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Somewhere, in the fog of the back of my mind, I remember sitting down in our Jacksonville home. The sky was a pale shade of blue-grey, and the sun created mythical purple clouds. This was home- my home.

I remember how it all began.

My mother and father sat me down one evening, on the couch. Mommy held my hand, smiling at me that cold smile that she gave Daddy when he went too far into an argument. I didn't like that smile. Not one bit.

My friend Kelsey said that when her parents sat her down, they told her that she was going to have a baby brother or sister soon. Maybe that's what Mommy and Daddy wanted to tell me! If Kelsey got a brother or sister, so did I.

Mommy glanced at Daddy, who spoke first. "We want to talk to you, Bells, honey." He said in a gravelly, tired voice. I didn't recognize that voice. My Daddy was a strong man, not the stranger standing in front of me with the strange, far-away eyes.

"Am I going to have a baby brother or sister, Daddy? Is that what you wanted to tell me?" I asked softly, my eyes becoming big and wide. Surely this is what they wanted to tell me- I didn't even have to argue with myself on this one.

Mommy and Daddy shared a look. The glanced at each other for a couple seconds, and then burst out into hysterical laughter. Finally, the loud laughs resounded to a soft chuckle. "Actually, sweetie, it's quite the opposite." My mother said, finally glowering at my father. My face fell. The opposite. What was the opposite of a sister? No sister?

"What do you mean, then?"

My mother was growing impatient. "This means we are getting a divorce, Isabella."

"Div-orce." I said, the name rolling over my tongue. "What's that mean?"

Mommy took in a large surge of deep breath. "That means that your Daddy and I don't love each other anymore, Isabella." I sucked in a deep breath and thought about it.

It was over. I was no dummy. Maybe I was young at five, but I was perceptive and I certainly wasn't clueless. I had seen the far-away glances my mother gave my father, the snappy tones, the agitated postures.

"You… don't?"


I stood there, feeling helpless. "What's this got to do with me, then, Daddy?" My mother looked angry that I hadn't spoken to her. What could I say? She called me Isabella, made me do my chores, spoke to me in curt tones, and never quite loved me the same way my father did. They say it's a mother's love, but I never really had a mother that loved me the same way it's said to happen in fairytales. It's a queer story, my life- but I've never been on the right path.

I had trusted my parents to keep me in track, to pick me up when I fell. It looked as though they had betrayed me again, though. Countless times I'd forgotten and wiped the sad look off my face, but I was done. I needed an answer, and I needed an answer now.

"Bells, you'll be moving to your mothers home in a couple of weeks." He said, sounding morose, his tone betraying the simple words. My eyes widened in shock. What about my friends? My house? My life? I couldn't have it all come crashing down. And to live with my mother? What were they thinking? I'd never do that!

"Are you… coming with me, Daddy?" I asked softly, praying & hoping he'd say yes.

"Isabella Dwyer, no, you idiot! You're coming with me, and staying the hell away from your disgusting father!" Mommy yelled suddenly.

"It's… it's… Swan." I whispered.

She glared at me, and then Daddy. "The only reason I'm not snatching her from your arms this second is the custody agreement. Other than that, she'd be out of this house faster than you can count to ten."

"And I'd arrest them for it."

"Who's them?"

"You, and whoever else you have behind this fucking mess!" Daddy yelled. Daddy never yelled. Tears streamed down my face, and I ran to my room.

Life was never quite the same after that day.

Two days before the move, my father sat me down on his lap. "I have something to tell you, Bells." He said softly. I looked up at him for a minute, before blushing and looking down.

"Yeah, Daddy?"

"Your mother… she was involved in a car crash last night." My mother hadn't been home at night for a while, but this time was different.

She'd been involved in a seventeen-car collision, and she was the cause. She had a little too much to drink that night. She skidded to a stop in the middle of an intersection, on a green light. Cars hit her from every direction, killing her and the other passengers almost instantly. If that wasn't enough, the engine exploded and the car had burst into flames. No one survived that collision. 125 deaths, all in one day, from a careless woman's mistakes.

Goddammit, it was my mother. The one who was supposed to set an example for me!

"What happened, daddy? Where is she now?" I asked warily.

"She… she's in heaven now, baby."

I looked at him, confused. At the time, Heaven and Hell were two worlds I'd never believed of or known of.

"What's Heaven? Can we see Mommy there again?" Even though my mother had been so bitter to me, I still loved her. It was only a daughters love that could maintain that much hatred.

"No, we can't visit Mommy again." He whispered. "You see, Bells.. Heaven is a place where the good, dead people go."

So Mommy was dead.

I remembered there was a girl in my class named Angela. Her mother had died from brain cancer. They'd caught it late, and she was only 28! Angela was but three. And I was five.

Yes, at five years old, on Saturday, August 13th, at 8:09PM, I lost my mother.

Somehow, I was just cold. No feeling left. Empty. No happiness, no sadness. I was just… gone. Maybe she didn't love me, but I loved her, and that meant something to me. She had purposely left me. She had tried to run away, and now she was permenantly gone.

As for the legal end of it, my father got the full custody agreement, and we moved to Forks, Washington- far, far, away from sunny Jacksonville.

Not a day later, I met the boy that I tell my story about.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

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