Ezra Fitz, pediatric surgeon, had received the Carter Madison Grant. It allowed him to go to Africa, Malawi, to become a doctor there, for three whole years. It was an award only granted to "brainy" doctors. Dr. Fitz applied for the grant two years ago in interest of spearheading global initiatives for the improvement of pediatric surgery. Obviously, he was single then, and his life has grown more complicated over the past two years. No one turns down this grant , but Ezra had one reason for him to say. Aria Montgomery, a general surgeon, was a woman he had been dating for the past 9 months. He had it all planned out. Aria would come with him to Malawi. However, a fight in the airport resulted in Ezra leaving without Aria, ending their relationship. 3 months had passed. 3 months too many and Aria wasn't the same.

"Okay, there might not be a lot to do over there but you know, ill be there with you. It'll be just us. And that's what im going for. Were just going to focus on the medicine, which is great." Aria said while her and Ezra walked over to where their plane was boarding. Ezra stopped. Aria turned to look at Ezra. "What? What's wrong?" She asked.

Ezra stood there looking at Aria. "I won the Carter Madison Grant." Ezra stated. "Do you know how rare that it?" Aria nodded and tried to say something but Ezra keep talking. "Do you know how crazy that is? I Won. The Carter Madison Grant. I won it. This is the biggest opportunity of my life! I get to go to Malawi, with almost unlimited funds to help tiny children and you are ruining this for me!" Aria lifted up an eyebrow. "First you were whining about this award and now this with your fake smiles and enthusiastic crap!" Ezra took a break from talking and Aria just stood there looking at him. "You are ruining Africa for me Aria."

"I'm not" She replied back.

"You are!" Ezra yelled.

"Fine, I don't want to go to Africa, but I do want to be with you. And that's all it takes. I'm really trying here Ezra. We're ganna miss our plane so lets go." Ezra stayed still. "You want to fight is that what it is? Fine, lets fight on the damn plane."

"You are ruining this for me and I don't want to do this."

"So you don't want to go anymore?"

"I don't want to go with you." He said softly. "I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? Ezra! It's three years!" Ezra shook his head.

"I'm going to miss my plane Take care of yourself.."He grabbed his suitcase and starts walking but the sound of Arias voice stopped him.

"No! Ezra no!" Ezra turned to look at her. "Please. We can work this out." She had a couple tears in her eyes and Ezra just shook his head.

"You stay here and ill go. We'll both be happy."

"If you get on that plane, that's it. We are over."

"Don't you see ? We are yelling at each other in the middle of the airport. We are all ready over." He turned around as a tear fell out of his eye and started to walk leaving Aria behind.

Arias eyes opened up quickly and gasped after waking up from a nightmare, which was the day that Ezra left. She pushed her hair behind her ears and covered her face. She had the nightmare for days now. Aria took a deep breathe and soon got out of bed and went straight into the shower. After her shower, she quickly put on her makeup and headed straight to work.

"Aria." Spencer said as soon as Aria walked in. " You have a letter" She held it in her hand until Aria took it.

"Spence." She said after looking at the front of the letter. "This is from Africa"

"I know Dr. Montgomery. The patient has been diagnnosied with Annemia." She said as their chief passed by them. " Sorry, chief has been on my ass. Don't worry about it, I read it already and its not from him."

"Thank you" Spencer winked at her and walked away.

After work, Spencer invited everyone out for drinks. Aria sat on a stool at the end of the bar and ordered a drink. Shortly after she drank her beer, a guy sat down next to her.

"So what's a pretty girl doing at a bar by herself?" the guy said. Aria looked at him. "What's your story?"

"Um. I don't have a story. I'm just a girl in a bar."

"And I'm just a guy in a bar."

"I can see that." Aria smiled.

"Look at her." Cristina said looking at Aria with a stranger. "What is that? The 5th guy this week?"

"It's only Wednesday." Spencer replied.

" That's what imp trying to say." She's been screwing with guys a month after Ezra left. And you know how much guys she calls back or sees again?"

"Im guessing none. Im surprised she didn't catch anything yet." Spencer and Cristina laughed.

" You guys are horrible." Emily commented. "Ezra left her."

"And it's been 3 months. Time to move one." Cristina replied. She took a drink of her tequila.

" As much as I think Cristina is right, I got to agree with Em. She's hurting whatever. Let her take it out on guys."

"It'll bite her in the ass soon anyways." Cristina smiled as she said that. The 3 girls looked to Aria who was laughing along with the guy. She looked as she was having fun.

" She's been different since he left." Emily said.

"I'm just happy we are done with the depressed stage." Cristina commented.

"Well, she is still in that stage, just not as much as before. She doesn't have her perky attitude anymore. I freaking miss that." Spencer said. She looked over to where Aria was. "Are you fu-" Cristina and Emily looked.

"Where did she go?" Emily asked.

" Probably to the bathroom to do what she usually does." Cristina said. "Anyone want to barge in?" She stood up.

"Cristina. Sit down." Spencer said.

"Her car isn't here anymore." Emily told the girls.

"Well, at least she's at a classier place, Her house.

Aria woke up to see that the guy had left. She got up to go take a shower and quickly put her clothes on and left to work. She walked into the hospital to find Spencer. Her head was pounding and she was so tired. As soon as she found Spencer, she grabbed her and pulled her towards the stairs area.

"So, how was last night?" Spencer asked.

"Oh Shut it Spence. Listen, I need to talk to you."

"What is it?"

" We are getting a new attending today right?" Aria asked. Spencer shoved Aria.

"Oh my god Aria! I thought you were ganna tell me you were pregnant or something!" Aria smiled. "Yes we are. He's in the clinic right now. His name is Dr. Noel Khan." Aria rushed out and into the clinic. Her eyes grew as soon as she saw the new attending. He turned and looked at her. Aria quickly turned around and walked away. The attending followed her and soon caught up to her and pushed her into a room. Aria opened her mouth.

"Don't talk." He said "Last night was great and im sorry I left this morning, I had to get to work." He smiled. "I didn't know you worked here."

" You don't know anlot of things about me."

"But id like to know more."

" Dr. Khan."

"What happened to Noel? Last night you were saying it."

"This is inappropriate." Noel just smiled at her.