff, let me see what I can do about that."

"Erm…okay," Emma shifted and paused, wondering if this was some kind of trick, "Thanks."

"Oh, Ms. Swan I have a favor to ask," Regina's voice stayed smooth, but inside she was nervous and stammering. She really didn't want to have to ask Emma, but she was realizing that unfortunately Emma was here to stay. Regina looked Emma up and down using only her eyes; she did look strong and athletic. Perhaps she'd be willing to step in to the father role with Henry this year. Regardless, Regina was willing to flat out beg if necessary, but she had other powers of persuasion she could employ hopefully before it came to that.

"Aw, there's the ulterior motive," Emma snickered, waiting impatiently for Regina to continue.

Regina stepped closer to Emma, licking her lips and looking her over once again. She took a deep breath, and let it out it a sigh, the air from her exhale hitting Emma's neck and causing her to shiver slightly. Regina widened her eyes looking deeply into Emma's and declared a small victory when Emma parted her lips and own pupils darkened noticeably.

"Ms. Swan, Henry has his school track day on Saturday, and you need to participate with him," Regina kept her eyes wide and pleading, but found she couldn't bring herself to properly ask Emma nicely. Regina cringed inwardly, afraid she Emma would refuse and storm out in a huff.

"Awesome! That sounds really fun. I can't believe you're actually letting me spend time with him doing something so parental. Mary Margaret told me all about it, I was actually already planning on going to help set up, but participating with my kid is so much better!" Emma was rambling and for a second it appeared that she might actually hug Regina in gratitude.

A frown darkened Regina's features, as she could not fathom why anyone would be excited for this. Now that Emma actually wanted to do it, Regina felt jealousy rise within her. It was irrational, but the level of possessiveness Regina felt toward Henry was unrivaled. Regina smiled tightly at Emma and dismissed her with a curt, "Thank you, Sheriff. Henry and I will see you Saturday."