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Maes came rushing down the hallway and bust open the door to his dorm. "I'M HOME ROY-BOY!" Roy scowled, "This room isn't even 10 feet long, no need to yell. Damn." The green-eyed man smiled sheepishly. "Heh, sorry." He strode over and plopped on his bed, landing with a bounce.

Roy sighed, "What're you doin' here so early anyways? I was expecting you in like a half an hour ago."

"Le gasp! You don't like me anymore," the man fake gasped and had a dramatic look.

"No. I was planning on doing something when you weren't here…"

"Like what? Play with your best friend?" Maes winked.

"You know my right hand is my fav~" he winked back with a chuckle. "I was gunna study. In peace." The raven rolled his eyes with a huff.

"Oh… whoops. Had to leave." The 20-year-old nodded approving his own statement.

"Leave Edo early? Now that's preposterous!" he laughed, but within a second his face tuned blank. "No seriously, why?"

Maes put his hands up in defense, and took a large breath. "before you beat the shit outta me please understand that Edward started it."


"Well, let's say uhm…. My hand kinda grazed against something very personal of a man BUT! HEHADMYKEYSINHISPOCKETANDICOULDNTGETTHEM!" He whined quickly before his best friend could make any wild assumptions. Roy glared.

"Great. The kid already went through emotional and physical trauma. Now he gets sexual trauma by a straight man!"

"Hey. That's soon to be engaged man to you, Mister!"

"Whatever now I'm going to kill you…!"


And, thus the two friends' arguments continued the rest of the night till' about twelve a.m.

Ed rolled around in the bed. All the pure white sheets twisted and blanket thrown on the hospital floor. The golden head slammed on the pillow face first. "Mmf. Mi man't SLEEEEEEP!" The child have been awake for over an hour simply rolling around extremely uncomfortable. Every morning he always awoke with red gooey blood on the bed, and a rapid heartbeat. It was annoying, dammit!

He looked to the counter. "Maybe some pills…" He was only supposed to take a few a day, but he really can't sleep. He knows they're strong and will probably knock his sorry ass to sleep within a few minutes. If it's a nice dreamless sleep, then he'll risk it.

His flesh hand lazily felt around in the dark until it found a bottle of pills. He tried to grab it but due to the dark it simply slipped out of his grasp and fell to the floor. He grunted. The annoyed blonde kept trying to grab one after another but they ended up falling on the floor or he started to slip off the bed.

Eventually, he slipped and fell right onto the hard surface, hitting his nose in the process. Slowly, he felt the oozing liquid drip down. "Fuck me," The 10-year-old cursed. Ed carefully pulled himself up balancing on his flesh leg, not even daring to put his fresh new metal leg on the blood and pill bottled ground.

Giving up, and crawled into bed, his only artificial hand covering his nose, letting all the warm liquid seep onto it. He was truly used to the feeling of blood by now.

His golden head fell onto the pillow. Wide awake. Looks like he's not getting any sleep tonight. Ed sighed. This really sucked donkey balls. "Hurts like a motherfucker," he hissed, rolling around uncomfortably.

All he could do is sit there like some kind of idiot, letting his nose bleed out, and his automail ache. Honestly, this hospital shit is getting old…

Roy walked in with Jean, Starbucks in their hand. The smoker chugged down the rest of his and tossed it in the trash. "C'mon Roy."

"I'll catch up need to go take a piss. Be back." The friend rolled his eyes and gave a halfhearted wave, heading to Al's room.

Jean came into the hallway, but what he saw baffled him. An older lady was yanking Al's hand. "Mr. Elric. Please cooperate. We promise we'll retrieve your brother within a year or so."

"No~! I don't wanna go."

Without a word, Jean sped over. "Al, what in the living hell is goin' on?!"

Now the elder lady cut in, "Sir, watch your tongue. Alphonse Elric is now healed and well, we'll be taking him to the orphanage. We'll take his brother once he recovers."

"Can't he just wait for his brother?!"

"No he may not."

"Why the hell not?!"

"Because he can't." Jean scowled.

Once again, Al was pulled ruthlessly. The young boy squirmed, and fidgeted. "But I want Ed~"

"NO." The woman was stern. It seems as if Sane already knew as he was not here to stop anything and other Nurses were trying to coax cute little Alphonse to go with the "nice lady." Pft! Nice lady my ass!

Finally, Al was yanked to his feet. "Brother~~!" He cried. "ED! I DON'T WANNA GO!" The boy started to cry. "ED~~~! BROTHER!"

Ed leaned up from his wide awake state, as he already stayed up the whole night. His blood was dried on his hand and face, but it still felt a little sore. His sharp eyes darted towards the door. Without effort, he got up on his wobbly legs and made himself walk. He threw the door open, head turning left and right with heavy breaths.


"BROTHER~~~! LET GO! IDONTWANNAGO!" His little brother's crying voice reached his ears.

And that's all it took.

He was off. His automail port was aching and throbbing, but at this moment he could care less. 'Please be okay Al. Please.' He ran soppily, and fell once on his face again, but he didn't care. His nose continued from where it left off, and came down his face.

He skidded around the last hallway seeing Jean and Sane coming from the other side. There was an older lady speaking to him. "Your brother isn't coming along. Why won't be quiet and behave!" There was venom in her voice and it ripped bit by bit at Ed's heart left only for his brother.


Al turned and spotted his only savor. "BROTHER!" The lady scowled and yanked on Al's hand. "Let's go. Now." Ed ground his teeth, and started to run towards them. To the boys' dismay Sane snatched his arm, and pulled him back. "He has to leave, Edward."

"NO! NO HES NOT LEAVING!" Jean then came and had to hold Ed back as well. They both held his arms back. Edward was pulling, scratching, biting, anything he could muster.

All he could do is watch in horror as his only brother slowly faded from his life.

Roy calmly pulled up his skinny jeans and button them. It felt good to finally go to the bathroom. He drank way too much coffee. He walked over to the sink humming peacefully, smirking at the mirror at his sexy image.

Squirting a bit of soap in his hand, he turned on the sink with the other, washing his hand thoroughly while looking, or winking, at his own beautiful face. Ah, today felt nice.

His slick hands turned off the sink and grabbed a paper towel drying his once dripping wet hands. He grabbed his ice coffee off the counter and sipped on it. He was sauntering out the door until he heard "ROY! COME OVER HERE!"

Both Sane, and Jean struggling insanely called for the one and only. The teen screamed, "ROY! COME OVER HERE!"

Hearing the screams and yells, Roy then came dashing down the hall watching the sickening scene before him. As he dashed toward Ed, his coffee was smacked and spilled all over his new shirt, and floor. Ed's bloody nose and hand were dripping to make even more of a mess all over the shiny surface.

The teen quickly grabbed his waist, but Ed tore his automail arm from Sane and slammed his metal elbow into Roy's stomach, making him gag, and loosen his grip. Jean jerked Ed's flesh arm, but the boy lifted his automail leg as best as he could and crashed it into his thigh, then bringing his automail hand to slap him in the face.

Now that hurt like a bitch!

The golden boy was now running as best as he could to catch up to his little brother. His leg had other plans. It gave out making him twist and fall straight on the floor scraping his knee, and hitting his automail knee. Which resulted in blood pouring out. His forehead then connected with the floor, and gave out a hitched breath.

Sane came rushing over bringing Ed up, off the floor. "Edward! Edward Elric?! Can you hear me?! Listen to me!" He shook him lightly. The blonde cracked a golden eye open. His hand reached over to a groaning Roy, and pulled on his shirt. "Ed? Edward, everything's going to be okay. A-alright? Ow… you hear me? Okay? C'mon, you're okay. Just respond. C'mere."

The pained teen brought Ed into a hug into a now stained shirt. "He's gone…"


"H-he's gone. Alphonse. He's gone." Roy frowned. And pulled Ed closer.

"Edo, it's okay. You'll see him."

"He's gone…" That's all the shocked blonde could say. His expression was blank, and held nothingness. There was no fire in his eyes, no scowl, no crying, no yelling. Nothing. Edward just admitted the heartbreaking reality. His brother was taken from him. Again. By a rude woman that wouldn't know how to treat him right. It all came crashing down on the boy in an instant.

He panicked.

His limp body wrenched out of Roy's grip, and shook uncontrollably. "I-I…" His breath hitched. "Al, Alphonse….. where? Why?" Blood dripped down his forehead, and made a thin line right off his chin and plopped onto his hand.


Edward threw his hands onto his face and lost it. "AL! WHY COULDN'T I GET TO HIM! I NEED HIM! PLEASE…. Please. Ah…" He started to cough, and whimper, cry, sob, and scream. All at once. Anything. Anything he could do. He wanted to let it all out know, and never again. After this he would have nothing left. Nothing at all…

Sane sighed, and rubbed his temples. This will definitely cause serious problems. Sane mumbled under his breath "PTSD… shit."

And all Roy could do was stare in complete and utter shock. 'Edo-Chan...'

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