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"It is the ruling of this board that:

1-the Behavioral Analysis Unit and its current team are placed on probation for a period of six months.

2-All cases assigned are to be initially approved by Section Chief Erin Strauss.

3-At no time will the members of this unit act outside of the parameters of generally accepted practices for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Any violation of this ruling can and will be grounds for dissolving the existing unit and reassigning its members in accordance with the needs of the Federal Bureau of Investigation"

Emily slapped the letter down on the counter and clenched her hands. Thank goodness it was Saturday because all she wanted right now was to bust that asshole of a senator in the mouth. As a member of the security oversight committee, he had basically led a witch-hunt sanctioned by the U.S. government. Somehow, thanks in no small part to Strauss, Rossi and of all people her mother; they had only been placed on probation. She walked over to the picture window and leaned against the wall. It had been a long two months. Physical healing had happened naturally, but the psychological and emotional was taking some serious thought. The positive in all of this had been the serious quality time that she had been able to spend with Jennifer. They had been skittish about setting a wedding date at least until the outcome of the review.

Emily heard Jennifer's keys in the door and took a deep breath. She hated to give her this kind of news but at least they were together and their team still had a chance.


Erin Strauss settled on the plush couch and passed Dave Rossi his drink.

"Thank you." He said quietly.

"For what? None of this should ever have happened David, you and I both know that. With all the scrutiny we were already under why-"

He stifled her words with a kiss, grinning as he sat back to watch his flustered Section Chief try to compose herself.

"That was not fair."

"None of this is Erin and I believe you know that." He settled himself back and scratched at his lower leg. It was healing but he was still in physical therapy trying to increase his strength. Until then he was a desk jockey. "At least they are continuing to give you a say so."

"That's only because we have them believing that I hate the team, especially Aaron and Emily." Frowning she leaned into him. "I don't hate them you know. They just…"

"I know Erin. But you all need to make your peace eventually."

"Give me some time. In the meanwhile, let's just enjoy our time together, hmmm?"

"Yes ma'am." Rossi smiled warmly at the woman he had fallen for. They had spent so many years butting heads that they had wasted a lot of time. He was quite content to make some of it up.


Jordan Rivera looked around her old office sadly. She hated to leave but orders were orders. She was being reactivated in a civilian capacity with the military Criminal Investigations Division at Quantico. The plus side of it all was that it would be just a few floors away from Penelope. She herself was still on medical leave though. Her eye was not healing as it should and now that the swelling and laceration had healed, she had another appointment to determine what any next steps might be. For now though she was keeping the eye patch. The angry red eye staring out at folks was disconcerting even to her.

"You ready sweetie?" Garcia stood there holding Jordan's two plants. Penelope watched her girlfriend look around and leaned her head on her shoulder. "Okay?"

"Si querida, I'm fine." She hoisted the box with her personal items and turned to her. "Come on, Morgan is expecting us over for dinner."

"Yes ma'am" Pen walked by her side as they got to the elevator, "I still don't know how you got him to cook."

"He lost a bet."

"What bet?" Pen looked at her curiously seeing the mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Ah querida, I'll tell you later." Jordan was confident that Morgan and the others would help her out. The bet had been between Morgan and Rossi and he had lost. Bounce in her step she looked forward to the changes in her life, professional and personal.


Jane slammed the door behind her and, completely ignoring both her mother and Maura who were in the kitchen, went down to the basement.

Maura looked after her with worry. Jane's final appointment with the doctor had been today and she hadn't wanted anyone accompanying her. Obviously something had gone wrong.

"Excuse me Angela." She quickly wiped her hands and went to follow Jane.

"Sure." Angela finished wiping the counter and considered staying but thought better of it. Maura was better prepared to help Jane than she was right now. Angela let herself out with a sigh. She just hoped everything was okay.

Maura knocked lightly on the door. "Jane?" She opened the door to find Jane sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. "Jane honey?" She sat down next to her and laid a hand on Jane's leg.

"They won't give me the go ahead to go back to work." Her voice was raspy and filled with unshed tears.

"What are you talking about? Why not?" Confused, Maura forced Jane to look at her. "Jane?"

Jane squeezed her eyes shut. She was ashamed that she'd been unable to pass the physical. "I couldn't pass the stress test."

Maura was stunned. The injuries that Jane had suffered in the past several years were taking their toll obviously. "Jane I-"

"I'm done Maura, I can't…" The tears came and her words were suddenly lost in them. Maura gathered her up in her arms and held her. She ran through all of Jane's past injuries and knew that she could overcome this, with some work.

"Jane…" Maura kept her tone soft, gentle. "What exactly did the doctor say?"

Jane pushed away and looked at her. "I couldn't do it Maur…my heart rate was all over the place and he started citing the injuries I've had and the toll it takes on the body and how I needed more time to recuperate and blah…blah…blah…" Frustrated she got up and started to pace.

"But they didn't say you couldn't go back, right?"

"No, they placed me on extended medical leave, thirty day review."

"Well that's good then."

"What's good about it."Disgusted Jane plopped herself back one the bed. "How is any of this good?"

Maura knew how important going back to work was for Jane but she was almost grateful. "Well, now maybe we can focus on something else while you get yourself back to where you need to?" The hopefulness in her voice brought a reluctant smile to Jane's face. They had finally decided on a date for their wedding and it was coming up quickly, her only real concern being Wilkin's trial around the same time.

"You mean the wedding?" Jane deadpanned.

"The wedding?" Indignant Maura poked her in the shoulder. "Our wedding!"

Jane chuckled at the indignation in her tone. Just talking to Maura made her feel better. Laying back on the bed she grimaced a bit at the twinge from her ribs. "Yes ma'am, our we…mmm" Maura captured her lips forcefully, letting herself explore Jane's body with her hands.

"What was that for?" Jane's body was tingling where Maura had touched her.

"That was to remind you of where your priorities should be." Maura snaked a hand under Jane's shirt and continued to trace circles on Jane's stomach.

Grabbing her hand Jane rolled Maura onto her back and growled seductively. "I know exactly what my priorities are."

"Oh do you now?" Maura giggled, thankful that she had taken Jane's mind off of her work.

"Oh yeah…" Jane grunted as she found the spot on Maura's neck that drove her fiancee crazy. She would work her ass off and recuperate like they wanted before she went back to work. And she would get back to work. But until then, Maura was right; they had a wedding to plan and maybe a vacation to take once she heard back from Emily. She felt her body tighten at Maura's touch and smiled, right now though, priorities….

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