Summary of Keep Me Close:

After the encounter with the Volturi over Renesmee, Esme is captured by Aro and brought back to Volterra. Aro tortures Esme by forcing her to drink huge amounts of human blood, transforming her physical and mental state. She soon forgets about her life in Forks, but she never forgets about Carlisle. Carlisle of course is trying to find a way to rescue her, but he encounters a problem early on – the Volturi are much more powerful than the Cullens alone. So the family recruits the help of a centuries old vampire named Peyton (bio on my page) who Rosalie and Edward met in the twentieth century. Peyton has not only a mental shield, but also the ability to control and manipulate the elements, making her no match against the Volturi's strong forces. Peyton was at one time a member of the Volturi, though she left a long time ago after Aro 'killed' her mate. Peyton and Carlisle wipe out the Volturi, burning down their fortress and rescuing Esme. At the end of the story Peyton receives a letter from Alec, who escaped the battle and knows where Peyton's mate Osiris is. The family and Peyton are back in Forks trying to overcome the struggles that have been laid out before them.

Disclaimer: Characters are Meyers (besides Peyton) storyline is mine

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Esme P.O.V

Forks' is dreary in every sense of the word. Clouds, grey and full, hang low over the damp earth, masking the tall mountains completely. The town is small, much smaller than I expected, which is good. My thirst is undeniably strong and just a few drops of blood can make me go insane. I live under constant fear; fear that at any moment I could lose myself and kill the whole town.

I grab Carlisle tighter, relishing in his sweet scent. Once the plane had landed we decided to run back to the house, Carlisle insisting that taking a car was too dangerous. I agreed completely, cars mean people and people mean I go crazy. So Peyton handcuffed me again, and Carlisle carried me. I felt sorry for Peyton, she looked worn. Her eyes were black and she had dark purple bags underneath them. Her tattoos looked faded and she was running a few paces behind everyone else. She insisted over and over that she was fine, but I could tell she was thirsty.

"We're almost there, sweetheart," Carlisle whispered in my ear as he raced through the forest. The trees here were much different than the ones in Italy, and everything seemed much greener.

I simply smiled and tucked myself deeper into his warm embrace. He had done so much to get me back, risked his life to save me, a worthless monster. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to find some type of loop hole in my memory, something that would give me all my memories back, but there was nothing. Just an empty space. My memories of my stay in Volterra were fairly clear, and my memories of the fight were crystal clear, but anything before that is blank. As if none of it ever happened. I wanted so badly to remember, to remember my wedding day, my children, and my human life. I don't even know what my life was like before I was changed into a vampire, nor do I know who changed me. It was embarrassing not knowing all these people who at one time I loved as my own children! How could blood change me so badly? How could one thing mess up my whole life so badly?

A sob escaped from my chest and I shut my eyes tighter. Rain had begun to fall and I could feel it peppering my skin, softly and then harder as it came down in larger volume. Soon I was drenched and my sobs blended in with the sound of the heavy rain. Leaves and twigs caught on my drenched body as Carlisle sped forward gripping me closer.

"Please don't cry!" he shrieked, "I'm doing all I can, I'm so sorry! I'm trying I-I don't know what to do! Please, don't cry love! Why can't we be what we used to?" he cried, stopping suddenly and setting me on the ground.

I noticed Edward directed the others away, I mentally thanked him. Now was not the time for comfort from them.

Carlisle looked up into the sky, his hands in fists at his sides. Rain poured over his face, drenching and darkening his blonde hair. "Why'd this happen to me?" he screamed into the cloudy heavens. "Why, God, why is she gone God? Why?" He fell to his knees and hammered the ground with fierce punches.

Scared, I pushed myself back further the best I could with my restraints. For some reason my body was telling me to be frightened by him, by any angry male. I tested my cuffs but they held strong. My breathing became ragged and my nerves only increased with every word he spoke.

"Give her back! She was all I ever wanted, please! This isn't her and I don't know what to do!" His balance on his knees faltered and he fell into the mud, curling in on himself. "Give her back, p-please. I don't want t-t-this new E-e-esme. This isn't her!" we wailed. He turned over, locking eyes with me. "I love you so much, but I want my old Esme back."

"I'm sorry," I choke out, scooting further away from his crumpled form.

"You'll come back, you will," he reached out and grabbed the block containing my ankles, pulling me towards him.

"You're so beautiful," he moaned, kissing me passionately. I pulled back, scared of this very different Carlisle. He grabbed my face in his hand, redirecting it so I was looking into his eyes. "Look at me," he ordered, leaning in to kiss me again.

"Carlisle, I'm scared," I whispered pitifully.

"Love me, please, just this once," he said.

"No, please let me go, let's go to the house, please let me go, I'm scared," I pleaded, trying to break his grasp, but my arms and legs were tied, literally.

"Love me, just like old times, why don't you remember?" he groaned, kissing me again, and grabbing my breast, the one Aro had bitten. I yelped and he jumped, surprised by my outcry.

He shook his head, and ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know what came over me…I'm so sorry Es…I love you. I would never hurt you…I'm so sorry. Let's go home," he murmured, picking me up gently.

I didn't say anything and turned away from him. But then again, who am I to be rude to him? I attacked him, and he took me back with open arms. I sighed and shut my eyes, wishing I could sleep.


Carlisle P.O.V

I cannot believe I just did that. I hurt my wife. For God's sake if she hadn't had screamed I probably would have raped her! What was wrong with me? I had her back, why was I so upset? Her memory would come back; she would go back to normal. Everything would go back to normal.

Why can't I believe what I say?

The Esme that I carry in my arms isn't the Esme I had a year ago. That Esme is gone. I didn't fall in love with this Esme, but I still love her the same. Why is this so confusing?

She's different. She's much more beautiful than she was before, her body's curvier, and her face is that of an angel's. But she doesn't remember our wedding day, or all the years we spent together. She doesn't remember our children, or anything else for that matter.

I can't give up on her though. This woman is my existence, without her there is no Carlisle Cullen. I'm nothing without her. I'll find a way. If she doesn't get her memory back, I will tell her everything I remember about her life. Everything I can tell her that is. I don't think he wants to remember her life with Charles or her suicide attempt or her dead baby. But I should be honest with her.

I grip her tighter and I notice she's avoiding my eyes. My heart sinks automatically and my arms go limp for moment, my mind forgetting the precious cargo in my arms. Esme fell to the ground, unable to catch herself. Mud splattered everywhere, drenching more Esme and myself.

A sob of frustration wracked my lover's body and I swooped down to grab her. I held her tight in my arms and ran to the house as fast as I could, mud caking my shoes and pants.

I could feel Esme shaking in my arms, but decided to let her be. She deserved to be left alone after what I did to her.

I could see the river now, its white tips darting above the horizon line. A large leap got me across the rushing water gracefully and after a few more paces I was standing in front of the back door to the house my wife made.

Suddenly Rose was there, holding the door open and offering a towel for Esme. I took it and wrapped my wife up carefully. She groaned and closed her eyes when I leaned in to kiss her. I placed her on the couch and stepped away a few feet, nervous of what my family would think of me.

I heard footsteps and saw Peyton come and take the shackles off my love, who thanked her quietly.

"I'm going to go smash these outside if that's alright. Wouldn't want anyone finding an unbreakable rock," she said to no one in particular. The back door closed with a click, and it was just us. My family and I.

"Didn't you say the Denali's would be here?" I asked, staring at the ground.

"They left before you got here," Edward said quietly. "There were going to wait and welcome Esme back, but they weren't interested in staying once we told them that she wouldn't remember them anyway."

"Oh," I sputtered, sad that they didn't bother to stay.

"Rose, Bella, and Alice, how about you take Esme upstairs and run her a bath. I'm sure she would appreciate it and Carlisle and I need to talk, alone," Edward said, a demanding tone in his voice.

"Of course," Rosalie said, helping Esme get up and ushering her to the bathroom upstairs.


Rosalie P.O.V

"Come on Esme, there's a really nice bath in this one…" I said, ushering her into the hall bathroom. "Is any of this jogging your memory?"

"No," she said quietly, "but maybe…later."

I sighed, "Bella, can you turn on the water? Thanks."

The water made a calming sound as it hit the empty basin and I took in my mothe- I mean Esme's state of distress. She was drenched from the rain and covered in mud. Her clothes were torn and ruined beyond repair.

"Strip her down, Alice, and then we'll work," I commanded.

Alice nodded, making a move to take Esme's shirt off.

"No, please," Esme whispered, pulling away from Alice like a child.

"It's ok Esme, we're all girls here, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You're a mess, you need to get clean, can I undress you know?" Alice asked her eyes comforting.

Esme pursed her lips and nodded. The shirt she had been wearing was a few sizes too big, and she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

The sting of jealously hit me before I could stop it. Not only had Esme's face become as beautiful as me, her body had become even more curvy. Esme had always had a womanly figure, after all she is older than us physically and before she became a vampire she had a baby, but now she was the stuff of a typical man's dreams, aside from all the mud.

I was always the most beautiful in the family, and now she comes out of nowhere destroying myself image and vanity. I covered my envy with a smile, though it was no small task.

Bella turned around from her position by the bathtub and said, "Wow Esme, you're gorgeous, even for a vampire! Watch out Rose," she joked, eliciting a round of giggles from Alice.

My jaw tightened and Esme placed a hand on my shoulder, "I still think you're much more beautiful, Rose, if that means anything to you."

My anger flowed out of my body, only to be replaced by guilt. How could I be so vain? "Thank you Esme," I murmured and she smiled sweetly at me. For the first time I felt true sympathy for Esme. She doesn't even know us and yet she's being so kind and trusting. She went through all that and yet she still has manners and she can still smile. But was she really my mother, or just another woman putting up a fake façade? She didn't even know who I was, she's not my mother. She's a stranger.

I glanced at Bella, who just shrugged and looked back at the water flowing from the spigot.

"Esme, what's that?" Alice asked suddenly, worry flowing through her voice. The pixie was pointing at Esme's right breast which had a red crescent shaped indention. Esme's hand shot up, covering the bite mark from view.

"It's nothing,' she said quickly, her eyes darting from me to Alice.

"I highly doubt it's nothing or you wouldn't be hiding it," I said, pulling Esme's hand away.

"I suppose you'll see it sometime anyway," Esme's head fell in defeat.

I heard Alice's quick intake of breath when she saw the bite up-close. It wasn't completely healed, the skin around it oozing blood and venom. I touched it carefully and Esme hissed in pain, pushing me away.

"Sorry," I murmured as Alice inspected the wound.

"Please Esme, tell us what happened. We want to help you," she pleaded, holding the caramel-haired woman's hand.

Esme shut her eyes and took in a deep breath, releasing it slowly. "It was Aro," she started, earning a hiss from everyone in the room.

"I was so miserable there…the blood made me go crazy. M-my clothes stopped fitting so I had to wrap myself in a comforter to have any decency. Aro came in one day and he caught me crying. He offered me blood, which I took, and then…and then…then…" she stuttered.

"It's ok Esme, go on," Alice said, squeezing her shoulder softly.

"Then he tried to rape me," she uttered, breathlessly.

I gasped, stumbling back a few steps. I too had been abused as a human, and I knew how it felt to be forced by a man. I'd never really gotten over that event in my life, even after I killed Royce. I thought it would seal the wounds, and I would be able to live my life but it's never been the same.

"I'm so sorry Esme," Alice said, holding her hand kindly.

"I tried to fight him and he bit me. I started bleeding so he threw me into the corner and left. That was the day Carlisle came back, my last day there," she sobbed, remembering the awful memories.

I gulped and stepped forward. I knew Aro was a terrible person, but I didn't think he would stoop so low. "I know that's hard for you, Esme, especially after Charles," Alice said. I scowled at the sound of his name.

Confusion masked Esme's face, her eyebrows knitting together and her lips pouting. 'I don't recall a Charles, sorry dear," she said sympathetically.

Alice was about to say something but I interrupted, pulling her behind me, "that's one person you don't want to remember anyway. He was from your human life. You were married to him, forced into marrying him really, at the age of 22. He was a tall man, with dark hair and dark eyes. He abused you Esme, and in 1920 you found out you were pregnant and left him. And then-"I began, but Alice cut me off.

"Stop, I think she's remembering," my sister said tentatively.

Sure enough, Esme had her eyes shut tightly, her mouth murmuring something incoherent. She shook her head a few times, and then her eyes shot open, black as night.

"Nothing, I'm sorry. We could try again," her words died on her lips as I moved over to the tub to test the water.

"It's fine, don't worry about it. You'll get better. Just focus on getting cleaned up right now, you don't look like Esme."

She smiled at me warmly. It was the same smile she had been giving me for almost a hundred years and yet it was different. Even after the mud and soot washed away she still wouldn't look like Esme. She would never be the mother I once loved so dearly, the one I was just opening up to. Venom pricked at my eyes, invisible tears that would never fall. Oh how I wished they would, at least then people could see how much I was hurting.

"Thank you so much," Esme said, sliding into the claw foot tub, her icy skin hissing at the hot water. "Feels marvelous."

"I'm glad," Bella said sweetly, as if nothing were wrong. I could see it though; I could see the hurt behind her words. She hadn't known Esme as long as the rest of us, but she loved her all the same.

"Just call if you need anything, we're going to check on Nessie," Alice said, making her way to the door.

Esme blinked and sat up, causing a few drops of water to spill over. "Nessie's the human, yes? I smelled her coming in…she's a long ways away though. For her safety suppose," Esme said nonchalantly as she poured some bubble bath into the scolding water.

"Well, she's half human, half vampire, and it's a really long story that I'm sure Carlisle would just love to tell you," Alice said laughing nervously.

"I'm sure he would," Esme sighed. She sounded annoyed, something the old Esme rarely got. But then again the old Esme never had her memory swiped.

Alice smiled awkwardly and fumbled with the doorknob.

"Where is she?" Esme asked as she washed her caramel locks carefully.

I bit my lip, anxiously awaiting an answer from one of my sisters, but none came. The room was silent. I glanced over at Esme, who had gone from annoyed to irritated very quickly.

"Do you think I'll hurt her?" she asked angrily. I noticed I was the only one who had turned around to face my mother's wrath; Alice and Bella were cowering by the door, their backs turned.

"Well, er, it's just, well," never in all my years as a vampire have I struggled so much to get a simple sentence out. I didn't want to hurt her, not when she just got home. Not when she's just begun the healing process.

"I'm not a monster!" she cried, suddenly, shaking the water violently. "I'm not a monster, I'm just me. Can't you see Rose? I used to know you, didn't I? I used to be your mother, that's what Carlisle says! What's happened to me? What can I do to get better, please tell me, Rosalie?" Esme's dark eyes, alight with insanity, made me move faster than I ever had before. I opened the door, shoving Alice and Bella out as quickly as I could. I pulled the door shut and sunk down to the floor, using the wall to support me.

Bella sighed deeply, running a hand through her hair. "Can someone tell me what the hell happened back there?"

"That's not her, that's not Esme," I mumbled, crossing my arms over my knees. My brain felt melted and my body seemed numb.

"Shhh!" Alice precipitously, raising a finger to her mouth. "Listen!"

We all fell silent, allowing our sensitive ears pick up the subtle sound of sobbing.

"You made her cry, Rose!" Alice said accusingly, her eyes narrowing. "You should have let me handle it instead of running away! Haven't you learned that running away gets you absolutely nowhere?"

My mouth fell open in shock at Alice's outburst. My sister was always calm, providing a positive outlook on a negative situation. What was wrong with my family?

"I'm sorry Alice, I didn't know what to do, she's never acted like that before…" I mentally sighed and looked up at my sister. Her eyes were sympathetic, but her mouth was set in a grimace.

"I know, I think everyone's just a little on edge. I'm sorry for being so rude…I don't know what happened to me…" She shut her eyes and turned away.

"It's fine, I don't even-" I was abruptly cut off by a loud thud from downstairs.

"Don't say another word!" Carlisle seethed. I couldn't see him, but I knew he was mad.

"Carlisle, I'm sorry," Edward started.

"No, I cannot believe you would even think that. She's your mother Edward! How could you do that?"

I was downstairs in a flash, taking in the scene before me in seconds. Edward was on the floor, Carlisle standing above him with Peyton in between. She looked downright exhausted, and my mind flowed with sympathy for the girl.

I found Emmett still sitting on the couch. I suppose he didn't bother helping since Peyton can handle just about anything. But, by the look in her eyes she doesn't seem very comfortable handling family disputes.

I smelled Alice and Bella's scent behind me and knew they had joined me to see what was going on.

"What's going on here?" Bella asked, her eyes darting from Edward to Carlisle and back. Her husband grimaced and stood up.

"Nothing, we're fine. Go back upstairs, you shouldn't leave Esme alone." Edward muttered, dusting off his shirt.

"Well, now we're definitely not leaving," I sighed, giving Carlisle an annoyed gaze. He scowled, his calm façade completely broken. Edward must have said something that really ticked Carlisle off, and quite frankly that's quite an accomplishment. The 300 year old vampire isn't one to get angry quickly. Or easily. I would know.

"Edward suggested sending Esme to Esme Isle for a few decades, till the blood lust died down," Emmett said, leaning back with his 'I'm thoroughly pissed' look on. "He said Peyton could build some walls to keep her in," he grunted, "like some type of animal."

"Edward!" Bella snapped, grabbing his arm tightly. "She does not deserve to spend decades alone on some island! Have you forgotten that we're the ones that got her in this mess?"

I raised my eyebrows, surprised at Bella's outburst. Very rarely did she ever bark at her husband in such a way. Was anyone acting like themselves tonight?

"Where's Jasper?" Alice asked suddenly, to no one in particular. Peyton answered her through clenched teeth.

"He went out, couldn't handle all the emotions. I don't blame him, I'm not even an empath I can barely handle all you!"

Alice nodded slightly and flitted out of the house, closing the door softly behind her.

Silence enveloped us, the only noise being the steady breathing of Peyton. I hardly even noticed everyone else, including me, had stopped their breathing.

"Esme's hungry," Edward said, breaking the silence. "You need to go feed her."

Carlisle gave him one last growl and left, darting to the kitchen to retrieve a blood bag.

"Those won't last and she's not ready for animal blood," my voice was shaky and high. "What are we supposed to do?" My mind laughed at my innocence. I knew what needed to be done. I just didn't want to be the one to say it.

Peyton coughed awkwardly and said, "I'll do it. I don't want to risk anyone seeing one of you with a dead body slung over your back. You have reputations, I don't."

"No, you don't have to do that," Bella said, her naïve Bambi eyes shining in the light. "Carlisle can get blood from the hospital. No need to kill anyone."

Edward laughed humorlessly beside her, and she looked up at him, frowning.

"What?" she demanded.

"Esme's been living with a blood bag or more every half hour. Do you really think Carlisle can steal that many from the hospital without raising any suspicion?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't really think about that," Bella murmured.

Edward grimaced. He was never impolite or rude to Bella, and I could tell he regretted what he said.

"I'll handle the blood, don't worry about it," Peyton said, smoothing over the situation effortlessly. "Who's going to handle your daughter and the wolf?"

"I suppose we will," Bella said, looking nervous. Edward pulled her in closer, landing a small kiss on the top of her head. "Do you mind helping, Rose? I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to Nessie."

"Of course," I said automatically. I loved Nessie, and protecting her was almost instinct. "Emmett, babe, will you help too? Esme's pretty strong…"

He smiled, "No problem. And I think I could take Esme in a fight. She's pretty weak."

Edward chuckled, "you didn't see her put Carlisle in a neck hold in under a second."

We all smiled at the thought of Esme taking Carlisle down. Oh how I wished I was there to see that one.

Emmett shrugged, rolling his eyes. The atmosphere of the room suddenly became much more relaxed. I sat down next to Emmett, sinking into his embrace easily. Peyton sat down next to us, her elbows on her knees. Edward was whispering something to Bella, something that made her smile and laugh.

I smiled too, the feeling infectious. Emmett kissed me on the cheek and I smoothed his curly hair. I had Emmett. That's all I need.

I heard a muffled voice upstairs followed by a splash of water on tile. My smile changed to a scowl and my stomach lurched. I might have my Emmett, but Carlisle doesn't have his Esme. Not yet anyway. But I'll do anything I can to get her back. For him and for me.


Esme P.O.V

"Don't grab me!" I screamed as Carlisle's vise grip yanked me from the porcelain tub. He pulled my soaking form into a tight embrace, drenching his clothes. He kissed the top of my head as I tried to tug away from him. I was still angry at him to a stand-point. But my body was sending me different signals…he was my husband after all.

"What are you doing, and where's the blood?" I asked, my nose picking up on the scent almost immediately.

He sighed angrily, "Can I not show you how much I love you first? About what happened in the woods, look I'm so sorry –"

"Stop." I said, shaking my head. He had hurt me, but I didn't want his apology now. It was too late. "What's in the past is in the past."

"So you forgive me?"

"Sure," I mumbled, reaching for the towel Bella had left out for me. Of course I wasn't fast enough and Carlisle ripped it from my hands, examining the bite carefully.

"He bit you?" he growled, trailing a finger over the just-now-healing cut. I hissed loudly.

"What happened Essie?" he asked his voice now soothing and calm. I coughed up my story, as hard as it was to do.

It was easy to tell Rosalie, Alice, and Bella, but Carlisle was my husband. I don't remember any times we had been…intimate...but I know we had, we were and are husband and wife. The thought of being in bed with Carlisle made my knees go weak, and I almost fell while telling him about what happened with Aro.

"He just came in…"

I bet his hands are soft…

"And I had been crying…"

Running my hands up that chiseled chest…

"And my clothes didn't fit, so I was naked…"

Needy kisses…

"He gave me some blood, and then grabbed me…"

Silk sheets…

"I tried to fight him…"

He'd scream my name…

"He was just too strong…"

And I'd scream his…

"He warned me, told me to stop if I wanted it to be easy…"

He'd be gentle, not rough…

"I kept fighting him so he bit me,"

All through the night…

"It bled profusely…"

He'd tell me he loved me…

"He didn't hesitate to pick me up and throw me into the corner…"

Over and over again…

"I tried to heal it, but my venom didn't do much."

Please touch me, Carlisle…Wait! What's wrong with me? I was just angry with him, and now I want him? My emotions are so out of line.

"Well," he said seductively. I think he was catching on, much to my dismay and excitement. "Maybe my venom will help," his lips met my breast, making me moan. Pain turned to pleasure as his venom healed my wound.

"Oh Esme…" he moaned, meeting my eager lips with feverish excitement. "May I?"

"Please…" I groaned as he pulled me to the tiled floor.


Bella P.O.V

"Well this is awkward," Emmett said. We all nodded in unison.

"You think you have it bad, try reading their thoughts!" Edward said, pulling me closer.

"Do you want me to put up a shield?" I asked hesitantly. I really didn't want to, it took a lot of concentration to put up a shield, and I didn't have any right now. As weird (and revolting) as it was Carlisle and Esme's moans made me want Edward more than ever.

He sighed, running a hand through his hand, "no, they've done it a million times before. I think I can handle-" Edward was interrupted by a sharp scream from upstairs, presumably from Esme.

Emmett laughed lightly, and Rosalie cracked a smile. "It's ok Eddie. Heck, they're a lot quieter then you and Bella!"

"Emmett!" Rosalie seethed, smacking him upside the head. "You just don't say that!"

"Yes ma'am," he muttered, rubbing his head, matting his curly hair.

I thought about it for a moment and said, "I really don't think we are. I mean they're pretty loud."

Rosalie flicked her nails at my words, "they aren't normally like this. You'd be loud too if Edward was captured by the Volturi and you just got him back."

I shrugged and looked over at Peyton to see how she was taking this conversation (and situation).

Her eyes were set on the ground, her mouth was set straight, and her pointer fingers were plugging her ears. I knew she could still hear everything, but I hoped she found the noises a bit more muffled. She'd only been with us for a little while, and already she had to hear this.

"At least we know our parents love each other very much!" Emmett said jokingly.

"Maybe a little too much," Rosalie muttered as another round moans erupted from upstairs. "It's hard to look at them for weeks."

"I think we should just be glad they're together," Edward said. "They aren't perfect, nowhere near really, but they're somewhere. She's getting better."

"She'll get better, much better," I said, running a hand over his chest soothingly.

Dawn broke and strays of light flooded through the Cullen mansion, making the room sparkle invitingly.

I heard a rustle upstairs, and someone laughed. I think it was Esme. Some more rustling and feet were padding their way downstairs. Surprisingly they looked their age for once. Esme's hair was combed nicely and pulled back into a side ponytail and Carlisle had his hair combed back in a laid-back fashion. Carlisle had ditched the muddy pants and shirt, sporting a t-shirt and jeans instead. Esme was wearing one of Carlisle's shirts and one of his hoodies. A pair of dark grey sweatpants hugged her legs and waist like a second skin, I suppose even Alice didn't plan for new curves.

"I feel better," Esme said, smiling happily. "Thanks for the bath girls and sorry Rosalie if I scared you. I didn't mean to. I've barely even thought about blood for the past half hour probably…"

Her mouth opened slightly revealing razor sharp teeth. Her eyes were blacker than Indian ink.

I don't know why no one smelled her, or him, but they got past us, all of us. And no one was fast enough. We underestimated Esme.

"Granma! You're back!"


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