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The bullet that took Maura down was meant for someone else. Jane knew that and even as she tried to staunch the flow of blood from her lovers back, she screamed to Frost to call an ambulance. This was the fourth shooting at the site of a homicide; each incident had resulted in an officer down. They were dealing with a serial, they knew that and they weren't any closer today than they has been two weeks ago when the first body was found and the first officer had been shot.

Tears mingled with the sweat pouring down her face as she watched Maura struggle for breath.

"Goddamit where is the ambulance!" Jane's hair was wild as it tumbled across her shoulders, leaning down she tried to make out what Maura was telling her.

"What is it baby, it's ok, you'll be ok..." She couldn't stop the tears as they ran down her face. Maura was her life, her love.

"Emily..." she whispered hoarsely, taking a breath to continue, her body shook with the cough that wracked her body. Jane was horrified to see the spray of blood on her shirt as a result.

"What about Emily?" James confusion must have shown on her face.

"Call ... Her... She'll know..." her eyes rolled back in her head even as the paramedics reached her.


Jane snapped upright in bed grabbing her chest.

"Jane...Jane breathe its okay...I'm here." Maura sat up and pulled her close.

This case was getting to all of them but Jane's nightmares had gotten steadily worse since Maura's near miss, when the officer she was standing next to had been gunned down. Granted she had been terrified herself, but Jane's fear and rage had frightened her. It had been only two months since Jane had gone back to work, four months since they had gotten back from DC and their encounter with a crazed transsexual named Reggie.

That case had been extremely difficult for them both, not just the nature of the case but also the toll it had almost taken on their relationship. They had learned during that case that they could always count on each other, but that trust in the others ability was key. The physical toll it had taken on them and their friends at the BAU had tested them all. The aftermath had been beautiful.

"Maura?" Jane looked at her fiancée clearly for the first time since she woke. And pulled her into her arms. Jane's embrace was fierce and Maura could feel her heart pounding in chest.

"Jane honey I'm right here, what happened? Nightmare again?" Maura hugged her back concern coloring her voice. She waited until she felt Jane relax a little before breaking their embrace. After breaking ribs again in her encounter with Reggie, Jane's convalescence had taken longer than expected and it had taken a bit longer to get back to work. Maura had simply relished in being cared for and caring for the detective. After the surprise engagement, the down time had been welcome and Maura still marveled at the feel of Jane's heart beating beneath her hand.

"I need to call Emily, now."

"Jane its 4am." a quick glance at the clock made her realize they had only slept for about three hours having both pulled a long night at work.

"I dreamt you were shot Maur and..." Jane took a deep breath as the memory haunted her even now, "and with your dying breath you told me to call her. You said she would know."

"Know? Know what, about the case?". Jane's nod scared her as she realized how panicked she still was.

"I guess what happened bothered me more than I thought, huh?" Jane's attempt at a smile was little more than a grimace.

Maura looked at her fiancée and smiled. "I think so. Do you really want to call her? Call in the BAU?"

"I don't know Maur, right now we don't have a clue who is committing these homicides or the shootings...maybe subconsciously I know we need their help?" her statement turned into a question as she tried to analyze her dream.

Maura's smile broadened as she realized how far Jane has come since they were first introduced to the team at the BAU. They were more than friends with them now, they were family. Besides that the last case with them had solidified Jane and Maura's relationship and had ended with a proposal of marriage.

"How about we call them in a few hours then? Putting a finger up to Jane's lips she stopped her from objecting. "Just a couple of hours Jane. Emily will kill you if you call her before seven, you know that."

With a light chuckle, Jane grabbed her hand and kissed it. "You're right of course…this case just has me on edge."

"I know it does, but I'm fine and Officer Henderson will be survive. Whoever is doing this is just trying to create terror."

"Well they're doing a great fucking job!" Lying back against the pillows Jane stared up at the ceiling dreading sleep and the nightmares that hid there. Maura sighed and pulled Jane's arm up to nestle against her chest.

"Sleep Jane, no more nightmares, tonight, I'm here…" Speaking softly against her chest she was rewarded with Jane's arm tightening around her.

"I won't let you be hurt Maura, not again." Maura let her have the last word as she felt Jane relax beneath her. She waited for Jane's breathing to even out before she let herself drift off.


Madison Montes couldn't stop shivering and the cold was biting into her from her fingertips to her nose. The rope around her neck pulled at her and as she was yanked across the grass she wondered why no one was around to help her.

The satisfaction he felt as he watched the life leave her eyes filled him with warmth that defied the cold. With a smile he got off and brushed the snow off his pants, it was almost dawn. Pulling his rifle out of its sling he checked the sight, locked and loaded it. He looked around briefly before settling on a spot to fire from. Now came the fun part. He would wait patiently, more than prepared for the cold; he would wait to pick off another one. In his mind's eye he pictured the detective in charge of the case, Rizzoli, she intrigued him but he wanted to play for a while longer. He had watched her on the TV after his last little party, she was cocky, and he liked that. He may have find time to play with her later.


Emily watched as JJ came into the conference room with a cup of coffee for her.

"Thanks hon," smiling JJ took a seat and waited as the rest of the team came in. Emily and Garcia had been reviewing the information they had received from the Boston Police Department just an hour ago.

"So, what do we have?" Morgan took a seat across from Emily and grabbed the file she passed him. Passing files to the rest of the team, she waited until they got settled before getting up and addressing them.

"I'm sorry to bring everyone in so early, but I received a call early this morning from Jane."

"Rizzoli?" Morgan shook his head and started reading through the file.

"Yes Morgan, apparently Boston has a problem that they believe we can help with." Emily didn't tell them about her whole conversation with Jane, or the nightmare she'd had. The fact that Jane had called at all told her just how stressed she was. As much as she trusted her friends at the BAU, Jane was still Detective Rizzoli and she didn't normally play nice with others. This case though was starting to get national exposure and after four officer shootings at the sites where bodies had been found, she knew they needed outside help.

"Where are the bodies being found?" Rossi tapped the file with his forefinger.

"Each body has been found either at a local historic site or close to. The victims are young, college students, two male, two female, all four were criminal justice majors, and only two were in the same classes. They haven't been able to find more of a connection. They were found beaten and strangled and wearing only their undergarments. One suffered frostbite before being strangled."

"Jesus it's the middle of February." Morgan tried to imagine being outside in nothing but his underwear in the middle of February in Boston, and shivered.

"Our unsub is definitely sending a message with the state they are being found in, what about the shootings?" Reid looked up from the file he had finished reading, "they certainly don't seem to be random."

Hotch cleared his throat, "All four shooting victims have been officers at the site. Two didn't survive and the last victim is what prompted this invitation if I'm not mistaken."

Emily smiled grimly at him and nodded. "Maura, Dr Isles, was standing next to him when he was shot."

"No wonder Jane invited us." Morgan looked at Hotch expectantly.

"Wheels up in thirty people, Garcia, you're coming with us."


"No buts, I need you working with Frost there in real time, Kevin can handle things here." Hotch raised an eyebrow when he saw her expression.


"No sir, just, you'll have to tell Kevin, we're not talking to each other right now." Garcia crossed her arms in front of her and glared at him.

"Can everyone excuse us please." Hotch waited for everyone to leave before he continued, "What's the problem Garcia?"

"Sir ever since…well ever since I made my intentions known where he is concerned he has done nothing but try to insinuate himself into everything I do and make snide remarks followed by flowers or candy. I do not want to work with him sir."

With a deep sigh Hotch considered the woman in front of him. Ever since she fell in love with Jordan Rivera her confidence had grown, so much so that she no longer cared about letting anyone down gently. She was her own woman and one that he respected; if she was uncomfortable it was definitely with reason.

"Garcia, I need you on site and I may need him here. For the time being, I'll bear in mind what you've said but if need be utilize Frost. If there is anything that comes up I want to know about it immediately, understood?"

"Yes sir." Walking out she nodded to both Emily and JJ on the way out. They knew what was going on and had asked her to talk to Hotch about it. They were glad she finally had.

"You good PG?" Emily's concern was noted and appreciated.

"I'm good," she had spoken to them about Kevin and about how Jordan wanted to come in to 'straighten him out' "we ready for our trip?"

JJ picked up her bag and pointed at Emily's, "Always."

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