Title: Mercy From Heaven

Summary: What if baby Mercy had lived?

Disclaimors: I own nothing.

A/n: I always hated the way they did did Ben and Adrain on the show after all they went through they had the baby die so this is my version of what i think it should have been. Also I never seen a high school so obsessed with sex and i went to a school with one the highest teen pregnacy rates in georgia. Also dont beat me if i dont get the details about labor and delivery right I dont have kids of my own and never seen one born in person what i know about it is from tv.

Chapter 1

Ben woke to somebody shaking his arm. He said, "One more minute dad."

Adrain shook his arm again and said, "Benjamin Boykevitch wake up right now."

Ben sat up quickly and looked at his wife. He said, "what's wrong?"

Adrain said, "I think I'm in labor we need to go to the hospital."

Ben stood up and quickly and said, "oh god ok let me get dressed," he said as he grabbed for his pants to pull over the boxers he wore to bed. Adrain was sitting on her side of the bed holding her stomach. Ben also put on his shirt though only half hazardly buttoned it. Adrain looked up at him and laughed and said, "baby calm down i just started having contractions so its gonna be awhile i just thought we need to get to the hospital so put ur shirt on right side in and buttoned correctly."

Ben laughed as he looked down and realized his shirt was inside out and only 4 buttons were done up. Adrain got up and started getting dressed as well pulling her nightgown over her head as she pulled her dress out of her closet and pulled it on. She came over to him and said, "We're gonna be parents ben just think about it."

Ben hugged her and said, "I know its scary right."

They quickly headed out the door and toward the hospital Ben parked in front of the main entrance and helped Adrain out of the car. They went inside and the nurse checked them in and took Adrain to a room while Ben dialed his dad. He said, "Dad Adrain just woke me up she thinks shes in labor."

Leo sat up and said, "alrite I'm on my way yall are at the hospital now right."

Ben said, "okay I better head back inside but first i got to call Cindy and Reuben and tell them that the baby is on the way."

Leo reached over and shook his wife and said, "go on back in I'll call Adrain's parents and we'll be at the hospital as soon as possible okay."

Ben said, "Okay dad."

Ben headed back inside and to the room that they had taken Adrain to she was laying in bed. Ben said, "has the doctor been in yet."

Adrain said, "not yet the nurse said he'll be in soon. Ben I'm scared what if something goes wrong."

Ben took his young wife in his arms and said, "I'm right here with you and I will be the whole time Adrain nothing's gonna happend except in a few hours we're gonna be parents."

Adrain said, "Have I ever told you how much I love u? You've stood by me through this any other man would have simply walked away."

Ben hugged her harder and said, "I never could have done that we made this baby together and its our reponsibility together to raise her."

The doctor came in as Ben was holding her. She smiled and said, "hey Adrain so you think that your in labor."

Adrain nodded as Ben let go of her just holding her hand. The doctor said, "ok lets take a look to see whats going on."

Adrain nodded and grabbed Ben's hand as the doctor checked to see if she was dialated yet. The doctor stood up after checking and said, "well you are 2 cm dialated how close together are the contractions." Adrain squeezed Ben's hand suddenly as she said that.

The doctor said," okay you are having one now i can tell that and the nurse said you had one when you first got in the room about 5 mins ago so that means theyre about 5 minutes apart. We'll put you on a machine to monitor your contractions and one to monitor the baby, but you are definately in labor. Have yall called your parents yet?"

Ben said, "I just got off the phone with my dad and hes calling Adrain's mom and dad. They'll be here soon."

The doctor said, "Well you got aways to get yet before the baby gets here in a few hours we'll give you an epideral if thats what you want to help with the pain."

Adrain nodded and said, "thanks doctor."

The doctor left as Ben sat down beside Adrain holding her hand. He said, "see there's nothing going wrong baby before we know it we're gonna be parents."

Adrain nodded and said, "I love you don't forget that when i scream at you later ok."

Ben laughed and said, "scream at me you're kidding right?"

His dad walked in the room and said, "believe me she probably will your mom screamed at me when you were born, but she wont mean it. How u doing Adrain?"

Adrain said, "I'm alrite so far the doctor just came in and checked me. She said my labors just started so itll be awhile."

Leo nodded and said, "your parents were leaving when I got off the phone with them like me they were expecting a phone call at any minute."

Adrain's parents came in right after that. Her mom hugged her and sat down beside her on the other side. Adrain grabbed ben's hand again as she went through another contraction Ben pulled her to him as she went through the pain leaning against his chest. Adrain said, "Oh God this hurts."

Ben said, "breath honey you'll be okay just breath."

Adrain's mom rubbed her back while Ben held her. Adrain relaxed after the contraction again. Cindy said, "You're gonna be alrite sweety. It hurts yes but once you see your baby you forget about it ok."

Ben looked at his wife as she leaned back against his chest the pain she was going through scared him, but he knew he had to be there for her. He looked over at his dad who was watching him as he held his wife in his arms. Leo looked over at Rueben and said, "Ben lets got talk for a minute out in the hall."

Ben looked down at Adrain and said, "I don't know if I should leave her right now."

Adrain looked up at her husband seeing the fear in his eyes and said, "go baby its gonna be a few minutes before the next one and my mom is here with me ok."

Ben nodded and said, "ok I'll be right back, baby."

Adrain laid back on the bed while her mom came up beside her and held her daughter's hand while Leo and Ben went outside with their dads. Cindy said, "that was a good idea Ben looks like he's gonna pass out in a minute."

Adrain laughed and said, "actually he did when Amy had John, twice."

Cindy laughed and said, "lets hope he doesnt this time good thing im staying in the delivery room with yall."

Ben walked out in the hall with his dad and Rueben. Ben leaned against the wall and said, "this is crazy we're to young to be parents."

Leo said, "Its a little to late for that Ben, but you need to calm down son. This is scary I know, but Adrain needs you and don't pass out like you did when Amy had John."

Rueben laughed and said, "you're kidding he passed out."

Ben moved off the wall and said, "thanks dad for reminding me of that and don't worry I'm not gonna pass out."

Leo said, "seriously son you have to keep it together you and Adrain are about to be parents and shes gonna need you in that delivery room to hold her hand."

Ben said, "I'm just scared dad seeing her in so much pain its scary."

Leo said, "Its gonna get scary before its over and more painful for her but you gotta be there for her. Reuben, Cindy and me are all here for you too."

Reuben rubbed his arm and said, "yall are gonna be fine me and your dad have been in your place before and on top of that we are proud of you. You stood up to your responsiblities something even I at your age didn't have the guts to do."

Ben said, "thanks Reuben. I think I feel better now lets go back in there before Adrain has another contraction."

Adrain was sitting up on the edge of the bed when they came back in the room. Ben said, "Is everything ok?"

Adrain said, "Yeah i just wanted to sit up for a few minutes they say its easier if you dont lay down the whole time once i get the epideral ill be stuck in the bed but I'm fine until than."

Ben nodded as he hugged her again and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. Adrain cried out as she grabbed onto his hand again and squeezed. Adrain leaned against him again as she went through the pain of another contraction. Ben whispered words of encouragement to her as she leaned against him. He gently rubbed her back Ben said, "Adrain breathe baby breathe itll be over soon."

Adrain said, "shut up there will be just more pain after this."

Ben said, " I know honey i'm right here with you though okay."

Adrain nodded and leaned against him as she came down from the pain. She said, "sorry baby I dont want to be mean to you."

Ben said, "Its alrite I wont take any of it personally today alrite. You're going through the pain but we did this together."

He put his hand on her stomach were their little girl was getting ready to come out. Adrain leaned against him again and said, "I love you."

Leo said, "Yall to need some privacy since its gonna be awhile the three of us are gonna go get some breakfast can we bring you something back Ben."

Ben looked up and said, "maybe a biscuit or something like that."

Leo nodded as him and Adrain's parents left leaving the young couple alone. Adrain laid back on the bed again and sighed as she relaxed. The nurse came in and said, "how we doing Adrain?"

Adrain said, "I think I'm alright."

The nurse checked her vitals and than headed back out. Time passed slowly for the young couple as the labor went on. Their parents got back and after what seemed like forever Adrain was given an epideral and was able to rest for a little bit. Ben was grea through the whole thing holding onto her hand or letting her lean against him as she went through the contractions.

Eventually the doctor said that she was fully dialated and ready to push. Leo and Reuben went out to the waiting room while Cindy stayed in the delivery room with them. The doctor said, "alrite Adrain its time to push so with the next pain start pushing this baby is ready to be born."

Adrain nodded as she took Ben's hand and he smoothed back her bangs on her face. He said, "come on baby just a little bit longer and our little girl will be here."

Adrain laid her head against Ben's chest and said, "I can't take much more of this."

Ben said, "just a little bit more okay honey."

Adrain nodded and screamed as she was hit with another contraction she bore down on Ben's hand hard. He about screamed himself from the pain that went through his hand from how tight her grip was. Cindy was on the other side of Adrain also saying encouraging things to her and rubbing her back as she pushed. After the contraction Adrain laid back and caught her breath as she looked over at her husband. Ben smiled at her and said, baby I love you."

Adrain said, "I want this baby out of me it hurts like hell."

Ben said, "come on just a few more pushes and we'll be parents baby."

Adrain screamed as another contraction hit her and said, "ben Boykevitch if you ever touch me I swear I'll cut your dick off."

Cindy laughed as she heard her daughter say that to her husband. Ben ignored the comment and said, "come on baby just a little bit longer."

It seemed like hours but it was really just about 45 minutes later when the doctor said, "alrite Adrain i know you're tired but i just need two more pushes okay your crowning."

Adrian nodded and buried her face in Ben's chest as she pushed again the doctor said, alrite i got her head out. Next push and she'll be all the way out okay."

Adrain bore down on Ben's hand again as she pushed one last time. The doctor said, "There I got her a beautiful baby girl. Come here Ben its your job as dad to cut the cord."

Ben walked over to the doctor and cut the umbilical cord as he looked down at his little girl. She was screaming and covered in blood but in his eyes she was beautiful. The doctor handed her off to a nurse who took her over to a table in the corner to clean her off and check her over. Adrain leaned against Ben as they watched the doctor and nurse check their little girl finally the nurse came back over with her and said, "She's perfect at 8 lbs 3 oz and 18 inches long."

Adrain eyes went huge when the nurse told them how big the baby was. Ben had warned her that Boykevitch babies tended to big, but she hadn't expected that big. Adrain took her little girl in her arms and looked down at her. Ben kissed her on the head and said, "what are we gonna name her?"