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Chapter 10- Baby Steps

21 Weeks

-Friday, May 11, 2012/ 7:30pm, Teddy's bedroom-

"So I was thinking..." Teddy Duncan began, nervously biting her lip as she stared into the open History book in her lap. She was supposed to be studying with Spencer since their finals were coming up in just over two weeks, but she couldn't seem to focus on anything. "You know that I want to get married sooner, rather than later... Definitely before the babies get here."

"We can get married whenever you want, love. I don't care about a date, all I care about is being your husband," he replied with a smile, looking over to her from his seat at her desk.

The brunette boy unscrewed the cap of his half-full Coke bottle and took a swig- "Great! So you're okay with getting married on June 3rd!" -and then spit it all over her like a scene from a movie at her words.

Shocked at what she'd just said, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and was silent for a moment before replying. "Why June 3rd? June 3rd is only," he thought for a second, "three weeks away!"

"I know!" She exclaimed happily. "It's the Sunday after we get out of school. It would be so perfect! My mom will have just had Toby and he can be there... And the less time we wait, the better. I don't want to be that much of a fat whale at my wedding."

"Baby, it's so soon... Don't you think that's a little too soon? Can you even plan a wedding in that amount of time?"

"Spencer, I've been thinking about that too. As much as we both want one, we don't have the money to pay for the big wedding we're envisioning. I think you know that." She said softly. As much as she wanted to have the huge wedding every girl her age dreams of, big white princess dress, tons of people, lots of decorations, she knew that couldn't happen. Not at this point in time, at least. Right now the two teenagers had to focus on the children that would be there before they knew it. With twins on the way, they had zero extra spending money, even if Spencer would be getting his trust fund before they arrived.

Her fiance sighed, then nodded, knowing it was true. "I know. What were you thinking of?"

"I was thinking that we can take just our families down to the courthouse that Sunday and we can get married. It would be simple, really. Maybe we can even have a party afterwards... What do you think of that?"

He sat for a moment, contemplating the idea, before jumping onto the bed with his soon-to-be wife. Careful to avoid hitting her stomach, he tossed her textbook aside and showered her with kisses; little pecks all over her face and neck. She was giggling and trying to push him away the whole time, and finally, he leaned up on his hands, hovering over her. "I'll be there if you are."

She smiled triumphantly and traced the line of his jaw, the whispered, "I love you so much, you know that?"

He smiled back and laid down beside her, placing one hand on her protruding stomach and one arm under his head for support. "I love you too. And someday, I promise you that I'll give you the wedding you deserve."

They leaned towards each other and shared a long, sweet kiss before Spencer gasped and shot straight up. His eyes immediately went to the blondes stomach, as well as his other hand. "I felt something! It moved!" He exclaimed excitedly, moving his hands around her stomach again, hoping to feel the movement once more.

"Finally!" Teddy smiled, happy that her unborn children were finally cooperating with their father. Spencer felt the tiny flutter against his hand again and stared down at Teddy's stomach for a few minutes. When he looked back at his fiance, his eyes were red with tears of joy.

"I love you, Teddy Duncan," he whispered again with a small smile on his face, then he replaced the hands that were holding her stomach with his head. He kissed her belly and whispered, "and I love you guys too."

22 weeks

-Saturday, May 19, 2012/ 9 am, Spencer's car-

"I don't give a crap what you want, Spencer, no child of mine will ever have the name Brynlee. That sounds like the name of some stuck up tramp that lives in the Bronx or something stupid!" Teddy remarked, crossing her arms over her chest and staring at her fiance.

His eyes were focused on the road, yet she could still see him rolling his eyes. It was Saturday morning. Another week had gone by and the wedding was now only two weeks away. Although Teddy felt that she should be in a good mood, she and Spencer were apartment hunting, she couldn't shake the nightmare she'd had the night before. It was similar to the few nightmares she'd had the past few weeks. In each one, she lost one or both or her babies.

Not to mention the fact that she'd fallen asleep on the couch and nobody had bothered to wake her, so her back her like crap. "What exactly is wrong with the name Brynlee? You said you liked it the other day when I brought it up."

"Yeah, well that was before I thought of something."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"It's stupid!" She snapped, placing a hand on her stomach and rubbing soothing circles.

'Well fine, then we're definitely not going to name our kid something stupid like Beckett," he replied, rolling his eyes again when she scoffed.

"Beckett is an adorable, unique name! How can you not like the name Beck?!"

"Well for starters, it means 'bee cottage!' Who the hell names their kid bee cottage?"

Teddy huffed, the cocked her head in confusion. "How did you know that's what it meant?"

"I-uh... I read a... baby book." He stammered, the last part. Teddy's hormones kicked in and she sniffled back a tear.

"That's so sweet! I can't believe you're reading baby books!" Spencer was confused by the sudden mood change, but decided just to go with it. "That means that you actually do care!"

"You had doubts that I care?" He asked, feeling hurt.

"No, no. This just shows it even more. How did I get so lucky?"

"I'm the luckier one," he winked, then pulled onto a street lined with different apartment complexes. He turned into the first one and parked in a slot labeled 'future residents only.'

The couple got out of the car and walked to the doors of the office building, which read 'Lakewood Simplex Apartments.' They walked through the doors and were met by a perky red-head, who took them across the way to a downstairs apartment and showed them around. They liked it, but wanted to see more before they settled into one place.

Across the street from Lakewood were the 'Leadville Estates', a tiny apartment with barely enough room to breath. They quickly declined the offers made by the manager. Though it was cheap, this apartment definitely wasn't big enough for the four of them.

They spent a few hours looking at apartments and none of them felt like 'home' to either Teddy or Spencer. They were about ready to give up when they pulled into the parking lot of the 'Vantage Point Apartments.' These were set up to look more like a tiny house than an apartment, and even had a small backyard. The inside had two medium sized bedrooms, one a bit larger than the other, which would be more than enough room for the four of them. The kitchen was decently sized, with granite counter tops surrounding a white stove, a bar, and then across from that a fridge and another granite counter with a sink. The living room had a bog coat closet and an open space big enough to fit two couches, as well as a fireplace in the corner. Then, from the kitchen, there was a sliding glass door that lead to the adorable, grassy backyard. Teddy could picture her twins running around hand in hand, playing back there.

And she could picture walking into the small bedroom to wake her two kids up for school. And she could imagine her fiance dancing around the kitchen with a spatula as he made their family breakfast. It was simple, this was the apartment.

"Spencer, this is it. I love it! We have to have it!" Teddy whispered to her fiance, who was next to her staring at the place before him in the same awe that struck her.

"So you're interested, I see," the man who was showing them the apartment asked with a smile.

Teddy bit her lip and waited for her fiance to reply. "Yes. We've had a few pretty decent offers today, let's see what you can do for us." He said to the owner, who smirked an mischievous smirk.

"Why don't we head back to my office and see what we can work out?"

"I'm sorry to hear it. If you change your mind, give me a call. I can reserve the apartment for one week only," the man said before ushering a sad looking Spender and Teddy out the door. They walked back to their car hand in hand and didn't speak until they were both inside.

"$750 a month seems like a reasonable price for the place," Spencer started as he turned on the car and pulled out of the complex.

"Yeah, I guess. But we don't have that kind of money! We can only afford to pay $600 at the very most...Why does it have to be so much?" She asked sadly.

Spencer shrugged, looking sad as well. "It was so perfect."

"I know." She replied simply, trying to make Spencer happier by not sounding as sad. It didn't work.

"How was the search today?" A peppy Linda Walsh asked her son and his fiance. She'd just gotten back from her bidaily jog, and was dressed in a hot pink jogging suit.

"We found the most amazing apartment I've ever seen in my life," Spencer replied sadly.

"Oh, then why the tone?"

"It was two hundred over what we can spend a month." Teddy answered for him, taking a cookie off of the plate on the counter and nibbling on it's edge.

"That's too bad. What was it like?" She asked, a plan forming in her head. The young couple described it to her and she understood why it was so perfect to them. And she agreed, they just had to have it. It's a good thing her husband was rich.

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