Ch 16

It was the first day of spring break and Mercy was 2 months old this day as well. Adrain smiled as she woke up to the sound of the baby monitor going off at 7 am. When Mercy had slept throught the night a week strait when she was 7 weeks old they had decided it was time for her to move into the nursery. The first night she woke up at about 4 am and found Ben sleeping in the rocking chair next to Mercy's basinett. She woke him up and asked him what he was doing in there. He told her that he had gotten up to go to the bathroom and had come in there to check on Mercy and must have fallen asleep. Ben did that for 2 more nights before he finally decided that Mercy was fine sleeping alone in the room across the hall. After the first night Adrain didn't wake when she found him sleeping in the rocking chair just went to the bathroom and got back in bed. Adrain got up out of bed leaving Ben asleep and headed to the nursery. They had left Mercy in the basinett for a little bit, but she was gonna have to be moved into the crib before long. She was getting so big. She could roll over now and hold her head up pretty good while on her tummy.

Adrain picked her up and headed toward the kitchen to get her a bottle. They were leaving for their trip to visit Ben's Uncle today. It was an 8 hour car ride to his place in southern Oregon but they thought it would be easier to drive than to fly with Mercy so young. Adrain went back to the nursery and rocked back and forth with Mercy. Ben came in the nursery and smiled at them. He said, "I was wondering where my wife got so early."

Adrain laughed and said, "your daughter insisted on an early breakfast."

Ben smiled and said, "we need to get ready to get headed out anyway if we want to make the trip in one day."

Adrain nodded and kissed Ben before standing up and putting Mercy in her basinett as she had fallen back to sleep. Adrain went to take a shower as Ben went in the kitchen to make a quick breakfast cause they had to get going they figured that with bathroom stops and lunch and probably be a 10 hour trip. They had already packed everything in the car. Adrain was a little shocked at the amount of baby stuff they had to pack. They had to buy a pack and play for Mercy to sleep in and pack diapers, formula, toys, the stroller and plenty of clothes for the 8 day trip and tha was just for Mercy. Ben's uncle had kids but the youngest was 7 so they didn't exactly still have baby stuff around. Adrain got dressed quickly and headed out to eat breakfast as Ben got his own shower. She checked that they had everything packed in their suitcases and bags.

Ben got out of the shower and came into the nursery were Adrain was now getting Mercy up and dressed for the trip. He put his arms around Adrain's waist and said, "I got everything in the car."

Mercy smiled at her daddy as he picked her up and placed her in the carseat. She was a daddy's girl there was no mistaking that. She smiled anytime she saw him and already had him wrapped around her little finger. They climbed into the car with Adrain sitting in the back with Mercy in case she started crying. Ben smiled back at her and said, "Is she okay?"

Adrain looked over at her little girl who was playing with her toy key chain. She said, "yeah she is just knawing on her key chain."

Ben said, "okay."

The drive started out pretty well as Mercy fell asleep and Adrain took a book to read as Ben drove. She read for bout an hour before Mercy woke up deciding she was hungry. Adrain reached in the diaper bag were she had some premade bottles ready for her. Ben said, "Is she ok?"

Adrain said, "yeah just hungry luckily I got this premade bottle I'll make another one when we stop for lunch so it'll be ready for her next feeding."

They drove on stopping about 11 for lunch and to change Mercy's diaper. As they started driving through northern Californina Adrain started gettting nervous. She said, "how old are your cousins again?"

Ben said, "Marie is 13, Catalina is 11, Tamara is 9 and Sarah is 7. She's named after my mom she was born three weeks after my mom passed away."

Adrain said, "so your the only grandson."

Ben nodded and said, "on both sides. My dad's sister has 2 girls Melissa is 16 and Samantha is 9. I'm kinda hoping for a brother."

Mercy started whimpering and Adrain reached back in her diaper bag and grabbed the bottle she had made her at lunch. She said, "Do you think your uncle is going to like me or is he going to to judge me cause we got pregnat at our age?"

Ben said, "He'll like you Adrain and he's not the judgemental type."

Adrain said, "But he's only nephew got a girl pregnat at 16."

Ben said, "honey don't worry abou it he'll love you anyway."

Adrain nodded and finished feeding Mercy as Ben drove on toward his uncle's house. They finally got their around 7 pm that night with bathroom stops and diaper changes and lunch the 8 hour trip had taken 10 hours about what they expected. Ben's cousins must have been watching for them cause the minute they got out of the car they were surrounded by 4 little girls.

Catalina the 11 year old was jumping up and down begging to hold Mercy. Adrain smiled and said, "wait til we get inside so I can take her out of her carseat its quite heavy."

Ben's aunt and uncle came outside as well laughing at the excited girls. Bernado started helping Ben unpack the car while Adrain got Mercy out of the car. Ben's Aunt Lisa took her inside while the girls followed while the guys unpacked the car. They sat down in the living room. Lisa said, "Its nice to finally meet you Adrain. Ben has spoken about you often in his emails he sends."

Adrain smiled as she picked up Mercy out of her carseat and liked she promised outside let each of the girls take a turn holding their little cousin. She said, "thank you Lisa."

The men carried in the rest of the stuff taking it upstairs to the guest room. Lisa said, "come on I'll show you to the guest room and you can clean up cause supper will be ready in a few minutes I had the cook hold it until yall got here."

Adrain said, "yall didnt have to wait for us."

Lisa said, "its alright. Its the girls spring break as well so no hurry for bedtimes or anything."

Adrain nodded as she followed Lisa upstairs. The house was bigger than Ben's dad's house but seemed more kid friendly with toys everywhere. The room that she and Ben would share with Mercy was large and had its own bathroom. Adrain looked around for a few minutes before changing her clothes. Mercy was asleep so she laid her down in the pack and play which Ben had already set up in the corner of the bedroom and set the baby monitor on he table beside it. She than headed back downstairs.

A/n: sorry guys its been a little hectic lately with work and than last sunday my grandfather passed away. The one with 5 kids younger than me. I'll try to update more frequently but no promises.