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Chapter 1:

Santa Carla. The murder capital of the world.

Great, that's what the name of my new home is. That's where my father decieded to move us to, because his ex wife lives here with her new husband and our half siblings. Our, your probably wondering who our is.

My father packed me and my two brothers, Tommy and Cade, and made us move here. Why? I have no clue. He's been insane since Lucy moved on and found some guy named Max. They'd sent us a wedding invitation, which was schedualed to be held in like a month.

As I said, Dad is insane.

"Zac!" Cade whispered into my ear, pulling me out of my daydream. I quickly shifted my gaze to him, still ignoring dad.

My name wasn't really Zac, that's just what my brothers and all of my old friends called me. My name was actually Allison Corey Emerson, my brothers mixed around my initials a little bit to come up with the nickname.

"Yeah?" I whispered back, looking my older brother straight into his grey eyes. He had this dark blonde hair with these intense grey eyes. I always thought they were beautiful, and way prettier than my boring blue.

"Where are we going?" he asked me, still in a hushed tone. Tommy was asleep beside Cade, who'd sat in the middle. Dad and Dad's bimbo girlfriend, Tamera, sat up front. I don't know how he was going to win that Lucy chicks love back when he had Tamera with him. God, she's so gross.

She's always all over him, and never lets him go. They're never not touching, like right now they're holding hands in the front seat of Dad's Comaro. Us kids were smashed into the back of the Comaro.

I can't believe Tommy fell asleep. He can sleep anywhere. I wish I was like him, but unfortunately I can't fall asleep anywhere. I can barely fall asleep at night.

"I have no idea." I replied, moving my eyes to the front seat, as Dad pulled into a parking lot.

"KIDS!" he yelled, looking back at us in the rearview mirror. His yell woke up Tommy, who grunted and flung out an arm. I covered my mouth to stifle a laugh. "Were at the bourdwalk. Now enjoy yourselves while I go get your half siblings from Lucy."

Tamera got out and let us out. We filed out one by one, Cade pushing on my back the entire time. Tommy came out still half asleep.

The blonde bimbo got back in, grabbed dad's hand, and off they went.

I looked over at my older brothers. They looked so much alike. Same blonde hair, but different eyes. Cade had the pretty grey ones, but Tommy had drop dead gorgeous green eyes. They were the same build, muscular with six packs, and great smiles. I had dark brown hair, like Michael (I was told this information), and looked alot like him. Except for the blue eyes. He had brown.

"Now what?" I asked them. Tommy shrugged, and Cade looked around. I did the same thing, as Tommy yawned.

We were in the parking lot of the bourdwalk, which was right beside a few shops, the beach was right in front of the shops.

I started walking in the direction of the shops, slowly so my brothers could follow without getting lost.

The first shop was a jewerly shop, the second was a thrift store, the third was a small antique shop, then the fourth was for rent.

"Wow." Tommy said as he saw the bourdwalk. I kept walking in front of them, amazed as well. I looked towards the beach and saw a bunch of people getting ready to leave, because the sun was starting to set in the distance. They must not like to night swim in Santa Carla.

"Yeah," I agreed, noticing the Video Max store beside an alley that separated it from the store for rent. I pointed to the store. "Can we go rent some movies?"

I looked back at Cade, knowing Tommy would wanna go, he was a movie freak. Just like me.

"Sure, Zac, why not?" Cade said, with a small smile. He liked movies too, but wasn't a die hard movie fan, like me and Tommy.

"Thanks!" I yelled, turning my attention to the store. I ran towards it, and opened the door up wide.