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The four college students sat in Maes Hughes and Roy Mustang's dorm room. The four teens were Jean Havoc, Riza Hawkeye, Maes Hughes, and Roy Mustang. They all decided to meet up for lunch, but this time eat indoors instead of out.

"Ahhh… thank god it's the weekend! I've been stumped with exams the whole week," A dirty blonde man said with a cigarette in hand.

"Jeez Jean you're such a slacker. It's not that bad!" A black haired man with glasses countered. Riza just smiled, and Roy lied down on the carpet floor.

The black haired teen sighed heavily. "I don't see why you're arguing over exams. I'm just concerned over the fact that we have to volunteer. It's stupid. And, it wastes my time." Maes started to burst out laughing.

Jean, on the other hand, smirked widely. "By waste of time you mean for your 'dates.' If that's what you wanna call em.'" However, to Jean's dismay his raven haired friend had a smug look on his face. "Yes, Jean. I mean my 'dates.' But, the reason I have so many is because I take yours. Thanks for last night, by the way." Roy winked. Jean groaned, and Maes just laughed louder.

Riza just ate her food quietly, not wanting to but in the three boy's quarrel. She just wanted to eat in peace without any disturbances.

Maes patted Roy's back. "Oh, come on! I think it'll be fun. Hey, look on the bright side I get to work at a day care center!"

"And, how will that help me?"

I don't know… I just wanted to tell you," The happy teen shrugged. Maes, and Jean started to snicker, and even Ms. Stern Riza Hawkeye stifled a giggle.

The dirty blonde took out a lighter and lit a cigarette, but to his dismay it was taken away from him. Well, more like snatched and stomped out by a certain blonde woman. "Jean! No smoking! Especially in a closed room!" She slapped the disappointed boy on the head.

"Ow! And, Heymans doesn't mind if I do! You're so cruel!"

"Well, that's Heymans not me. He's so careless anyways…" The strict girl sighed.

Maes pushed up his glasses and then looked over at Jean. "By the way, what are you volunteering for Jean?"

Jean leaned his head back, and stayed like that for a while. "Well, actually, I never really picked anything. I don't know what's left to choose from."

Roy mumbled, "Hospital."

Jean had a look of disgust on his face. "Dammit all the way to hell! I hate hospitals, everyone's all sick. And… eeeeeew." Riza rolled her eyes, and Maes just had a look of amusement on his face. Roy started to laugh hysterically. "You have to work at the hospital! Sucks to be you!" Jean glared lightly, but then grinned. "You don't have a place to volunteer either, so jokes on you! HA!"

Riza smiled to herself, she knew Roy and Jean would at least learn some responsibility at the hospital. Good. They needed it.

"So Roy will be coming with me. Good, I can't go alone… hospitals suck!"

"Hey! Who said I'll be coming with you?!"

"I did!" Riza interrupted. "You both need it, so stop whining, man up, and just go!" Both college students glanced at each other and grumbled, "Fine."


It was three days later from Roy and Jean's "decision." The two teens were walking in the hospital. Everything was set, and they were going to find out what patient they were going to keep company. "I'm so nervous! What if we get some psycho, or a delusional pruny old woman."

"Jean, we'll be fine. Were probably going to die of boredom, but I'm sure we won't get some weird ass psycho." Jean nodded. They both walked up to the desk. A young lady was sitting at the small table, she had long pretty dark brown hair tied up into a high ponytail.

She smiled up at the two young adults. "Well, you must be Roy Mustang, and Jean Havoc! It's nice to meet you guys~! Well, Jean's room is the fourth floor, roomD14. Roy Mustang's room is the second floor, room B2."

"Thanks." They both said in perfect unison.

Meanwhile, in room B2 a small golden boy was lying on his right side, facing the wall. His eyes slowly opened, but then closed again. His doctor said not to lie on right side because of his arm, but he really didn't care. He didn't want anyone to see his face. The boy bit his lip, his back started to sting. His left hand, his only hand, lightly fluttered over the gash. It was covered but it still hurt.

His left hand rested back on his side. A groan escaped his light pink lips. "ugh… too…. m-much pain." His golden eyes squeezed shut, stifling a scream. He didn't like showing any weakness. But, inside everything was ripped apart, especially his heart. His own brother couldn't even remember him, he was a broken mess, he has no mother nor father (good thing, he's a bastard anyways), and he's missing two limbs.

The wounded boy heard a door click open. He thought it was just his stupid doctor. But, he heard two voices. He knew one of them was his doctor… but, the other one. He didn't know quite know. "Ah, Ed. Your pills worn off. Let me get you some more. I'll be back…. Uhhh Roy?" Roy nodded, and looked at Ed.

His eyes widened. The poor child was a mess! He had no shirt on, so he could see his back. There was some blood spots on the bandage covering his back. He had scars, and bandages littering his left arm. He knew there was probably more, but he couldn't see it because the blanket went up to the boy's lower waist.

The raven haired adolescent slowly sat down in a hard plastic chair. "Hi, I'm Roy Mustang." Ed grunted back in response. To break the three second silence Doctor Sane, Ed's doctor, walked in. "Come here Ed." His hand reached out and rolled the tired child over. Sane dumped two pills in Ed's small hand, and gave him a glass of water. "Eat em'." Ed wanted to disobey, and throw the pills in that sorry doctor's face, however he did what he was told. He wasn't in the mood for arguing today.

Once Roy saw a glimpse of the boy's golden eyes he almost gasped. They looked so lifeless, and empty. It scared him. He pitted the poor child. He really did. The kid had all kinds of things attached to him. Heart monitors, IV's, and other systems that he had no clue what they were.

Roy looked up at the doctor, realizing how young he was. He was slim, and quite tall. He had about three to seven piercings on his ears, and had a tattoo on his neck (he had them in other various areas as well). Sane had light black hair that it almost looked a greyish-white. Sane smiled once Ed swallowed the pills, and ruffled his hair. "Have fun you two! Oh, and Roy…. Be careful he's feisty," Sane smirked.

With that, the doctor left leaving the young adult, and child alone. "Soooo, what's your name?" Roy asked awkwardly.

"I-I don't… like you. So… s-shut up, and s-s-save… your breath." The golden male said in between coughs.

"Well then…" Roy crossed his legs, and thought that he was never going to get out of this one. The kid seemed…. So anti-social. But, Roy pushed on. "Tell me when you feel sick or whatever your problem is, so I can call your doctor in. Okay?"

"He's… a-a jerk." Roy chuckled. This kid had some insults up his sleeve. Just one after another. Roy sighed. He'll have a hard time with this kid. He just knew it…

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