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-Thursday Morning, South High School-

"Teddy! Hey Teddy, wait up!" 17 year old Spencer Walsh called to his girlfriend, Teddy Duncan. It seemed as if she'd been avoiding him all day, which confused him. They hadn't seen each other in days, due to the fact that she'd been home sick from both work and school.

She turned around, looking like a deer in the headlights when she saw him. He hurried over to her, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Hi cutie, I missed you," he smiled at her. Then he joked, "have you been avoiding me?"

"N-no, of course not Spencer. I've just been busy all day, trying to catch up. I did miss three days..." She responded, avoiding looking into his deep green eyes. She knew that if she did that, she'd break down and tell him everything.

Which was something she definitely couldn't do. Not if she was going to carry through with her plan, anyways.

You see, Teddy Duncan had a secret. For the next week she did, anyways. Then it would be out of her hair for good.

"Okay, if you're sure. You still look a little pale though. You sure you should be back in school, baby?" He asked, concerned. The word rang through her head.




Spencer, I'm pregnant! She wanted to scream. She wanted him to comfort her, to assure her that everything would be okay. That she had nothing to worry about, and that she didn't have to have an abortion if she didn't want to. That he would support her.

But she knew that wouldn't happen. He'd cheated on her and left her before, when he had no reason at all to. So why would he stick around now?

"I'm fine. I still feel pretty bad, but I'll be okay. I can't afford to miss anymore school, so here I am. And plus, I missed you," she replied. At least that wasn't a lie.

He hugged her tightly. "I missed you too babe. Wanna go get some lunch?"

Teddy didn't want to, but she had to in order for Spencer to believe everything was fine.

So with his arm around her shoulders and a fake smile plastered on the blonde's face, the young couple sauntered into the cafeteria, headed toward their usual table with Ivy.

-Thursday night, 11:33 pm, Duncan household-

After a half hour of leaning over the toilet and throwing up what was left of her dinner, Teddy crawled across the tiled floor and opened the cabinets under the sink.

Extra toilet paper rolls, an unopened box of tampons, and new soap were what she immediately saw. She wished more than anything that she had a reason to be using those tampons right now. Grabbing the object she'd been searching for, a half empty bottle of mouthwash, she laughed aloud, despite the situation.

Was she actually wishing that she was on her period?

Sadly, the young blonde girl was. She'd give anything to not be in her current situation.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, disgusted with herself. She thought that she was different than everybody else. That she was smart. That it couldn't happen to her.

She and Spencer had always, always been careful. They'd always used condoms, and she'd been on birth control since she was 14 and Amy found out she was pregnant with Charlie. They helped regulate her periods, and her mom wanted her to have them as a precaution.

'Mom, I don't need them. I'm not having sex until I'm 25 and I'm married!' She'd told her mother.

'Sweetie, accidents happen. I just want you to be prepared if something does happen. I mean, look were I am. I wasn't on it, and now I'm pregnant with baby number four.'

Well Amy hadn't learned her lesson, that was for sure. She was currently 25 weeks pregnant with her fifth child, whom nobody knew the gender yet.

And Teddy didn't know any better than her mother, apparently, because she was pregnant at only 17.

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