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I was seven years old when I first met Bella Swan.

She'd had a rough couple of weeks, my mother had told me. Her parents were going to get divorced, only for her mother to die two days before the signing. I felt pretty horrible for the little girl, but I had to remind myself that that was what she was- a little a girl.

She wasn't someone I could socialize with- she was probably obsessed with princesses and Barbie's. She probably didn't play any sports, and I bet she hated video games, too.

What the fuck did we have in common, anyway? We lived in the same town? Yeah, sure. Okay. That was good enough, now wasn't it? It sure the hell was, anyway, for my mother.

"You'll like her. I've met her father, and he's a great man. I'm sure she's a sweetie." She stated solidly. I was going to have to meet her. She was probably going to make me dress up and play tea party with her dolls.

I wasn't going to have a thing to do with her.

Two days later, though, I was on her doorstep with a small present for her. It was a charm bracelet. I had heard that girls liked those things. I just prayed that she wouldn't make me stay for too long.

An older man answered the door. He smiled at my mother and I. "You must be Esme," He said, addressing my mother, "And you must be Edward! I have a daughter just a year below your age." I half smiled.

"I have a gift for her, sir." I said quietly. He chuckled darkly.

"Call me Charlie, sucker." He explained. Esme had always said to use 'sir' for men and 'miss' for woman that I didn't know. "ISABELLA SWAN! Get your ass down here this second!" My mother looked astounded.

I walked in, to come face to face with the prettiest- no, make that most beautiful- girl I had ever seen. I was only seven, yet I knew that she was it for me.

She had beautiful dark brown wavy ringlets, and chocolate brown eyes. Her skin was creamy and white, and her lips perfectly pink. Her cheeks were bright pink, as she blushed thoroughly. She wore a soft gray oversized sweater and a small black skirt with leather sandals.

"Hi," She said softly. That voice! I couldn't help but think. She's so beautiful!

"Hi." I replied, equally as shy.

"I'm Isa-beylla. But I like Beylla betteh, 'cause only my mommy call me Isabeylla." She mumbled softly. I smiled. She had the cutest lisp, and it made me oddly happy.

I didn't push the subject. "I'm Edward." I replied. She nodded, and smiled shyly. "I have a gift for you." I said, outstretching my hand. She gasped softly.

"Tank you, Edwood."

I didn't remember the feeling; I remembered the contact. It felt like touching an electrical circuit, as though a million sparks flew to my hand when our skin touched.

Our eyes jumped to each other. She shook slightly. She blinked a couple of times, and ran a hand through her hair. She swallowed audibly before taking the gift.

"Why don't you take the gift and open it outside, Bells, honey?" Charlie's voice snapped, interrupting our little private fest. My head whipped back to his. He glared at me heavily and grabbed Bella's arm. She whimpered. He then whispered to me, "Alone." I could hear my mother's voice, and scowled.

"Look at them. She's so cute, and he's so oblivious to her." She murmured.

"Fuck that. He's gonna be a player. Look at that smirk your son's got there."

"Um, it's his fathers. He thinks she's cute- not an object. A girl. Besides, he's barely more than seven, give the poor guy a break. He'll always be with her."

Charlie grumbled, and shook his head. "Nah, he probably won't. He's that type. The player. He'll go out and get drunk each night as he brings a new girl home. He'll cheat until she notices, and then he'll take his fists on her."

Elizabeth looked shocked, but he continued. "Almost all guys do it; don't matter how they're raised." He said roughly.

I cringed.

My mother scowled stiffly. "Maybe we should get going, Edward." She said, motioning for the door. I looked apprehensively between the door and Bella. Bella, and the door. The door and Bella.

I shuffled my feet softly to the door. I turned to meet Bella's sad, chocolate eyes.

"Bye, Edwood."

"Bye, Bella."

We left, then.

"Can you believe him? I know his wife died, but that doesn't give him the excuse to-" Elizabeth cut off at the look on my face.

"Why the long face, Eddy?" She asked playfully. I only glowered. She was the one who took me away from my Bella. I wanted to see her again; I craved her.

"It's nothing, Ma." I said.

As we went home, I started pacing. I went out to the back porch. A sudden gust of strawberries flew my way, and I looked up.


I looked at her, and smiled.

"Yah wannah go somewheh fuhn, Edwood?" She whispered to me softly. I smiled broadly.

"Sure, Bella!"

We smiled. She took my hand, and I again felt the sparks. We both looked at eachother, and she blushed bright red.

She held out her hand and helped me up even though it was unnecessary. We smiled at eachother, and I ruffled her hair. We both chuckled awkwardly.

I could have stayed forever in this moment. It was so unstaged, yet so perfect.

As we walked down the cobblestone path, hand in hand, I could have sworn that it was meant to be. We were meant to be lovers.

Love is lies.

That's all I ever learned. Love appears to be the greatest thing that a human being ever experiences, but throughout life, you learn that you get to be fucking miserable.

"What the fuck are you doing with this asshole?" A man's voice appeared behind us. I jumped slightly. Police sirens began to blare, and the sounds of walkie-talkies filled my ears. I spun around to come face to face with Charlie's fist. I head a sickening crunch, and then felt the pain.

That'll leave a bruise.

"YOU LISTEN TO ME GOOD, YOUNG MAN! STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!" He screamed into my face. I shivered slightly. What had I done exactly to deserve this? "YOU'RE JUST A DIRTY LITTLE FUCKER WHO NEEDS TO LEARN A LESSON-" Policemen grabbed him by the arm but his fists connected with their stomachs and he ran for me, and dragged me along the ground.

He than ran for my parents. No! I screamed as he took a pocketknife from his pocket. I ran for my life, but there wasn't much I could do. He stabbed my wrists and I couldn't stop the blood. There was more. He ran to my mother, Elizabeth. She didn't stand a chance. She screamed bloody murder as the knife slit her throat and heart.


He didn't waste time with my father at all. He just plunged it into his skull. That's when I saw the police cars.

Too little too late.

I heard soft sobbing as they pulled Charlie into the car. Who would be sobbing when they saw the murder of two young people, like my parents? Men and women both came rushing over to me, and I saw the eyes of Charlie going wild as he kicked and screamed, trying to get to me next. Fucker.

He pushed and pulled but couldn't come out of the grasp, and the sobbing got harder. I saw flashes before my eyes. I was loosing too much blood.

Turning around, I understood. There, I saw the sheet of dark brown hair and the dark chocolate brown eyes with the silver charm bracelet. I knew that look. He was her father- no matter what the shit he did to others, he's still be in the bottom of her heart.

"I dun know why my daddeh so mad at chu!" She sobbed. "He been so mad for' while now. He call me a bitch though I dunno what a bitch is, I just dun tink it nice." I gasped. "He sometime got mean and mad and punch me, but he was gooder than mommy. Cause' mommy shnapped at me to eat broccoli, but daddy never did, and-" I stopped her.

"Shh, its okay, you'll be safe now.

"GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER BACK!" I heard the scream.

"Daddy!" Bella cried, her eyes filled with wet, unshed tears. No, not her daddy. "Daddy, come back!" He's not her daddy; he's a monster.

This was only the beginning.